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Raffaele Riva: Founder of AUREA Multi-Family Office

Raffaele Riva is a British national who has completed his studies in and around London. He has completed his master’s from Said School at the University of Oxford. He has helped many new startups grow and establish in the market. He has worked as an angel for 10 years and with his hard work has been able to establish his name in the market. Raffaele Riva founded AUERA Multi-Family Office in 2008, and he continues to maintain co-ownership and partnership in his business. He has also created many successful businesses, for example, Milano Fiduciaria. Riva has multiple nationalities and with his diverse personal and professional background he is fluent in French, Italian and English. His skills in the language have also helped him with increasing and expanding his business as he can communicate with his clients more effectively.

In an interview, Riva told me that he allows his personal experiences to bring his ideas to his life. He is excited to work in both: work and personal life, and excel in both fields of life. He told that he tries to keep himself up-to-date as it is very important because of the field he is working in. He said that people do not agree with him on this stance but he believes that a rich person is not scared of being poor because he has plenty of money. A rich man will work on getting richer so he tries to get more and more productive.

He emphasized that if you want to grow your business you have to work on the people who are working for you. Your clients are extremely important for your business but your employees are more important. They are the ones who will be looking to your customers so their satisfaction holds immense importance for the success of the clients.

The High Performance Team of Toyo Setal

The leading tech corporation in Brazil is offering EPC design to construction companies. If you are looking to start an industrial project, you may consider hiring the most qualified technical experts.

The Leading Industrial Corporation In Brazil

Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Ltda focuses on the development of highly complex industrial projects. Their qualified technical team allows offering integrated solutions to businesses, adapting to their needs. Toyo Setal has a proven track record of success. The experienced they have earned since 2012 is priceless; the enterprise has dealt with several different clients. Their most recent achievement is the AVEVA World Summit Event Award (2014)—Innovations in Engineering Project Integration.

Highly Professional Organization

When contacting Toyo Setal, you can expect exceptional work quality from their professionals. Engineering, supplies, and construction is a service that requires technical excellence, which is why Toyo Setal is a result-oriented service. The services supported include maintenance operations, conceptual designs, feasibility studies, electromechanical assembly, pre-commissioning, assistance starting a plant, among others. As a result of their performance, the EPC structures they design guarantee reliability and productivity.

The Superior Service Quality

The assembly services are available for a wide range of segments: steel, mining, chemical, petrochemical, energy elements, infrastructure, oil & gas, or fertilizing. As a division of TSPI (TS Participações e Investimentos SA), Toyo Setal brings clear advantages to build trust with their clients.

Extraordinary Security:

  • Extraordinary Security: Safety is the most highlighted feature of the company. A team of experienced specialists can ensure maximum security in their projects. A crucial factor for it is their intensive formation and experience.

Secured Sustainability:

  • Secured Sustainability: The innovative solutions the company provides help other companies to build proper infrastructures. The company works with international clients regularly for assistance, maintenance, or training purposes.

Outstanding Productivity:

  • Outstanding Productivity: The organization has proven its professional competence for the last decade. It is well known that the company plays a crucial role in the technological development of Brazil. Many clients benefit from their project strategy mastery—which is focused on terrestrial complexes.

The deployment of industrial enterprises is currently contributing to the development of the industry and the stimulation of the national economy.

Two Loves Are Better than One: Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a man who has developed two passions in his life. The first passion is geology and the second is financial investments. Through a stroke of luck and a good friend, he was able to combine his two passions and make a successful career for himself. Now he writes newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. Now he gets to travel all over the world looking for the latest and greatest natural resources investments for his readers. He sat down with Ideamensch in 2017n and talked about his life and career.

Matt Badiali says that writing a newsletter about his passions requires a unique temperament. The market for natural resources is always fluctuating so you have to stay on top of things. The second thing he says is that you have to know how to read the market and how it is going to react. He loves this type of work and enjoys it when readers make smart decisions about investing in natural resources and precious metals.

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His days are pretty much the same. Matt Badiali gets up early so he can spend some quality time with his kids. He likes to go be in his office and focus on the hard things that need to get done. He says the morning is when he is the most focused and can get the most done in a few hours. He has calls and meetings with his clients and then makes sure to sit down and write his newsletter. This takes him at least a couple of hours to do each day. After his writing job is done he likes to read while working out at the gym. This is the part of the day he likes best because he can unwind and relax while reading the latest news on the markets.

Matt Badiali has his dream job. He has his passions and is using them to his full advantage. Being able to do what he loves each day is the most imnportant thing. That means that work is never the same and it is always fun. Matt Badiali can attest to that.

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How Agera Energy is Working for Customers

Whether you go to the Agera Energy Wiki page or their Twitter, you can see why they are one of the most trusted options for people nationwide. Follow Agera Energy on

The Agera Energy company has been working with people for years and continually works on the many services being provided. Not only will you be saving lots of money with the help of Agera Energy, but you are choosing reliable service that you can trust. Read more about Agera Energy at

There are tons of different energy providers out there, but choosing Agera Energy is a great option for your budget and household needs. You can get a feel for how beneficial it is to go with Agera Energy and why so many have already chosen this company. By going with this service provider, you are able to save some money in the long run and know you have the electric and fuel that you are going to need.



Combating Winter Dryness With Genucel

Everyone knows that winter weather can really take a toll on your skin. A lot of this comes from the lessoned amount of water that we take into our bodies during the winter, but this is not the only reason. Our skin takes a toll during the winter because the environment is colder and the humidity has dropped. All of this leads to us cranking the heat up inside our houses, offices, and anywhere else that we are. Increasing the temperature leads to moisture evaporating and leaving your skin.

So as winter weather comes so does cracked and dry skin. This also leads to an increase in wrinkles and a decrease in your skin’s glow and vitality. Genucel want your skin to continue to look good in the winter then you have to increase your skin care regimen. You need to add more moisturizers, drink more water, and do some other things that you will read through all this article that will help your skin.

During winter you need to make sure that you are increasing your water intake. Genucel can also run a humidifier while you are relaxing in your house or while you are sleeping. A humidifier can help not only your skin but your lungs as you combat against the dryness of the winter season. Try not to use so many acne treatments throughout the winter as they can dry your skin out as well. Instead you want to use types of cleaners that are more gentle and have more moisturizers in them.

Another thing that will help your skin is treating it like it’s aging even if it isn’t aging. Using treatments for aging such as Genucel’s well-known stem cell therapies, jawline treatments, deep firming serums, eyelid treatment, and more. Genucel knows a lot about aging and they want to help us get through the aging process as painless as possible. They have all the products on the market that we need to keep our skin looking youthful.

Ted Bauman Contribution towards Achieving Financial Freedom

Ted Bauman is an editor at Banyan Hill. He writes newsletters and has a high readership that depends on his views and insights. Ted studied at South Africa at Cape Town University and acquired a B.Sc. in History and Economics and History. After his education, he chose to major in privacy, asset protection, international migration, as well as low-risk investment strategies. He has used his education background to help people, mostly in African countries, use the available resources to prevent economic exploitation by large businesses and the government.

Ted Bauman has a firm belief that every man has the right to lead a sovereign economic life. It is the critical determinant of his actions and has helped him to be the best in nonprofit sectors. His significant role is to execute financial management roles. Ted is the man behind the establishment of Slum Dwellers Internationals. He uses the foundation to enhance the economic state of over 14 million people across 35 countries. Read full interview of Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman was initially dealing with research work. The golden opportunity baked and equipped him with relevant information required for his career. He won and led the position of the Director of the International Housing Programs from 2008 to 2013. Ted worked for the international government as well as the United Nations as a consultant. Ted has a clear understanding of how the prevalent political statues affect the civilians’ economic status

Ted Bauman is currently writing Smart Money, a businessman guide on stock trade service issues weekly. His excellent performance has severally been featured on Small Enterprise Development, the Journal of Microfinance, and New Internationalist. Society highly recognizes his devotion.

Ted Bauman always keeps himself updated on the financial data regardless of his achievements. Ted appreciates the fact that this has always helped him to come up with new business ideas and realistic and strategic marketing plans. He firmly believes that proper time management has tremendously contributed to his success. He loves humanity and incorporates it across his businesses. Visit:

Toyo Setal in Industrialization

About Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal was initiated in 2012. It is an organization dealing with complicated industrialized projects in oil, gas, chemical, energy among other products. It is a Brazilian organization. Toyo is dedicated to meet its customers’ needs; they, in regards, offer an end to end solution. The services are rendered with efficiency, sustainability, and profitable. Customers, therefore, get high-quality products within the agreed deadline.

Toyo Setal Award

In 2014, Toyo received an award for ‘Innovation in the integration of engineering projects’ the event was known as Aveva World Summit. Toyo Setal offers the best service due to its qualified and experienced team members who work hard towards achieving the institution’s goals.

A deal with Petrobras Hydrogen Plant

Toyo Setal, which is a subordinate of Toyo engineering, will be in charge of the construction of Petrobras hydrogen plant being built in the city of Itaboraí, in Rio de Janeiro. By mid-2016, the project needs to be done. The budget was estimated to around R $ 1.2 billion. The hydrogen plant was to be part of Rio de Janeiro complex (COMPERJ) which at the moment is under construction. As elaborated in the project, Toyo would be accustomed to design the plan, equipment’s, material and setting up of the Hydrogen plant. The COMPERJ complex is among the Petrobras most significant schemes and is expected to cover the rise in a plea for lights oil and petrochemicals.

The Purchase of Setal Oil and Gas by Japanese Toyo

Toyo Japanese and Brazilian Setal oil and gas (SOG) is expected to make it known to the public about its decision to work with the oil sector. The merging should lead to the formation of a new venture. The corporation was possible from the acquisition of 50 % of the SOG by Setal. Before becoming members, SOG and Setal were business partners. The investment anticipates over R $ 1 billion to install a shipyard. The yard focuses on building a podium and help vessels to the actions of the oil and gas industry.

Luke Lazarus Talks about the Skills an Entrepreneur Needs to be Successful

The Australian business environment has transformed completely in the last couple of decades. Initially, the businesses in Australia followed the more traditional approach even though it looked modern and contemporary from the outset. However, it has changed completely in the last few years due to the need of the hour and the increasing competition in the market.

The influx of foreign companies and the booming economy of the country has made the business environment very competitive, and for good. The country’s economy is on the rise, and many Australian companies that started as start-ups are now dominating many sectors globally. However, there are many start-ups and companies in Australia that bow down to the challenges thrown at them financially and in terms of competition to eventually close down. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO  and Luke Lazarus | Inspirery

If your company in Australia is going through tough times then instead of finding the solution yourself, taking the advice of the man who is responsible for the launch of many successful IPOs, product launches, brand development, and making start-ups into organizations, would be helpful.

The man in question here is none other than Luke Lazarus, who is known across Australia for his excellence in the field of business. Many businesses and start-ups that took the help of Luke Lazarus has been able to grow tremendously under his guidance and continues to follow his business model to date.

Luke Lazarus updates himself about the latest trends in the field of business internationally and also keeps track of the Australian market to find out where the Australian companies are going wrong. It makes him the best person in the industry today to take advice from on starting and sustaining a business idea. He has helped the entrepreneur to start-off and even expands to new industries with his skills.

He holds a masters degree in business administration from Melbourne Business School and is a serial entrepreneur who made his wealth through the four companies he started and sold in a span of a decade. It helped him achieve his wealth creation goals by the time he was only 33.

The success he achieved and the fun he had in the journey to achieve it inspired him to not run after money but to work for his passion, which today is to help businesses of all sizes as well as start-ups to gain momentum they are looking for.

The assistance he provides personalized and crafted as per the specific requirements and issues of the clients’ businesses, which helps in getting the results faster.

Luke is not afraid to speak his mind because it allows his clients to be realistic about their business goals. It leads to creating better marketing and business strategies that would surely work for the business owners.

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Changing The Future Of Papa John’s With Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is a businessman who has worked for Papa John’s for over 20 years. He’s currently working as the CEO of the company. During his 20 years of working with Papa John’s he has held multiple different positions including being a customer service representative and even going as far as to lead the company. When Richie first started he was a customer service representative. It did not take very long before he began to be promoted to many things including being a franchise owner.

Steve Ritchie has grown to love the company, and now that he is the CEO of the company he has big plans for the future and for making them even more successful than they already are. Steve Ritchie knows that the success of a company comes from how the customers are treated. He makes sure that he hires a very best individuals who are devoted to giving customers the very best experiences they can have when they come into the businesses.

Steve Ritchie has worked very hard to get to where he is today and he is not giving up yet. He has big plans for the future of Papa John’s and he knows he can take them to even higher heights than they are already at. Steve Ritchie is focusing his views on customer satisfaction and making sure that each of the franchises are doing they’re very best to provide customers with excellent experiences every time they come into the stores.

Steve Ritchie is going to continue to work hard for Papa John’s and he is going to continue to change the atmosphere of each of the franchises as he goes around and visits each one individually. He is very focused on the well-being of the company and he is going to continue to make sure that they grow their success and their wealth. Steve Ritchie is going to become even more successful through the years as Papa John’s grows and there is no telling just how far he will help this company grow.

Eric Lefkofsky wiki entry

Eric Lefkofsky (born September 2, 1969) is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist who is most noted for his co-founding of ecommerce giant ECHO Global Logistics as well as his personal leadership of cutting-edge oncology data pioneer Tempus. Lefkofsky is also a major philanthropist around the country and, particularly, throughout the Chicago area.

Early life and education

Lefkofsky grew up in Southfield, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. His father, Bill Lefkofsky worked as a structural engineer and his mother, Sandy, was a local schoolteacher. He attended Southfield-Lathrup High School where he graduated in 1987. He was accepted to the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors in 1991. He received his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1993.

Entrepreneurial pursuits

Shortly after graduating from law school, Lefkofsky decided that he would rather pursue a career as an entrepreneur than become a practicing lawyer. He and a college friend founded and acquired a string of businesses throughout the 1990s, which eventually culminated in two of their companies, InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics, going public in the mid-2000s. These transactions made Lefkoskfy extremely wealthy. But his biggest successes were still in front of him.


In 2013, one of Lefkofsky’s close family members was diagnosed with cancer. This brought Lefkofsky himself into contact with America’s oncology industry. He was shocked to discover that, in many cases, oncologists had objectively worse data support than many over-the-road truck drivers.

Over the next few years, Lefkofsky began researching the state of medical data in America, particularly as it relates to electronic medical records and the analytics and interfaces that allow physicians, particularly those working in cancer-related specialties, to make the best real-time decisions on patient care.

He found that there was massive room for improvement. In 2016, Lefkofsky founded Tempus, a company dedicated to helping oncologists access and optimally use the vast troves of data that are potentially at their disposal.

In an interview with Forbes, Lefkofsky explained that there is currently so much data available to oncologists that the problem is not getting more data but being able to optimally use it. As someone who was deeply familiar with the advanced statistical methods that are collectively referred to as artificial intelligence, Lefkofsky immediately recognized that the problem of using the oceanic pool of data that is currently available to oncologists is precisely a class of problem that artificial intelligence is good at solving.

This was the genesis behind Tempus. Today, Tempus is helping doctors make far better use of their data. An example that Lefkofsky often gives as to the types of problems that Tempus helps doctors solve is the case of the cancer treatment Herceptin. Like almost all chemotherapies, Herceptin is given to patients with certain disease characteristics, namely breast cancer that tests positive for the HER2+ growth factor.

However, the variance in outcomes from this drug is enormous. Lefkofsky explains that some patients respond remarkably well to the drug while others end up having to resort to second-line treatments. In some cases, the drug proves dangerously toxic or even fatal. In fact, across the entire gamut of cancer treatments, a significant portion of patients simply turn out to be incapable of tolerating the treatments.

Lefkofsky explains that this wide variation in patient outcomes is due to inadequate modeling where medical professionals are relying on treatment modalities that only weakly correlate with patient outcomes. In other words, the way in which oncologists are determining what course of treatment best suits patients is inadequate because the decision-making process in selecting treatments does not adequately take into account or best use all of the available information.

Lefkofksy says that in the case of Herceptin, it may be possible to eliminate most or all of the worst patient outcomes by simply taking more factors into account and using an artificial-intelligence-derived model to boost predictive power, helping oncologists know ahead of time who is unlikely to respond well to the drug and which patients are at much-increased risk of experiencing high-grade toxicity.

One of the most-promising areas in which Tempus is currently developing its analytic engine is the area of genomic data. With rapidly increasing and far more-accurate genomic data available, Tempus will put in oncologists’ hands analytic capabilities that will rival the power of genome-wide association studies. But this information will be available on demand and will help oncologists make the best diagnoses and treatment decisions in real time.

Ultimately, this will allow a level of customization in the treatment of cancer that promises to someday reduce the disease to an annoying yet manageable malady for most patients rather than a potential death sentence.

In addition to its research and development of some of the most-cutting-edge cancer analytics in the world, Tempus also markets a number of more-mundane but highly valuable products to medical professionals. One of these is its OCR system for structuring doctors’ notes into usable format for inclusion in electronic medical records and other applications. Previously, this function was often outsourced at considerable cost to hospitals. Tempus’ solution promises to radically increase efficiency of making doctors’ notes EMR-usable while saving huge sums for hospitals in the process.

Philanthropy and net worth

Lefkofksy is currently estimated to be worth more than $2.5 billion. He and his wife founded the Lefkofsky foundation, a charitable trust that primarily helps children and medical causes.

In 2013, Lefkofksy and his wife joined the Giving Pledge, promising to eventually donate more than half of their net worth to charitable causes across the world. Read more about Eric Lefkofsky: