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How Todd Lubar has changed the face of real estate investment

Lubar’s idea of empowering homes with smart technology

The smart home technology has been widely accepted in many homes in the United States. There are different options which are acceptable to the users regardless of the conditions. The smart home technology has developed a common ground for both the normal people and the ones living with disability to get to a common ground. According to Geeks News, in the technology, the users can control things in the house without having to get up. People can close and open doors using remotes. The lighting system of the house is connected to a smart phone app where the user only needs to install an app then his light control problems are solved. The house owner can turn on or off the lights of the house from his bed. The garage doors can be shut from the positions of comfort without any troubles. With this technology, there is a brighter future of housing developments.

The experience of Todd Lubar as an employee

Having done his undergraduate degree in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1987, Todd Lubar first became an employee at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Later in his career life, Todd landed another job in an insurance company. The two companies for which Lubar worked had different policies of how to deal with clients. In as much as Todd held the same position in the two companies, their means of operation were completely different. The difference in the relationship with the clients gave him an upper hand on how to handle his own. From this experience, Todd Lubar sharpened his skills on communication and how to work with different clients.

Todd Lubar as the CEO of TDL Global Ventures

Having gained sufficient experience on how to handle clients, Lubar saw a gap in the real estate sector. Several clients did not understand what to look for when investing. Lubar took the initiative of guiding different clients on the right investment choices. Currently, Todd is one of the biggest names in the real estate industry. He gives guidance to clients on their needs. Todd understands the requirements of each client and gives the appropriate advice.

James Larkin helped workers through trade union

James Larkin was also known as Jim Larkin was a socialist, an activist and excellent labor organizer of Irish. He was born in Liverpool, England in the year 1876. He was the second born in a family that was living in a poverty life. They later moved to Barren.

Due to low living standard, he did not attend any quality formal education. Jim Larkin started working for odd and unprofessional jobs at his early age.

After his dad`s death, James was apprenticed to the business venture his father was working with before his death. He worked in the firm that his dad uses to work for two years before he was sacked. Jim Larkin later joined shipping jobs as a docker and a sailor. His hard work and determination made him be a signed the foreman position. Jim Larkin had great passion and love for socialism; therefore he joined Independent Labour Party and became a devoted member.

As an activist and a go getter, he participated in various strikes on the docks though it made him lose his job as a foreman. However, his participation in strikes did not go in vain. National Union of Dock Labourers was amazed by Jim act, and he was given the task of the union organizer.

In 1905 Jim Larkin concentrated in trade union organizer. He played vital roles in the union by ensuring integrity, equity and the welfare of the workers is checked by the employers thoroughly. His movement to Belfast in 1907 resulted in the establishment of Irish Labour Party and also the Workers` Union of Irelands.

Jim Larkin united the Protestant and Catholic employees. He could even convince workers in Royal Irish Constabulary to go for a strike so that their social-economic welfare can be checked. Jim Larkin was responsible for organizing workers in Dublin, Cork, and Waterford among other places to improve the employee’s lives. In Dublin, he focused more in unions.

He worked with NUDL before founding and establishing Irish Transport and General Workers` Union (ITGWU) which today goes by the name Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU). His experience in trade union and expertise in dealing with different social group enabled him to affiliate some branches of NUDL that were in Cork, Dublin, Dundalk, Waterford, and Sligo.

His efforts rendered him in establishing a newspaper, The Irish Worker and People`s Advocate. The press was used by any union worker to advocate for their rights. The paper later transformed and changed its name to Ireland Echo. After co-founding Irish Labour Party in 1912, Jim Larkin was elected to Dublin Corporation.

Larkin succeeded in Dublin industrial disputes which were an alternative to strikes and job boycotting. Jim united both the unskilled workers and the skilled workers. He was behind the Dublin lockout which made the ITGWU fall apart. James moved to the US to raise the money to fund the organization. In America, he identified himself with various trade union and even became the member.

Everything you wanted to know About Norman Pattiz and were Afraid to Ask

America is a land full of opportunities. It is the place where people have dreamt and achieved. Just like most American nationals, Norman Pattiz has found a way of building a successful way of life in the free world. For more than forty years, Mr. Pattiz has worked hard to ensure that the state of radio broadcasting in the country improves.

Over the years, Norman has been able to create companies like Podcast One, Westwood One, and the Courtside Entertainment Group. Using his position as Founder, Pattiz has also helped young talent reach their full potential.

Since Norman Pattiz has always exhibited high levels of expertise in the broadcasting field, he got to attract the attention of President Clinton and President Bush and got a job on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in both administrations.

Since creating Podcast One, the channel has become a point of attraction to many listeners across the globe mainly because of its unique lineup that includes celebrities and famous brands. In his lifetime, Norman has served institutions like the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories, the University of California, and the Council of Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations in different capacities. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Recently, Norman Pattiz and the VP of Strategy at Edison Research made public the results of a test done to ascertain the penetration of five different products in the market. As it turned out, the test was one of a kind having gone through Norman’s Podcast One. After an analysis of the results, it was clear that podcast advertisements had made consumers more aware of particular brands in the market.

Since the research took a substantial amount of time to complete, it gave the lesser known products much opportunity to penetrate the consumer markets. At the end of the exercise, spirits were unconventionally high; a testament that the dry run had proven to be a huge success. Follow up research was conducted after the initial tests had been completed to show how effective Podcast One was in advertising.

Without the creation of Podcast One, the above could not be possible. Therefore, there is a lot that Norman Pattiz has done for his country regarding broadcasting and communication. Currently, Norman Pattiz is the recipient of the Giants of Broadcasting Award and an inductee of the National Radio Hall of Fame.