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Yanni Hufnagel And His Lemon Perfect Product for Your Body and Mind


Lemon Perfect, So Aptly Named

Lemon Perfect is a lemon water product that was introduced in 2017 by Yanni Hufnagel. Since that time, the product has taken off and is now expanding its distribution throughout the northeast and the Rocky Mountain regions via Whole Foods Market. In just two short years, Yanni Hufnagel turned his Idea into perfection. The bright, sunny packaging just makes you want to tear into a bottle and quench your thirst. On the way to Whole Foods Market!

Yanni Hufnagel, Lemon Perfect’s Genius and Mastermind

Yanni Hufnagel has a background in the sports industry. Firstly, he played lacrosse in college and went on to be an assistant basketball coach at Harvard, Vanderbilt, California, and Nevada.  During his tenure at Oklahoma as a graduate student, he was a graduate assistant on the basketball team. Undoubtedly, this whet his appetite, and he went on to have successful careers at the above-mentioned institutions.

What Are the Benefits of Lemon Perfect?

Lemon Perfect has the following certifications: USDA organic, High Pressure certified, non-GMO project verified, certified vegan, certified gluten-free, kosher, and certified For the Planet. That’s right even the packaging uses PETE #1plastic. This product is BPA-free and fully recyclable. When Yanni Hufnagel put this idea together he left no stone unturned. When you think about the minimal carbon footprint of this beverage, it makes the environmentally conscious, smile.


Lemon Perfect Is the Perfect Solution for Your Thirst and Refreshment 

The smiles don’t stop there. Lemon Perfect is a major supporter of the body human. It has essential electrolytes, anti-oxidant power with its vitamin C, collagen synthesis, recovery, clearer skin, stress relief, increased metabolism, digestive support, and natural energy. You simply can’t go wrong with this beverage. It has something for everyone. The sport enthusiast will appreciate the recovery aspect of Lemon Perfect as well as the essential electrolytes. Replenishing after a tough workout is easy and refreshing. 

Sean Tissue of Centureon Investments on the Challenges of Winter Real Estate Investment

SEAN TISSUEWe all know how competitive the commercial real estate market can be. The nature of the business is also cyclical, with the winter season relatively quiet compared to other times of the year. There are a number of different drawbacks that make real estate development difficult in the colder months. Sean Tissue, the CEO and Founder of Centureon Investments has found success during all types of weather and is here to share some helpful tips. Anyone who is looking for an advantage in the ultra-competitive real estate industry can glean a lot of useful information from Sean. 

The main deterrent to real estate investment during the winter is the cold weather. It can make it difficult for workers to concentrate on the job at hand, materials can freeze, and frozen ground is extremely difficult to work with. Because most improvements that move the needle as far as increasing re-sale value require outdoor work, many real estate developers opt to not work during the winter. These are a few of the reasons that the team at Centureon Investments rarely ties up resources during the less profitable winter season. Too many things can go wrong during the cold months, and the returns typically do not warrant the necessary work and investment. 


Winter can be a good time to tie up loose ends, perform market research and other due diligence, and focus on planning and strategy for the upcoming busy season. It can be a relief to have a little downtime when you are investing in such a highly competitive industry. Sean Tissue and the entire team at Centureon Investments understand the cyclical nature of real estate development. Due to their many years of successful investing, they are able to guide their business in such a way to minimize the effects of weather and other uncontrollable factors. This is a great advantage for their clients.

James River Capital Explains How to Get Funding for Your Business

JAMES RIVERFinding funding for your business is essential to making your entrepreneurship dreams into a reality. A great business idea requires financial resources to bring it to fruition. Often, small business entrepreneurs turn to family and friends for start-up capital. However, your business may require more funding than family and friends can provide.

James River Capital was founded in 1995 by Paul Saunders as an investment firm. They use their years of experience to help companies find the seed money they need to launch their business. They offer some tips for anyone interested in funding a new business venture.

They recommend three ways of finding seed money:

  • Local loans
  • Angel investors
  • Crowdfunding

Local Loans

Local resources are often overlooked in today’s global society. Your local Chamber of Commerce or business development center is a great place to start searching for investors or loans. These organizations are dedicated to helping local business owners. They can help you organize your financial information and recommend local investors.

Angel Investors

Angel investors invest in a new company because it brings them a good rate of return. They will often invest 10,000 or more, which can be exactly what you need to get your business off the ground. Angel Capital Association has over 330 groups to put business owners in touch with angel investors.


Crowdfunding has become popular in recent years. True to its name, crowdfunding allows you to get smaller amounts of funding from many people. It’s a great way to do market research before your business goes live. Kickstarter is the most used crowdfunding platform. Many entrepreneurs use social media as a way to advertise their Kickstarter campaign.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is for those that need 1 million or more in funding. It requires you to be fully prepared before you sit down with investors due to the high stakes involved. This is where James River Capital shines. They can help you create a detailed business plan and help find venture capitalists.

Starting a business can be a daunting process. However, it’s well worth the hard work when you see your dream turned into a reality. James River Capital can offer sound investment advice to help you launch and grow your business.

Sujit Choudhry: The Leadership Versus Media Fight

Sujit Choudhry was born in the Indian capital of New Delhi in 1970. He attended McGill University for his undergraduate degree. He earned his degrees in Law from the University of Oxford, University of Toronto and the Harvard Law School. Sujit is a comparative constitutional law and politics expert who combine vast experience and comprehensive research as a consultant to constitution-making processes in various countries. Recently, Sujit Choudhry addressed the issue of the increased rivalry between President Trump and the American press. President Trump has previously termed the New York Times as “failing” and also claimed that the CNN produced fake news. President Trump is not the only one who has had objections to the media. Other former American presidents such as Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton come to mind when the issue of media versus leadership comes up. Sujit Choudhry notes that the president’s supporters suggested a shutdown for the selected media house. A recent poll indicated that 43% of supporters want the president to have the mandate to close down various news channels.

Sujit Choudhry notes that majority Republicans believe that the media is unfair towards the president, and the media in existence is an enemy of the American people. Choudhry suggests that the people in support of the media shutdown should have a lesson in the First Amendment. The Amendment protects the freedom of speech and the free exercise of the press and respects the right of peaceful assembly to redress grievances to the government. The Congress is in no position to make a law that goes against the rights. American history has had several attempts to overpower the press despite the presence of the First Amendment. Sujit Choudhry confirms that in the time leading to the First World War, the president appointed a Postmaster General, aimed at the publications that threatened to hurt America’s efforts in the war. Sujit notes that the Postmaster-General controlled the distribution avenue for all publications even though he did not possess the power to shut down a newspaper. Under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the Postmaster General required foreign editors to provide the government with translations of papers they wanted to publish.

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Education, Life Experience And Family Attributed To The Successful Life Of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a 59 year old founder and business leader. He was born in Penang, Malaysia into a working class family. His mother was a teacher, and Vijay’s father was the founder of the Malaysian Hindu Youth Organization. Vijay left the country to move to the U.K. to pursue his education at the London School of Economics. He graduated in 1984 with a degree in socioeconomics.

While living in London, Vijay Eswaran worked his way through school. He was able to make enough money to pay his own expenses by driving a cab. After Vijay completed school, he spent the following year travelling across Europe where he continued to work at a variety of jobs. His experience included a one month stay at a Franciscan monastery.

He moved back to the U.K. where he attended the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Vijay Eswaran left for the United States in 1986, and he enrolled at Southern Illinois University. He later graduated with an MBA. His full-time job after his graduation was at Systematics while he also worked at a part-time job. Vijay was introduced to multi-level marketing and direct selling at the latter. He returned to his home country nearly 13 years after leaving his home.

Vijay co-founded the Qi Group of Companies in 1998. The organization is now a highly successful multi-national, multi-level marketing company. Qi Group is an e-commerce platform for a large selection of products and services in numerous sectors. The company markets and sells media, travel services, health and wellness products, luxury consumer goods, telecommunications, and more. Vijay Eswaran led the organization and its subsidiaries into a multi-billion dollar company that spans across more than 10 countries.

Qi Group of Companies operates offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore. The headquarters are in Hong Kong. In addition to his role as executive chairman of the organization, Vijay Eswaran is also a published author, an international business speaker, a philanthropist, and a family man.

Looking To The Future With Lincolnshire Management

TJ Maloney is the CEO of a big company called Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire Management is a firm that deals with private equity. This firm is located in New York City. TJ Maloney has accomplished a whole lot for this company and they are going to continue to work hard to make sure that they see a lot more accomplishments as the years go by.

TJ Maloney had to go through a lot of years of schooling to get to where he is today. He went through Boston College to get his bachelor’s degree and then moved on to a law school to further his education in law. He started off in his career around the year 1993. It did not take long before he jumped into his position at Lincolnshire Management.

He was not always at the top of this company. He had to start out pretty close to the bottom before pulling himself all the way up to CEO. He has learned a lot throughout the years. He has learned that success means you are moving in the right direction and he has learned that failure does not always mean failure. Sometimes failure means learning to do something in a way that makes it more successful.

TJ Maloney is very proud of everything that he has accomplished thus far in his life. He has no idea where the future is going to take him, but he does know that he wants to see it take him no where but up. TJ Maloney is excited for his future and the future of Lincolnshire Management. He is going to continue to work hard and keep striving to be the best that he can be. He sees very bright futures for both himself and Lincolnshire Management. He cannot wait to see just what the future will bring.

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Getting to Know Investment Expert Michael Nierenberg

Bear Stearns was one of the most well-known investment companies around. Head of its investment and financial team was Michael Nierenberg. Visit to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

Since leaving Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg has been with New Residential Investment Corp. This particular company is based out of New York, but works with clients all across the country. Michael Nierenberg has made it his goal to build the company and improve the type of work that is does for its many clients.


When Michael Nierenberg isn’t working on the job or making plans with clients, he can be found enjoying sports and quality time with loved ones. You can even find him on many different social media outlets where he is open about the different projects that he has going on right now. You will enjoy the fact that he is regularly looking for ways to improve the type of work he does as well as the companies he is involved with at the current moment. You can contact him through his main site and check out his many portfolios. Read more at Reuters about Michael Nierenebrg.

GPB Global Resources and the Man Who Runs it

Boris Ivanov took over GPB Global Resources in 2011 after a restructuring of the company and became the managing director. After this change, GPB Global Resources has shot to the forefront of the oil industry. This was started by their charismatic former diplomat founder Boris Ivanov, who puts people first, and the company second. Examples of this could be found in the articles below that will be recapped with the highlights.

“Extractive Trends in Africa with Boris Ivanov and GPB Global Resources”

This article recaps that GPB helps with many of the local issues plaguing countries that don’t have drilling laws and regulations, and that they respect that, and come to a conclusion that benefits both parties. This is done because the safe practices of drilling are done even safer by GPB. On top of that, GPB cares about the countries and communities that they work in and helps in many ways including building. They build roads, medical facilities, schools, and power plants to help bring them out of third world country status. The article also takes a look at how Boris Ivanov stays ahead of the industry. Boris Ivanov realizes that there is a trend that will drop fossil fuel from energy use, and it is up to them to invent and help create new technologies that use oil on a more eco-friendly way for the oil industry to stay relevant.
B.I. at GPB realizes that as an oil company they need to focus on the impact of global politics, regulatory, technological, and social trends so that they can stay at the forefront of the development of oil.

“Ethiopia Planted Over 350 Million Trees in a Day With Help from GPB Global Resources”

This is an article recapping how GPB helped pay for trees and give global media coverage to Ethiopia to help them plant a record-shattering 350 million trees planted in 12 hours. Before they helped though, they sat down with the Ethiopian Prime Minister to see how GPB could help. They wanted to help with schools and education, medical supplies and training, food security, access to water, and general community issues.

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The History Behind the Success of Oren Frank

Oren Frank is an Israel born national who currently resides in New York. During his young age, Frank had a great passion for innovation and technology as he believed they were the solution to many society epidemics. As an avid believer of the power of technology, Oren and his wife started Talkspace, a leading provider of affordable and accessible online and mobile psychotherapy. The idea to create this company came after Oren and his wife Roni Frank attended a marriage therapy where they both learned the benefits a marriage therapy could result in couples. However, Oren and his wife acknowledged the difficulties couples experience when seeking therapies, among them financial constraints and lack of enough time to attend. This is where the idea of Talkspace was sparked.

Before founding Talkspace, Oren Frank worked for McCann Worldgroup, an international marketing organization with several subsidiaries. Between 2001 and 2007, Frank worked at McCann Erickson, a London-based company. Initially, Frank served as the director of regional sales, and in the year 2003, he got promotion to oversee the management of Worldgroups’ in Israel holding the CEO position. After attaining the promotion, Frank moved to settle in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he served for a couple of years. During his tenure as the CEO, Oren Frank also served the McCann digital in Tel Aviv, taking the chairman role between 2005 through 2007. In 2008, he left the country to New York, where he went to work with NRM taking the position of the global creative officer. Frank worked with this company until 2011. More information about Oren Frank at

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a web designed software and lightweight mobile app for Android and iOS devices that provides online psychotherapy from licensed therapists. This system was developed by Oren Frank and his wife, Roni Frank. The system connects clients with a psychotherapist through instant messaging. In order to ensure clients’ information remains private, the system is encrypted with banking-grade encryption. Talkspace is a premium service that requires a monthly subscription to use its services.

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Pushing Through Challenges With Sheldon Lavin

OSI Food Solutions has grown into a huge food company. They started out very small. Actually, they started as just a little meat shop. Today they are one of the biggest food processing companies found. They provide food to some of the most well known fast food groups that are found across the world today.

OSI Group and the workers there have learned a lot throughout the years. Sheldon Lavin is the man behind OSI Food Solutions. He is the reason that OSI Group has become so successful. He has pushed through every single challenge that has been thrown his way to make sure that he pushed OSI Group to the top. He knows from experience that with success comes failure. Find the latest OSI Food Solutions Germany Jobs in Xing.

Sheldon Lavin never dreamed that he would grow this small meat shop into a huge empire, but he is so proud of the work that he has done. He says that things were never easy. He never gave up though.

Sheldon Lavin has learned a lot through his work with OSI Food Solutions. He now wants to show other people that doing something like this is possible if you just work hard and push through all of the challenges. He wants to help other people learn everything that they need to know about becoming an entrepreneur and running their own empire. Anyone who is willing to take the next step can find all the help that they need through Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin is very proud of what OSI Food Solutions has become. He knows that over the next few years they are going to continue to become even more successful and this excites him. He is excited to see just how far this business is actually going to go. He has no idea what the future is going to hold, but he does know that with determination he can take them anywhere he wants to.

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