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Sergey Petrossov and Adding Insights To an Industry

Sergey Petrossov is one individual that fights the mundane and does things that are interesting. He acts in such a manner because he knows that life has to be more interesting and more compelling. He is one of the people that believe that life can be so much more amazing if we only apply ourselves and learn from our mistakes and our fallacies. That is why Sergey Petrossov is the CEO of JetSmarter, it is because he saw the opportunity within the airline sector, a specific component within the airline sector and he chose to do something about it.

Sergey Petrossov has been able to see great success from his insights, his hard work and his interest in integrating technology into age-old processes.

Here are some other tips that individuals may be able to learn about how to build up a company like Sergey. They will certainly be of wonderful assistance as it should allow individuals to build and add value to the world in their own unique fashion.

Speaking to Matt Badiali about various investment opportunities.

Matt Badiali, who now many recognize as an investing guru and author, began his career as a scientist. He studied at Penn State University from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences. He then embarked on a Master of Science in Geology after which he joined the University of North Carolina for his PHD. At the time he had not thought of going into the world of finance, however, a friend who had noticed his analytical skills and despite holding a PHD in Finance himself encouraged him to try and become an investor.

Given his unique understanding of scientific areas of investment, Matt Badiali could offer a fresh perspective on investing to everyday Americans. He chose to focus on investments ranging from metals, energy, and natural resources. He understands the science behind these investments, and it is no wonder his readers have attained double-digit returns. One of the ways he is able to achieve this consistently is by ensuring that he does not just look at the books, but rather he takes a ‘boots on the ground’ approach. This approach means that Matt Badiali takes his time to visit the mines and areas of operations such as oil rigs to ensure that whatever he sees on paper is exactly what is happening on the ground.

It was therefore important that when such a busy investment guru got an opportunity to sit down with us for an interview, we took the opportunity and tried to understand what motivates him.

One of your most important startups has been your investment newsletter, how did you get the idea?

After assessing my unique experience and education, I recognized I was in a position where I could advise readers on investments in my core areas of understanding. Given that natural resources are highly speculative, you require a unique skill set to be able to make investment decisions on them.

What is the one trend that is really exciting for Matt Badiali?

We are experiencing a change in the energy sector that is seeing us moving from fossil fuel towards an electric-centric world. This change, however, is limited by battery capacity, and even though I don’t think lithium is the answer, technology will eventually take us there.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar receives Compassionate Care Honor

Over 100 million votes for the best doctors in the United States annually. They vote through websites like patients’ choice, compare healthcare and vital. Through these websites, patients can express their experience with the doctors for the general welfare and the bedside care alike. From experience, the doctors with a ranking above or near perfect in the bedside and overall experience receive votes from the patients. The patients select doctors for compassionate recognition. Only 3 per cent of all the doctors, about 870,000 are recognized for the honor.

The patients vote the doctors voluntarily, and they only choose their favorite physicians. In the last recognition, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was among the top-rated Physicians. He was very appreciative for all the patients that recognized his work and took their time to vote him in. The American registry elevated him to the business excellence honor following this achievement. This left him a delighted and appreciative man.

 Who is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar?

Dr Sameer Jejurikar is a surgeon certified by the board of plastic surgery. He is highly known and recommended in Dallas. He is a member of the Dallas surgery institute based in Dallas, Texas. The institute deals in different types of surgeries like the breast, eye, nose, body and even the face. He is very dedicated to his work, and he aims at meeting customer satisfaction in all his operations.

This physician, Dr Sameer Jejurikar, is an affiliate with many hospitals in the region including pine Creek Medical Center, and Dallas Medical center. He had had an experience of over 18 years since when he graduated for the University of Michigan, the school of medicine. In addition to his goodwill and proper customer care, this doctor also accepts different insurance plans and firms to offer treatment for all the patients affiliated with these insurance companies

Matt Fleeger and His Experience in Running Companies

Matt Fleeger is known as President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, a company with the primary focus of finding and acquiring domestic oil and gas reserves located in the Gulf Coast. The company works with partners to make sure they have high return potential with very little risk. For almost 50 years now, the Gulf Coast Western has worked to get in the position they are today.

First founded in 1970, the business was based out of Dallas which later expanded into having offices in Colorado, Louisana, Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. They were able to expand through different partnerships such as with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration. With that Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration partnership, they acquired property rights in Louisana that ranged of hundreds of square miles, giving 13 producing wells with 140 defined drilling locations for them. This is just an example of the partnerships that Matt Fleeger has worked to get for Gulf Coast Western.

Matt Fleeger has been able to push Gulf Coast Western to where it is today with his vast experience and knowledge in the industry. Before he became a part of the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals, he founded the company MedSolutions Inc, which is a holding company specialized in transportation, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes. Working with healthcare companies which gave him experience in communicating with partners, he was able to become successful and hold CEO and President roles for 13 years. Matt Fleeger eventually sold off MedSolutions to Stericycle Inc before helping found two other enterprises more known to the public, Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. Both of the companies have had combined revenue of almost $100 million and are still successful to this day. Matt Fleeger has proven himself to be knowledgable in how to get things done by exploring and partnership with others.


The need to impact peoples’ lives positively is what drove Tim Ioannides to switch practices from practicing cosmetic dermatology to performing medical dermatology. With the current rise of cases of skin cancers and skin disorders, Tim Ioannides wants to help as many people as possible with their skin conditions. Cosmetic procedures are more popular among dermatologists since they attract a large number of customers. The desire to look a certain way or like somebody drives many people to seek cosmetic procedures. Therefore, for a dermatologist who is after money, cosmetic procedures are a lucrative venture. For Tim Ioannides, it was not about the money but the fulfillment that came with helping people who need the surgery.

To practice medical dermatology safely with no disturbances, Tim Ioannides had to open his institution. He named it Treasure Coast Dermatology, an institution which is now a leading center in field. Treasure Coast dermatologists perform medical procedures only. Some of the procedures offered by Treasure Coast include treatment of skin cancers and disorders, removal of tumors, biopsy, and dermatological education. The education creates awareness about skin cancers and teaches people how to take care of their skins. By educating people, Tim Ioannides is reducing the number of cases of skin disorders.

Tim Ioannides admits to making mistakes in the past that he learned from. Being a first-time business owner, Tim was oblivious of better ways of solving office conflicts, and this cost him a lot. Tim Ioannides focused more on an individual’s talents and capabilities, overlooking the negative attributes that affected people around them. Tim Ioannides now know better as he focuses more on teamwork than an individual. If any of his workers is changing others around them due to their attitude, Tim has learned to correct them despite how good they are. Teamwork is a core part of Treasure Coast Dermatology and has contributed to its success.

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Toyo Setal: Dedication To Multiple Industrial Projects

Toyo Setal is a dedicated industrial company based in Brazil with an outstanding passion for the work they do and the people they serve in the community. Given their wide variety of work, they have certainly sharpened their industrial skills as they continue to pave the way and set the example for what quality service should be. Their craft includes Chemistry, Petrochemistry, Mining. Steelworks and many more industrial enterprises. Their job is to deploy these services with effective results that are unmatched. Toyo Setal provides many essential projects that may seem impossible at the most complex level, but it is crafted into their resume with ease. One of the most important parts of running a business like there is utilizing technology to further the productivity of each project. This skill has been recognized in their branch as they were awarded the “Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects” in the event AVEVA World Summit 2014 according to This proves their efficiency and the steep importance they place on advancing their craft.


We live in a continually evolving world and it is necessary to stay up to date. This is precisely what Toyo Setal strives for and they do a very successful job at it. Top quality and excellence is their goal and they treat each individual customer with the respect they deserve. It’s hard to match such a company which pushes the technology in the industry to new heights, and they have noteworthy professionals involved. These people devote their time and energy to give the best possible experience in the deployment of industrial enterprises. These skills are versatile and cover a wide variety of services. Toyo Setal has a high-performance motto with the ability to multitask and get jobs done with great precision. Toyo Setal is committed to professional results and values continual professional growth within the community and their one on one interactions with the people they serve. Sustainability and social responsibility are very important values the company has, and they strive towards the best service possible in any given situation. As their work goes on, they get even better results!

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Yanni Hufnagel and his Coaching Abilities

Yanni Hufnagel is the assistant basketball coach at University of Nevada, Reno. How did he get here though? Yanni Hufnagel grew up and was raised in Westchester County, New York, to a Jewish family. His interest in sports started nearly immediately as a young boy, but he was mostly focused on basketball and lacrosse. He actually was removed from the basketball team at his high school during his junior year, but he stayed involved in other ways and did not let this get him down. He went to Pennsylvania State University, but only for a year, before he transferred to Cornell University. It is here where he got his bachelor’s degree in labor management and relations. Following this, he got a master’s degree Oklahoma state, where he also met and worked closely with Blake Griffin. From 2009-2016, Yanni Hufnagel worked at a variety of prestigious schools in a sports-related capacity. He worked at Harvard, Vanderbilt, and University of California at Berkeley. Now, however, he works at University of Nevada, Reno.

According to, Yanni’s time at Harvard, however, is the work that truly put him on the map. While Harvard is a fantastic educational institution, it is not always well know for its athletic achievements. Many who know Yanni Hufnagel or who have worked with him have stated that he is on a different level when it comes to analysing the game and understanding how to make changes that will effect the team’s ability to win. For the first time, ever, Harvard has won the Ivy League championship in basketball. In addition, while at Harvard, Yanni coached a young man named Jeremy Lin. Lin has since become a basketball sensation in the NBA. Most attribute Jeremy Lin’s growth as a player and his success in the NBA to the coaching of Yanni Hufnagel while they were at Harvard together.

When Yanni Hufnagel was a young boy, he would spend his nights playing with basketball figurines and reading coaching books when he was supposed to be asleep. Given this, perhaps this sensational career was always going to be par for the course. Either way, he is young and his career still could come so far. To know more about Yanni visit


Ted Bauman Gives Unique Perspective on How the Flow of Cash in the Economy Effects Investments

Ted Bauman is known to be a spokesperson that reaches out to potential investor’s and his most recent advice is to keep in mind that cash is no longer king when it comes to transactions and that investors need to consider that when creating their investment portfolio. He has most recently challenged his followers to think about when they really last used cash to complete a transaction. His point to these individuals is that cash is very rarely used anymore and because of that, future investors need to consider what opportunities are available for them to invest in the growing plastic card industry.

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Ted Bauman has consistently pointed out that while many people used to maintain a cash savings, that there are many more tools now for consumers to use in order to save and budget money is a more wiser manner. Along with these new tools, are companies that provide more lucrative investment opportunities. Ted Bauman does warn individuals to stay away from credit card company investments, as he feels that there will continue to be an influx of cashless payment platforms. He currently advises, that in his opinion PayPal is the best choice for investors. It is his opinion that PayPal offers a multitude of benefits for its users and that the company has demonstrated that it is able to change their ways and grow with the needs of consumers and the economy. The company has also made it very clear to its competitors that they plan on remaining the top dog in the cashless payment marketplace.

Ted Bauman’s followers trust his expertise. He has over 25 years of experience in the area of housing and finance. Over those 25 years he has witnessed the different shifts in how payments by consumers and merchants are made and received. He has also worked with multiple organizations spanning the globe including the United Nations and the South Africa government. Bauman does seem to have a very different perception of how the shifts of how payments are made and how that shift directly effects communities and investors around the world in how they should make their investment decisions. Read More:

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

In America, joint replacement surgeries are rather common procedures that one can elect to have. Today, patients are electing to get surgical procedures at much younger ages. According to a recent study, the average age of knee replacement surgeries is now 65 years . This study was highlighted at a recent meeting with surgeons from around the world. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Director of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System performs surgeries on patients and often works with other orthopedic surgeons who specialize in joint replacement.

Dr.Ira Kirschenbaum studied at Brown University and earned a medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Kirschenbaum resceived highly specialized training for joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum often goes on the lecture circuit expounding on the benefits of joint replacement surgery. He is a prolific writer as well, producing well-researched articles about information technology, as well as process re-engineering in the medical field.

According to Dr.Ira Kirschenbaum, the decrease in average age for joint replacement surgery is an indicator of a rapid increase in health problems.

Obesity has been found to be an instrumental factor in lowering the age of joint replacement surgery.

When Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is considering a patient as a candidate for knee replacement surgery or hip replacement surgery, he must evaluate whether or not the procedure will bring a significant improvement to the patient’s quality of life. Sometimes, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum may recommend other measures to help his patients such as exercise, a change in diet, and reducing stress on hips and joints.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum will continue to be a major voice for making positive changes to maintain the quality of a patient’s life for years to come.

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Todd Levine and his Partners get Recognition in America’s Legal Sector

The attorney has been recognized severally for his professionalism in the legal sector. He is one of the partners in an award-winning law firm based in Florida. The company has always been committed to helping its clients seek justice since its establishment. Three of the partners at the law firm including Todd Lavine were recognized during an event that was held towards the end of last year for their achievements in real estate litigation while other partners, Kluger Kaplan and Bruce Katzen, was recognized in the commercial category.

One of the founding members of the legal firm expressed his excitement for the honor of his team as some of the best talents in the field. According to him, the awards were proof that the lawyers at the organization have dedication towards helping their clients and that they are reputable for focusing on customer service and adhering to professionalism and integrity.

Kluger Kaplan is one of the best attorneys at the firm, and he works under three principals which include attentive strategy, preparedness, and understanding of legal provisions. Kluger has worked for large corporations and renowned individuals who were involved in complex legal battles. The lawyer has participated in various philanthropic activities through Dean Kluger Charitable Foundation.

He believes in giving back to the community and works closely with other organizations to achieve this goal just as any lawyer. Kluger Kaplan has many years of experience as a trial attorney and has handled some of the country’s most complex tort cases and commercial litigation cases. On the other hand, another partner of the firm called Silverman is experienced in multi-party legal battles. He has previously been part of several asset recovery investigations.

Todd Levine is a graduate of the University of Florida where he majored in Law during his studies. The attorney has received several awards for his ethical practices over the years. He is passionate about music and the arts. Todd Levine can play several musical instruments.

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