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Gustavo Martinez an Icon in Marketing

Gustavo Martinez is highly respected in the field of marketing and advertising. His skills are remarkable and unbelievable. Mr. Gustavo holds and extensive experiences – over three decades. He is a resourceful and reliable person.



His excellent leadership skill spearheaded various companies to appoint him as the head of various departments. In every sector that he leads he leaves a positive impact in the organization growth. Along his career, Gustavo Martinez has actively engaged in overseeing and designing of ads that have been the foundation of the culture of the various companies. He is a man of action not mare words. His assertiveness and self-driven personality is a trait every business person should acquire from him.



Gustavo Martinez flawless performance as the chief executive officer of the J.Walter Thompson Worldwide steered the success of the company. At McCann Worldgroup he was hired as the president of the company. His life is always at a constant motion; he is a man of insightful ideas.



Gustavo Martinez Shares Insightful Marketing Tips



He is a titan in offering marketing consultation services. He affirmed that marketing is the most sectors that entrepreneurs need to emphasize. Technology is changing every aspect of the business at a high rate; therefore, small and medium enterprise, startup, firms should forecast on the digital marketing channel to optimize their sales.



Gustavo asserted that firms need employees who are hardworking and dedicated with their work. He pursued marketing agent to be very creative and innovative in delivering their work. He noted that aspiring marketers should be ready to move the extra mile and uniquely execute their marketing strategy to outwit their competitor in the industry.



Gustavo Martinez has a compelling power for himself; he has the ability to influence others to join his quest if even they are not capable of seeing his ideas. He is a man blessed with persuasive words. He uses his influences on the benefits of the organization growth and to collect more wealth more himself.



He is passionate about pure marketing and advertisement. He affirmed that the internet of things technologies had shaped marketing. He stated that the advancement of technologies had created a world of possibilities and new opportunities for marketers.



Gustavo Martinez believes compassion towards other people brings a sense of worth in our lives. Entrepreneurs need to cultivate the personality of being generous to other people without looking at their gender, color, race, or nationality. He believes that his patients and the ability to learn from all different kind of people have enabled him to remain updated.



Gustavo advises inspiring entrepreneurs to be ready to pay the price to achieve their goals. He noted that for business to experience a dramatic growth; it is vital to hire people with talents and self-motivated.


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EOS Lip Balm Review: Strawberry Sorbet

EOS lip balm is the brand of choice when it comes to lip balms. This particular brand has taken over the top spot for the world’s leader in lip balm products. Flavor after flavor can be found from this brand, and its strawberry sorbet flavor is no exception to the rule. This extraordinary flavor is a fan-favorite thanks to its lightly scented smell. On the other hand, strawberry sorbet provides your lips with a full-dose of goodness gracious. This means that your lips will be enveloped with a myriad of moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients will do a phenomenal job of healing sore, chapped lips.

Of course, EOS lip balm utilizes distinct packaging to market its products. The product itself comes in an egg-like shape, which is completely different from anything else that’s on the market. All it takes is a twist of the top, and you’re all set. EOS’s Strawberry Sorbet lip balm is at least 95 percent organic. Some of the actual ingredients that can be found here includes jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E and antioxidants. What more could you ever ask for in a lip balm? In addition to that, EOS lip balm just so happens to be paraben-free as well as sulfate-free.

Ted Bauman Doesn’t Believe Amazon Is Too Big To Fail

A lot of people believe that Amazon is a monopoly, or at least well on their way to becoming one, but Ted Bauman does not believe that this is true. While they are certainly leaders when it comes to e-commerce, it’s important to remember that they still do not produce as much revenue as companies such as Kroger and WalMart that are still going strong among customers who prefer to be able to purchase things at a brick and mortar location. Ted Bauman also states that while they are certainly a big name in online retail, competitors such as WalMart, eBay, Apple, and more still make up more than half of the business that is done online. In addition, even though the company has significant sales online, there isn’t much evidence that this has impacted most conventional brick and mortar retailers.

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It’s because of this and other factors that the financial writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman, does not believe that the e-commerce giant qualifies as a monopoly. In fact, while the company is certainly going strong, he sees them as similar to Sears when their catalog was one of the most popular ways to shop for people in the United States. People want convenience and both Amazon and Sears were able to provide this, but Ted Bauman knows that sometimes companies cannot keep up with the changing times. In the case of Sears, this was exactly what happened and the company has been unable to meet the demands of modern customers in recent years despite many efforts.

While a lot of companies aren’t fond of Amazon ras rivals, most don’t believe that their practices go against the spirit of competition. Ted Bauman believes that this is important when deciding if the company is a monopoly or not. While Amazon may have negatively impacted stores that sell books and other similar items, people are still choosing more powerful retailers when it comes to medicine, groceries, hardware, and more. While the quick delivery times of Amazon are certainly impressive, they don’t compare to the convenience of being able to go to a store to purchase items when and where you need them.

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OSI Food Solutions Makes A Purchase That Will Improve Its Infrastructure In The United States

OSI Food Solutions has been serving customers in the food industry since its creation in 1909. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois but has many facilities all around the world. OSI has been focusing on expansion and taking care of its existing infrastructure since the 1970s and has made a lot of progress in these areas. In recent years, it has made many valuable acquisitions and purchases that are helping the company reach new customers. While a lot of this growth has taken place overseas, OSI is currently improving its existing facilities in the United States. The company is also making purchases in the country in order to provide support for its facilities that are already up and running.

In June of 2016, OSI Food Solutions purchased a former Tyson Foods plant in the south side of Chicago. The cost of the facility was $7.4 million, and Tyson Foods will be letting go of 480 employees who worked at the facility. After the purchase was made, OSI put forth an effort to offer many of these people work at the factory once it reopens. The facility measures out to be 200,000 square feet, and it is expected to be able to offer support to another facility that the company runs in a nearby area.

OSI Food Solutions creates many different kinds of meat products. Some of these include chicken products, breakfast sausage, bacon, beef products, and a whole lot more. Kevin Scott, the SEVP of OSI North America praised the purchase by commenting about how excited the company is to own the facility. He went on to talk about how it will help to improve its larger network of facilities and how it will help to meet the ever changing needs of its customers.

OSI Food Solutions is a creative food company that offers its customers customized food solutions. By satisfying the specific tastes of people from many different regions all over the world, the company has been able to continue to grow rapidly. With its new mission of sustainability and environmental awareness, the company looks ready to move into the 21st century.

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The Very Successful James Dondero

It’s one thing to become the president of a company and another thing to develop a successful company. On numerous occasions, people hear stories about how investing companies lure other people into purchasing their goods and services. Moreover, these companies use false advertising often to exploit their customers. Most of the time, these companies state how they will spruce up a customer’s investment repertoire and how it will make them rich. However, the results remain the contrary. To expound further, these companies have taken away too much money from their clients in order to produce a profit. However, business professionals such as James Dondero have used their expertise to reverse this trend. Read more about James Dondero at


For those unaware, Jame Dondero remains a prestigious business leader and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. In addition, James Dondero also remains the president of Highland Capital Management. As a resident of Dallas, TX, James Dondero spent over 30 years of his career redefining the industry. Moreover, James Dondero utilizes his leadership abilities to perfect high-yield investing. In addition, James Dondero remains able to assist clients with their credit and equity markets. Since 1993, Highland Capital Management has remained able to fortify the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. In addition, the company has remained able to provide their clients with additional credit-based solutions. Due to such prestige, the company has received an insurmountable amount of awards and accolades for their efforts. Visit to know more about him.

To name a few of James Dondero’s investment products and services, these include institutional separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, and mutual funds. Aside from his role at Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has held numerous high-profile positions throughout his career. Aside from his position at Highland Capital Management, Jame Dondero once worked for companies such as CCS Medical, Nexbank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. In addition, James Dondero remains a profound philanthropist. With that being said, Dondero remains equally talented in the world of philanthropy.

In particular, Dondero has remained extremely supportive in the areas of education, public policy, and veteran’s affairs. Prior to Dondero’s years as the president of Highland Capital Management, he also worked for companies such as American Express. Moreover, James Dondero also possesses a wealth of knowledge due to his educational background. While at the University of Virginia, James Dondero graduated with the highest honors. Therefore, his ability to execute a successful investment remains uncontested. In closing, Dondero remains an inspiration to numerous people.



An Insight Into Andrey Andreev- The Founder of Badoo

Badoo was founded by a revered Russian entrepreneur known as Andrey Andreev. The site has been able to redefine the manner in which people view relationships and dating. It has become the largest social network globally, although it has not gained a lot of publicity since its inception. The company has been competing with other online dating sites such as Tinder (GDI).

Andreev also noted that Badoo was responsible for the invention of “swipes.” The Badoo app has a feature whereby people swipe from one page to the next, depending on whether the potential date is appealing. Andrey Andreev has also made sure that Badoo is utilizing GPS technology since it helps lovers to connect easily depending on their location. He is a real technology lover. Andreev does not also give interviews, and that is why there have been many speculations about him.

Forbes has also described Andrey Andreev as a mysterious businessperson who has been able to establish a successful business in the west. The company is currently worth #700 million. Andreev always defends his way of life by saying that he is just an ordinary individual who is not after too much publicity. Nevertheless, he loves London since it is one of the places where he feels at home. He is also passionate about good food. He was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and his original names were Andrey Ogandzhanyants. The name was hard to pronounce, and that is why he is now known as Andrey.

Andreev went to Moscow University where he studied management. Since his parents were relocating to Spain, he saw it fit to drop out. He then established may web businesses in Russia. Some of the business ventures that he created were dealing with online advertising, among other things. Since he was interested in dating platforms, he began by establishing Mamba. The firm was incepted in 2004, and it was a modern dating service. At the moment, the site is still popular in Russia. He then went ahead to launch Badoo in 2006 while in Spain. The company was competing with Facebook until when Andrey Andreev saw it fit to come up with an app-based version of the dating platform after the launch of the iPhone.

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Isabel dos Santos is reaffirming her place in African business

There are few Angolan entrepreneurs who are more widely recognized in the business world than Isabel dos Santos. As the former billionaire head of Unitel, Angola’s largest telecommunications company, and Sonongol, an oil company, she has proven her business acumen in traditionally male-dominated markets. However while her success has made a significant impact in the African economy, the media has not been forthcoming following the political climate that surrounds her business ventures.

Since the new Angolan president has sought to remove any politically entangled financial ties connected to the previous administration, Isabel dos Santos, has had to prove herself against the current by stepping down from her companies. While it was a necessary action founded upon preservation of her companies’ image, it has forced to reclaim her own namesake in the public eye.

A name that she has spent years building with trust and integrity. This is even more compounded because she is a female at the forefront of economic influence. African business hasn’t traditionally given much room to powerful women, and that is concerning. As infrastructure is beginning to flourish for Africa on the international stage, Isabel dos Santos is gas-lighting the current treatment of women in the workplace. It has become the target of her philanthropic endeavors.

She recently made headlines for bringing to light the gender disparity that plagues African creativity. She has stated that women are discouraged because they believe the cultural adage of a domestic roles; an economy for women that relies on tradition. She believes this kind of failures in creativity will allow foreign market advantage, but it will take more than just education for women. Men have to be willing to stand up to their peers and relinquish their fear of women in their space. Only then will it allow an egalitarian dispersion of labor that is necessary to compete internationally. With the implementation of her vision beginning to unfold, Isabel dos Santos is proving that she can overcome adversity in business and in an uncertain political environment.

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The Great Work Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is an American born in December 1974. He is currently among the hardworking men in America with topmost paying job. He is one of the most beloved celebrities in all America. He performs diverse roles such as: hosting media shows, running a cloth line, a skin care brand and is also a leader in charity organizations. Ryan is also an investor in a number of companies. He is currently operating in almost ten jobs.

Managing all the different tasks

Having to do many things in the same space, Ryan Seacrest work swiftly and proficiently. Consolidating things has helped him in managing all the tasks. He could for instance be holding a show but still go to the TV studio. He also acknowledges his team since they play a great role in managing day-to-day activities. He chooses an expert in every field who keeps him updated. At the end of each day, he receives an email from each department to know what happened (Twitter).

Productive day

Typically, Ryan Seacrest wakes up at five in the morning. He gets ready and takes his breakfast before coming out of the house. He has to be in studio around fifteen minutes before he gets on air. He ensures to give priority to his schedule and treat each activity as a crucial one. He makes sue working out is in his schedule.

Seacrest’s Biggest Break

One of the biggest achievements that Ryan Seacrest made is being on radio as a small kid. At the age of 16, he had already garnered some experience. It was an exciting moment for him as he could get on microphone and feel some exposure. He however believes that his actual break was to be “American Idol”. Since the beginning, it was extraordinary and exclusive. it was one of the best opportunities for him to do more and to advance his business.


Impatience is one of the reasons why he manages to get all projects done all the time. He does all his things quickly. Ryan Seacrest have for a long time not held a lunch meeting. He do not stop for lunch or waste his time to travel to a lunch meeting. Ryan Seacrest have his lunch at his office desk, at times in the car or even while standing. He would never drive to a place to go and have lunch. This way he is able to keep all his tasks on track without wasting time.

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The Academy of Art University For All Types Of Artists

The Academy of Art University is one of the most highly diverse academies out there, from game design to acting, this university has something for every kind of artist out there. Whatever your passion may be, either from behind the scenes creating graphic designs, or up front, such as acting, The Academy of Art University is the best at turning dreams into successful careers. It is no wonder why The Academy of Art University has been around for almost ninety years, with such a huge offering and each artistic field being taught, students can learn from the best and thrive here like no other place.

The Academy of Art University was founded in nineteen twenty-nine, in San Francisco, and is family owned, and is also run by professionals. What makes The Academy of Art University so special, is their approach in teaching students. The teachers are not only masters of each craft, but they are also highly qualified, and use a hands on technique when teaching their students. The Academy of Art University has one of the most excellent track records for students who have graduated and made it big in the outside world of the arts and communication fields.

The Academy of Art University is widely known and they have been around for so long, offering solid values that they have built their foundation on. The success rates and previous students careers in todays society speak for themselves. Here at The Academy of Art University, your passion in whatever art you choose is bound to excel. Creative minds can expand their horizons here, and with all of the great offerings can have one of the best school experiences in the fields of art. With all of the events each month that The Academy of Art University sponsor, and the availability of either going to school on campus or taking online courses, this university is perfect every artist out there that wants to amount to something big.

Oren Frank and Mental Health Optimization

Remember that mental health is important in the workplace. Oren Frank would be a strong proponent of mental health in the workplace and would realize that this is something that would contribute to overall employee retention and growth. Oren Frank would know so because he is in the mental health startup sector.

As someone who is in this sector, he would know the various impact points present within the sector.

Here a few ways to think about mental health in addition to thinking about Talkspace, Oren Frank and his service for mental health relief.

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Listen To Your Employees

If an employee doesn’t have anything but negative things to say about the company it might not be pleasant to hear,but perhaps it needs to be said. Try to keep an open mind when talking to employees and not get offended or take things personally.

Even if you sense that an employee is saying something to be hurtful figure out how to take the criticism and make something good of it.

Show Them That You Care About Them

Show that you care about your employees by remembering things about past conversations. If an employee mentions being in the market to buy a house then the next time you see him or her ask her how the house search is going. Showing that you care and that you actually do listen to what an employee has to say is important.

Understand Their Goals

See what ideas and goals employees have and discuss ways of helping them achieve those goals.

This not only helps the employees grow, but also can lead to exciting new ideas.

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