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Aaron Lupuloff Was Proud To Be A Part Of A Recent Awards Ceremony

Aaron Lupuloff is the Executive Director at Gwinnett County Public Schools and has a long and successful history in the area of management. His past experience includes serving as a senior management team member with Bear Stearns as well as the serving as a Managing Director with the Raymond James organization. Aaron Lupuloff has also worked for Fifth Third Street Bank Securities. He is the holder of a Business Administration degree that he obtained from his course of studies at the University of Alabama. Since 1982, Aaron Lupuloff has been involved in the financial services sector. Aaron Lupuloff is also heavily involved in a number of community service organizations and has a commitment to giving back to his community. Providing assistance to those who suffer from disabilities is one of the passions of Aaron Lupuloff. Within this area, he provides access to three different scholarship programs that support the Disability Resource Center at the University of Georgia.

In regard to his commitment to helping disabled individuals and giving back to the community, Lupuloff recently was involved in the awards ceremony for the Gwinnett County Public Schools’s Hall of Fame. This year’s ceremony included famed college football coach Nick Saban as the event’s keynote speaker. Among the honorees inducted at this event was David Saville. David as the condition of Down Syndrome, but he has never let this hold him back he has recently graduated from Clemson University. He is also the equipment manager for the Clemson University football team.

Aaron Lupuloff is well acquainted with David Saville and he has commented on the fact that David is a guy that has always worked hard to be able to accomplish the goals he has in his life. Over the years, the two have become close friends and Aaron Lupuloff considers David to be a truly inspirational story. Aaron was truly proud of seeing his friend inducted into the Hall of Fame at Gwinnett County and considers him to be a person that is truly worthy of the recognition.

Ashley Lightspeed Shares The Benefits Of Prototyping

Before the age of 30, Ashley Lightspeed became a partner at San Francisco’s Lightspeed Venture Partners. She had already been a top performer at three other firms before being recruited for this position. Her job involves developing growth strategies for the companies in her portfolio.

Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, she studied visual and media studies, markets and management at Duke University. Later on, after moving to California, she also earned an MBA at Stanford. Her first job was at the management consulting firm Bain & Company where she was a senior consultant.

In February 2015, Ashley Lightspeed joined Thumbtack in San Francisco. This company’s specialty is connecting customers to professionals who provide services they need. She headed the wedding category as its manager. While she loved this job, she wanted to help entrepreneurs build new companies and so left after a year and a half.

While studying, she worked at Growth Stage Companies part-time. This was a great position for her while studying because she was a consultant who didn’t need to keep in contact with clients every day. It was her experience and success in this position that led to Lightspeed Venture Partners wanting her to join their team.

Her dad is an architect and she wanted to work in the same occupation as a child and teenager. She spent a couple of summers going to design camps where she learned the refrain, “measure twice, cut once”. She took this message to heart and carries that over into her consulting work. She is a big proponent of prototyping new business ideas and seeing which ones work before pulling the trigger. She says that entrepreneurs need to be flexible and have the ability to pivot when needed. It sounds simple but it’s really easy to get too attached to an idea, Ashley Lightspeed says, which is what she advices her clients against.

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American Addiction Centers: The Future Is In Your Hands

The AAC (American Addiction Centers) is a truly powerful, impactful, and influential center for those that suffer from addiction. They have truly saved countless lives with their various approaches to addiction. It is because they have made it their life’s work to help people and give you all of the resources and more you need to beat this addiction for good.

They know the addiction will try to creep its way back into your life, but when you have the right approach and the right training, you won’t let it get the best of you. You will handle it with no problems whatsoever.

Some of the people they help out the most are veterans. Veterans have done a lot for us, and we are forever grateful for their contributions and sacrifices. Without them, a lot of us would not be able to do the things we are able to do in our day-to-day lives. We should never take them for granted or make them feel unappreciated.

As a matter of fact, we need to wrap our arms around them, embrace them, and love them, especially when they are battling addiction. It is why the AAC and one of their treatment centers, The Desert Hope Treatment Center, has made it their personal mission to help out those veterans that are suffering from PTSD. They have started up a very important and special program entitled Salute to Recovery. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery

Recovery is a great thing, as it provides people with that second chance they have been wanting out of life. The thing about this program that is important to remember for veterans is the fact it is all about moving forward and not looking back. It is OK to reference the past as far as what not to do or use it for something that worked previously.

However, it is never a good idea to live in the past or be stuck in the past. People have to move forward and look ahead at what life has to offer them. They did a lot for this country, and now it is time for them to get something in return.

They will have group therapy sessions with other veterans where they can talk, feel at home, and really open up about what they are feeling and why. It is truly amazing what talking about something can do for an individual. It can make them feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

They don’t have to live with that and have it keep them up at night any longer. They can simply have a great attitude and not let anything get in their way. For them, the future is in their hands.

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Jana Lightspeed and Excess Work

Jana Lightspeed knows that at the right levels, there is no off-days. Jana Lightspeed knows that is she able to work in a smarter and better manner, that better things will happen.

Uber is one company that has also witnessed this. The company came out sometime ago.

Since then, it has made the journey from generating revenues of over $343 million in 2016 to touch $2.2 billion in 2018. Needless to say, this groundbreaking growth for Lyft comes at Uber’s expense, but the company doesn’t seem to be regretting that fact.

After Lyft doubled its growth last year as compared to the $1.1 billion it generated in 2017, the message from the firm to Uber became clearer than ever: even the ruler of ride hailing doesn’t come without his Achilles’ heel.

Even with a stumbling IPO of its own, Lyft has gone on to eat into Uber’s market share quite significantly. According to reports, the firm held 28.4 percent of the U.S. ride-sharing market in 2018, which was up 3 percent from last year. There are no points for guessing that the 3 percent came from Uber’s hold on the market itself, which scored 69.2 percent of the market as compared to 72.2 percent in 2017.

With almost identical services, a clearer political stance against the backdrop of changing environment, and more favorable customer reviews, Lyft has emerged as the competitor that Uber never wanted, but what it would clearly have to endure for probably the rest of its existence.

And to add fuel to this fire, Lyft also comes with almost the same fares as Uber.

This means that if Uber goes down the road of raising its fares, then it really wouldn’t take long before much of its current market share in the U.S. and Canada does a simple swipe on its phone, and switches its loyalties to Lyft in an instant.

Serge Belamant: Inventor Of The First Blockchain Debit Card

Over the past few years, blockchain technology has been catapulted into the spotlight as one of the most promising ways to keep information safe. To put it simply, blockchain is a process involving multiple different variables being consistently changed to make data less vulnerable. Think of it like putting multiple different locks on a box that have rapidly changing combinations. Because the various layers are complicated on their own, their juxtaposition makes it near impossible to access the data unless you are the owner.

As the man behind this innovative technology, Serge Belamant has shown over the years that not only is blockchain an incredibly useful technology for businesses to utilize, but it can also be helpful for consumers. This is why Serge Belamant is destined to become a household name, as blockchain technology is currently innovating the financial world in unprecedented ways.

It’s important to note that blockchain would not have been possible without Serge Belamant’s previous work in digital security. For example, his innovation helped create what could be referred to as the world’s first blockchain debit card, otherwise referred to as the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC). Developed for Visa by Serge Belamant’s firm Net1 Technologies, COPAC would provide a way for consumers to safely use their card without leaving their data vulnerable. By creating multiple different layers of security, Serge Belamant could ensure that the debit card data could not be stolen from potential threats (i.e. people hacking into ATMs to access card information).

Since this breakthrough concept, the idea of blockchain has only become more well-known. In fact, the uses for the unique technology are even extending beyond the digital world, even having some incredible real-life applications. For example, blockchain is now being used to develop certain physical locks for houses, helping prevent robbery and other forms of security breach.

Though more and more companies are beginning to use blockchain technology, Serge Belamant has done anything but take a backseat. By starting new company with his son in 2017 (Zilch Technology Limited), Belamant has continued to search for new solutions and applications for blockchain in order to make the world a safer place.

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DonataMeirelles: A Passion for Fashion

One of the most influential aspects of DonataMeirelles’ life is her ability to change the entire state of the fashion industry with her mere presence. Before she began making products, she was changing the way fashion was looked at as a whole, perhaps even at an international level, but definitely within Brazil. Her ability to make an outfit look good was incredible, and she gained an enormous following as a result of it. View more fotos on Donata Meirelles at

Now, she has used that following to start funding her passion for fashion, and she has begun to make products within the field. These products have been received with love and affection by fans, and there is no doubt that the products have changed many individuals’ lives around the world. The ability to dress yourself and look exactly the same way you would like to look is very important in this life, and people like DonataMeirelles are aware of this.

DonataMeirelles is not only one of the most influential fashion icons, but she is also one of the most generous. The fact that she has been able to keep a level head and continue to worry about those less fortunate than her even when she has been faced with all the money in the world she could possibly ever need is so endlessly admirable that it would be hard for most of us to follow up with. Her funding for local efforts to bolster communities have been outrageously successful, and many communities have begun to thrive as a result of the work she has committed to that group of people. DonataMeirelles, as a fashion figure, is about as ethically sound as you can possibly get. This combined with her clear natural talent for recognizing proper fashion makes her perhaps the most sought-out fashion icon in Brazil.

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Maurício Mendonça Godoy’s Unique Entrepreneurial Skills

Maurício Mendonça Godoy has become a business icon and an interesting feat into the entrepreneurial world. The go-getter man who has been in business for only two decades has had it all. It is not a wonder that Mr. Godoy is a co-owner of a company that he worked for before. This is proof of his much-needed skills and expertise in any company that he sets his foot into.

The Mackenzie Presbyterian University graduate runs one of the world’s largest firms and runs other 5 businesses. His resilience and outgoing nature have helped him a great way in career. Maurício Mendonça Godoy ensures that he tries his best to help those who run to him for help and advice. This has enabled Mendonça to win the trust of many, including his clients.

His skills and vast knowledge has made Estaleiros do Brasil Ltd. To stand firm and, no company can equal it in terms of services, clients turnover, and products as well. Just like any other ordinary person, Maurício Mendonça Godoy started his long journey by being employed right after his university education. It is in the many companies that he worked for that he honed his skills and grew interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

His expertise has made him head other prestigious firms like Toyo Setal ltd. His top leadership skills have seen Toyo Setal grow tremendously not only in New York City but around the world as well. His ability to manage any contract given to the companies that he runs has enabled him to be on the spotlight and be the most sought after entrepreneur today.

Godoy has moved further and incorporated a very highly skilled team of professionals in his companies. This, he says, is to ensure that the clients get first class services that will always make them come for more. Mr. Mendonça Godoy always encourages employees to work as a team and to be very proactive so as to bring out the best in them. Maurício Mendonça Godoy believes that his legacy will be carried on long after his retirement and hopes that the generation that follows will carry on with his good works.

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Shervin Pishevar Warns About Some Dangerous Economic Trends The U.S May Be Facing

Twitter is a busy forum with many people sharing their opinions on multiple subjects. Only a few people can bring the platform to a momentary stand and keep a subject trending for hours. Shervin Pishevar is one such notable individual who brought the platform to a stand after releasing a few opinions and predictions on the U.S economy. These tweets were popularly branded the 21-hour tweet storm as they popped numerous questions, opinions, and controversies to the open.

The funder of Sherpa Capital, a well-known investment fund with contributions in Uber and Airbnb, brought his criticisms for the public to judge. In one of Shervin Pishevar’s string of tweets, he commented on the long-troubled U.S stock market. He tweeted that the markets would experience a massive drop of 6000 points in the coming months. This downturn in the stock market would be highly favored with the financial crisis in the country due to tax giveaways, inappropriate management of credit accounts, and hiked interest rates.

Although controversial, we cannot fail to acknowledge some evident truth in Shervin Pishevar stating that China’s economic growth would surpass the United States. He necessarily touched on their technological development, infrastructural growth, and growing manufacturing sector. Pishevar sited that these differences can be traced from poor management of projects and the failure of the U.S markets to accept immigrant talent and insightful investors.

We can see that from the dimming lights of Silicon Valley. Having been part of the Silicon Valley community in the past, Shervin Pishevar acknowledges the entrepreneur potential the center holds. However, due to a few bills failing to pass Silicon Valley and the potential it holds may be looking at an unfortunate turn of events. More talent that would be used to actualize solutions for the economy will continue to die.

Another factor that could be smothering the rise of new talent is the monopoly power held by five companies. These monopolies include Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, and Facebook. Shervin Pishevar suggests that if policies aren’t stipulated in time to help small startups find a footing, we would be welcoming a disaster that will last for ages.


Richard Liu Qiangdong Knew When It Was Time To Take His Company Online

Richard Liu Qiangdong grew up in China with parents who were involved in the coal industry. They were hard workers and always encouraged him to work hard. They believed that it was important for him to receive a good education, and he attended The Peoples’ University of China. After school, Richard Liu knew that he needed to continue to learn, so he began studying computer coding, and that helped him later on in his career as he ran his own business.

Richard Liu started his career by working for a supplement provider. Then he rented a small retail space and opened his own store. wasn’t much at first, but once he noticed how the markets were changing and took it online, it became one of the most popular retail stores in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong knew that it was important to get his customers to trust business, and he put a focus on selling high quality and authentic items through his retail store right away so that customers would want to shop at it over and over again.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has become somewhat of a celebrity because of what he has done with his retail store in China. He found success in it and helped it to grow to be worth well over $30 billion. He was ahead of his time in taking it to the internet, and the skills that he learned directly out of college were what helped him to take it online. He knew that it was important to give everyone access to the goods that he was selling, and the online marketplace has only become more popular and easier for people to access over the past several years. And, Richard Liu is continuing to help his company to grow by offering high-quality items and a variety of products.

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Carsten Thiel Wants To Impact Lives Through New Medicines And Advanced Biotechnology

Carsten Thiel is widely considered a visionary in the biotechnology industry today, and he has played significant roles at various biotech companies over the years, including EUSA Pharma and Alexion Pharmaceuticals. His expertise and leadership at said companies have helped bring several major medical products to the public as well, such as Vectibix, Neulasta, Prolia, and Strensiq.

While growing up in Berlin, Carsten Thiel was especially in tune with his academics and always put his studies first. He quickly went to college after his primary education and earned a degree in chemistry in Marburg, followed by organic chemistry from the University of Bristol. His major focus was on biochemistry, and after graduation from Bristol, Carstel Thiel went on to earn his Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from the prestigious Max Planck Institute.

Coming into his professional career, Carsten found a place at Hoffman La-Roche, one of the worlds leading biotech firms. Carsten was quickly appointed to a management position for communication and product development. His advanced degrees in biochemistry took him far as well, earning him many promotions within the company. Before long, Carsten Thiel took up a leadership position at Hoffman, which started the executive course of his career. At this point, Carsten’s reputation was huge in the biotech industry and many companies were looking for his expertise.

Carsten Thiel was able to get into product development at his first company, where he was given the ability to spearhead the launch of a new weight loss product known as Xenical. Carsten’s strategic release and expert marketing turned Xenical into one of the company’s most successful selling products to date.

One of the primary reasons for Carsten’s involvement in the biotech industry is to create a better medical environment for professionals and patients. Carsten is highly concerned with medical ethics, which he believes is the only way to bring in steady new growth and long lasting results for the improvement of the industry on behalf of patients, employees, and employers.

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