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Queen of Unicorns

It is no secret that this bold, vivacious and all-around business genius has taken her brand and made make up everything we absolutely need. With Doe Deere’s bright and daring make up line, we are throwing the natural look out of the window and embracing our creative side. Being nicknamed “Queen of Unicorns” because if her whimsical, colorful hair, Doe Deere has revolutionized fashion and brought it to a whole new level of brave. She gives us all a platform to be colorful, to be ourselves. She gives us an excuse to stand out when so many are wanting us to fit in.

The Russian born business woman spent her years growing into an imaginative girl. She always had ambition, and at 17, moved to New York to pursue a career in music. As a musician, she was taught to stand out and also learned the rare skill of appreciating those who support you. Doe Deere explained how she has always had the mind of an entrepreneur, and even as a young girl in Russia, she had a little business of selling temporary tattoos. How did she market her product?

Meeting her husband when they were both in a band together, stomping up a creative storm in New York, Doe learned to work together with her husband. They were marketing and promoting their band together, which gave them the skills to use in her business now. They both mastered, hand in hand, the qualities a true business owner should have, the ability to work hard, be diligent and to never give up.


But what would Doe Deere teach young girls who have the same ambition and visions that pushed Doe to be who she is today? She asks that young women follow their hearts. This is something that has given her the courage to step out and be who she is. She explains how she believes if you are passionate and really believe in something, there are others out there that will believe in it, too. So, following your heart and your intuition is the one thing that will set you apart from everyone else. It will give you that edge and uniqueness to keep making your business or product or dream entirely original.

Doe Deere has built a business based on her style, her passions and love.

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The Lovaganza Celebrations that Will Amaze Tourists from Around the World

Lovaganza 2020 is the greatly anticipate world event that will link cultures from around the globe together as one. I will be in May, June, July, August, and September of that year. The events originators, planners, and organizers are already putting this event together and getting it prepared for its debut. This learning experience will showcase many cultures from the entire world and will present them using various means of interaction. Lovaganza will generate worldwide exposure to the delicious foods, diverse cultures, and rick heritages from various regions of the globe. The event will take place in many parts of the world such as North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Even though it was supposed to launch in 2015, the designers decided to hold off in order to use current and developing technologies to make it the dazzling experience of a lifetime. People from all walks of life will celebrate other cultures at the same time those other cultures celebrate them.

In order to promote Lovaganza 2020, the team will begin traveling in 2017 to distribute 3D classes with brief promotional information in order to make people aware of this upcoming, exciting event. Additionally, three different movies advertising Lovaganza 2020 will be released as further promotion. In fact, the United States, France, and Spain have already began filming their parts of the movies. India and other parts of the world will soon be doing likewise.

People will be able to assimilate an entire trip around the globe at the one event, tasting the variety of food and hearing the multitude of languages that encompass all these cultures at the same place. Spectators of Lovaganza will be able to “walk” from Africa to China and then to America in a single day. It will be one of the most advanced approaches to cultural studies available in the modern world. Students, travelers, and even simple the curious tourist will have the unique opportunity to gain exposure to the entire world all at the same time. And, therefore, the event is quickly catching the attention of many travelers from around the globe.

Lovaganza 2020 is fast-approaching and will prove to be one of the most entertaining opportunities on Vimeo to effective learn about the entire world in less time it used to take to simple fly from one single country to the next. Lovaganza 2020 will be the most innovative cultural experience the world has ever known. Source:

Securus Technologies Gives Public Great Information

One of the most, well known companies that deal with the public’s safety is Securus Technologies. They are sought after by many correction facilities to assist them in solving and preventing crimes. The company does utilize everything that they have at hand to assist, even with inmates committing crimes against each other.


They published an article so that the public can know what they do, and how important it is to these facilities. There are comments listed in the article. The comments are from officials that work in the correction facilities that deal with Securus Technologies. The public can read what they think of the work that Securus Technologies produces. In the article, Securus Technologies also invites all people, as well as investors to come see in person what they do. They are offering a presentation at their headquarters. This is located in TX, and they can see the techniques that they are using to prevent and solve crimes.


Securus Technologies is a company that knows a lot about public safety and technology. The government contracts with them all the time in order to keep their correction facilities safe. Securus Technologies deals with over 1 million prisoners on a regular basis. They are housed all over the nation. When Securus Technologies utilizes the various techniques that they have at hand like, incident reports, investigations and videos, they can keep the people safe. They are always inventing new ways to make the world a safer place to live, and they take great in what they do.