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Ted Bauman Says Bitcoin Inability to Quickly Process Large Transactions will be the Cause of the Currency Downfall

Bitcoin has been praised by many as the currency of the future. It is considered as the safest mode of holding on to money. It is safe as it is secure from interference from government agencies. However, according to Bauman, Bitcoin successes may be short-lived due to its inability to quickly and efficiently process large volumes of transaction. The problem, according to Bauman, will hinder the currency growth as well as full acceptance.

Ted Bauman, in his newsletter the Bauman Letter, tells readers to picture a time in the future when Bitcoin will become the widely used form of currency for most of the transactions. Bauman says even though Bitcoin becomes widely accepted, there is still the scalability issue that the currency needs first to address for them to succeed. Read more about Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman to put things into perspective and make it easy for his readers to digest his recommendations uses real-life examples. In this case, Bauman gave the example of a person who wants to exit the parking lot and needs to make payment. The person Bauman says has lost his wallet, and the only available method for him to transact is by using what is on his disposal at the moment, and that is Bitcoin. Bauman assumes that the machine accepts cryptocurrency and the person opts to pay for the parking using Bitcoin. According to Bauman, the transaction on a good day can take up to one or two minutes and on a bad day 20 minutes or even hours. The slow speed of processing transactions that are usually experienced with Bitcoin will be the cause of its downfall says, Bauman.

Ted Bauman to explain his points goes to the extent of comparing Bitcoin with other modes of payments such as credit cards. A credit card such as Visa can process more than 20,000 transactions per second. Credit card transactions are instant. On the other hand, Bitcoin can only handle about six to seven transactions per second. The difference is so enormous, and this explains why there are always delays when transacting with Bitcoins. Bitcoins miners fortunately according to Ted Bauman are working on the case, but Bauman largely remains skeptical about the issue.

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Talkspace – The Need of Therapy for Mental Health Problems

With so many people across the globe struggling to get proper access to mental health therapy when they need it the most, it was about time that something like Talkspace was introduced. Talkspace makes it easier for people to get access to mental health therapy from just about anywhere without having to travel or spend a fortune on traditional therapy sessions. Many people do not go for therapy as it involves traveling long distances to meet a therapist and spend hundreds of dollars for hour-long therapy sessions. It is not possible for everyone to spend so much time and money in therapy, and it is where Talkspace comes into the picture.

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Talkspace has made it easier for thousands of people to get access to therapy and it is also changing the mindset of the people who are struggling with themselves in order to answer the question as to whether they should go for therapy. Consulting with the therapist online on Talkspace makes it easier for the people to deal with their immediate situation and the symptoms of the mental health issues they are facing. Getting life back on track when suffering from problems such as PTSD, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, can be a big challenge. However, the therapists at Talkspace would guide you through the dark phase and get you back on the track of recovery. It is a time-consuming process for sure, but the therapist on Talkspace would ensure that you have a natural progression towards recovery that sustains the test of time.

Therapists at Talksapce help people understand their problems and create strategies to overcome them. The biggest benefit that people feel that they get from Talkspace is that they are able to talk to their therapists in text and are not worried about what another person might be thinking about them, especially if they come through a reference that happens a lot in face-to-face therapy.

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Aaron Lupuloff is Recognized For Outstanding Volunteer Work

During the early 90’s and through out many years , students with diverse backgrounds have been subject to the standardized testing system. As a result many students received low scores due to the test’s inability to nurture creativity, positive learning or other alternative strategies to help students toward graduation. In recent years Aaron Lupuloff has recognized that a standardized test does not apply for all students. Finding alternate solutions to the way students learn will help many students succeed. Aaron Lupuloff also knows that it takes a community to support a child.

For many years standardized testing has been the United States education strategy to help many students receive a good education. But not all students gained an education that was satisfactory to the education program. Many people today are seeking creative methods to help students with diverse backgrounds achieve academic success. In 2001, Aaron was the founding member of The Norcross High School Foundation. The school was located in the middle of two zip codes that were economically diverse.

In one area code lived an upper-class community and the other community was nearly 29 percent lower-class residents. Although wage disparity, ethnic diversity and other social issues were the breaking point of the school community. It was also the motivating factor to the high school students for graduation. Aaron Lupuloff encouraged and supported positive learning strategies to help the students succeed. In 2011, Aaron Lupuloff was inducted in to the Norcross High School Hall Of Fame for his outstanding support and his volunteer work in the community.

Based on, since 2015 Aaron Lupuloff has been a new member of the Gwinnett county public schools. He is the Senior Executive Director of the very diverse school. He also supports The Camp Twin Lakes Organization. The organization provides summer camp activities to children with disabilities. The camp program also allows low-income children to attend. Scholarships are available for the after school program. The scholarships help fund 70 percent of the camps program fees.

Aaron Lupuloff Has an extensive background and insightful experience in financial management. earlier in his career Aaron Lupuloff has had 20 years working as a Senior Managing director of JP Morgan and Bear Stearns. Aaron Lupuloff still continues to make an impact through creative learning supporting many organizations and being involved with his local community. To see more about Mr. Arron visit

Barbara Stokes: Green Structure Homes Of Alabama LLC CEO and Founder

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC. GSH was founded by Barbara and her husband, Scott Stokes, and is based in Huntsville, Alabama.

The company and it’s team work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to offer safe, permanent homes. These homes include safety systems such as the fire suppression technology. The homes even go through extensive quality inspections all throughout the manufacturing process.


Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University. She majored in physics and biomedical engineering. She also studies subjects such as structures and properties of materials and thermodynamics, and manufacturing and management. Barbara Stokes’ knowledge of these subjects has helped in her business with GSH.

Barbara Stokes is also a mother of three, and she finds it important to always fit in as much family times as possible, even with her hectic work schedule. She finds that spending time with her family helps her work harder. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara.


Jason Hope: Significant Contribution In Philanthropy & Passion To SENS Research

In a grand gesture toward fighting aging and a sweeping demonstration of philanthropy in general, Arizona-based entrepreneur, Jason Hope has donated significant sums of money to the SENS Research Foundation. While this is only one of the philanthropic efforts to which he contributes, Jason Hope is extremely well researched in the SENS Foundation and feels that it offers a different take on the aging process and what can be done to ease it.

Anti-aging to groups such as SENS has very little to do with attempting to live forever or not looking the age printed on your license. Rather, it is a quest to discover a means through which to superior quality of life while prolonging longevity, as well. The SENS Foundation feels this is possible through the halting, or even possibly the eradication of, diseases such as heart and lung diseases and even Alzheimer’s. While the current protocol in the medical world is to work diligently to treat these issues after they become problematic, SENS truly believes that these medical issues can be stopped before they set in.

Although he realizes the goals of SENS, and the work being done at Cambridge University and other such locations to support it, tends to directly challenge the typical framework of modern medicine, Jason Hope believes that the support of the scientific research that will drive innovation is critical. The concept is hard for some to grasp when turning the medical work on its side, but followers of the thought process are undoubtedly growing. Hope is passionate about the work and glad to give back to his community in a number of philanthropic ways.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur by trade. He resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where he blends his efforts between entrepreneurial endeavors, philanthropic pursuits, and a personal passion for politics, especially in the area of business. As an Arizona native and graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance who then earned an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU, Hope has a unique perspective on a state he has spent such a great deal of time in.

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Sergey Petrossov Makes Private Flying Easy and Affordable

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is a serial entrepreneur that created the app called JetSmarter.He came up with the idea for JetSmarter in 2009. Sergey was thinking about how much airplanes can fly in a year and compared that number to how much they are actually flying. The difference was staggering. He determined that the average private aircraft was flying roughly 200 hours per year but has the ability to be flying about 1,200 per year.

Sergey Petrossov was tired of the clunky, inefficient way of booking a private jet through a broker. There were middlemen that are always trying to squeeze the last penny out of the consumer, along with that, there is a lot of paper to be done. Sergey made this process much easier by simply creating an app that allows a private jet to be booked in just under 3 minutes.

JetSmarter has been compared to Uber in the sense that users can book a private jet on demand with very short turnaround time. JetSmarter is disrupting the private aviation space and putting them far ahead of any competition. One way that JetSmarter does this is by offering jet-sharing. This means that users can book just a single seat on a private jet instead of the whole aircraft. The other seats will be occupied by strangers. They also offer flights on “empty legs”. Empty legs are flights that the aircraft is taking to reposition itself without any passengers. They are usually last-minute flights but JetSmarter is able to offer them at very low rates.

Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter show no signs of slowing down and is taking private travel to new heights.

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Carsten Thiel: Being Passionate About Bringing Ideas To Life

Carsten Thiel is a Global C-level biotech executive and is responsible for Region Europe. He drove sales and market shares at a number of companies and was also the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics. He studies chemistry/biochemistry at Philipps University i Marburg, then conducted his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.

Carsten Thiel makes sure to prioritize his time at the start of the day so that he may accomplish his tasks throughout the day in the most effective way possible. He then spends some of his time with the board of the company and investors to make sure that each person is on the same page as each other as far as their goals and operations.

Bringing ideas to life can be one of the hardest things to do when running a business, but Thiel does it be encouraging team members in a collaborative effort. If all of the team members are passionate about their ideas then work can get done a lot faster. He has been excited about how DNA works and wants to explore this topic further down hte line so that new technology can be used to help patients. He has also said that to be a great entrepreneur you must continue to ask questions to be productive.

Even if the projects that are being worked on are very difficult this is the best way to improve them. The one thing that Carsten Thiel believes no one would agree with him on is that in order to be able to gain success in business you must find the human element in everything that you do.

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Steve Lesnard’s Enthusiasm for Digital Marketing

Steve Lesnard has been instrumental to the process of digitization of the business community. It was not difficult for him to do everything within his power to advance the state of his field forward as he simply had so much passion for the state of online business that he believed it was his future from the moment he stumbled upon the field. His goal in life is to make electronic all the processes in the world that seem to be made counter to the intentions of the people in the world.

In Steve Lesnard’s opinion, there is a lot more we should be doing as a society to provide for the people of this world, and there is much about the current state of the digital economy that promises answers to our problems. Because there is so much funding behind the field, there is a limitless amount of wealth to be earned from it, and that makes many corporations begin to see red in regards to their greed. Luckily for Steve Lesnard, however, it is usually the businessperson who is most passionate about an issue that tends to reach the top of its industry, and he is no exception to this rule. He has made it to the point he is at today because he has taken digital marketing seriously throughout his entire life, even when the entire world told him to give up on the industry. He never let his passion waver, and this is why he is so proud to be in the position he holds today.

He oftentimes does not even know what to do with all the power they have accumulated over the years, and he believes that if they are simply able to utilize it in a way that helps the rest of the human population, they will do all they need to justify their presence as a corporate entity. Of course, Steve Lesnard does not believe in anchoring himself to only one company, and there are a variety of possible futures for him. That being said, however, it is clear that he holds a strong connection with his current industry.

Kisling Nestico & Redick Adds A Webby Award To Its List of Honors

Rob Nestico is the managing partner of the law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick (KNR). At 15, Nestico was in a fatal auto accident. The driver of the car Nestico was riding in was killed. Rob Nestico spent three months in the hospital recovering from head trauma and multiple fractures.

A Lesson Learned

At the time of the above-mentioned accident, Nestico’s parents were recent immigrants from Italy. The elder Nesticos had yet to learn English. When it came time to discuss compensation for their son’s injuries the insurance company exploited the Nestico’s lack of understanding. It was then that Rob Nestico decided to advocate for accident victims against insurance companies.

The History of KNR

Kisling Nestico & Redick came into existence in 2005. Fourteen years later the firm operates 10 offices across Ohio. Between its 30 lawyers and support staff KNR employs 130 people. Many of the firm’s members have an insider’s knowledge of how big insurance operates. That knowledge has no doubt contributed to the $450 million Kisling Nestico & Redick has won for its clients as of 2017.

Excellence Acknowledged

Of the 1.34 million lawyers practicing in the US only 5,000 rates a listing on the Million & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Lawyers with KNR are listed among those 5,000 attorneys. The National Trial Lawyers Association has ranked KNR as one of Ohio’s top 100 law practices.

Kisling Nestico & Redick Earns a Webby Award

The Webby Awards recognize excellence in web page design. In the legal category, KNR received “Best Website” honors. Eighty-percent of law firms considered for a “Best Website” award fails to win. At the 2019 awards ceremony in Akron, Ohio Kisling Nestico & Redick beat out 13,000 other nominees. KNR’s competition for the awards included companies from every state and 70 countries.

Stratford Shields: Leading the way in the finance industry

Stratford Shields is a leading example of what a hard-working entrepreneurial can do in the finance industry. Receiving a bachelor’s degree in History from Ohio State University, a Master’s in Political Science and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University, he has spent over 20 years in the municipal finance industry. He served as the Treasurer with the municipal finance industry association and was Vice Chairman and then Chairman of the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association in the Municipal Division. He would later move onto working for the Morgan Stanley firm for five years as the Head of Public Finance before moving out on his own to become the Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets. The push that Shields had to leave the Morgan Stanley firm, was leading a major university parking privatization deal. The deal was a 50-year long contract and worth $483 million between Ohio State University and LAZ/QIC. The first of its kind, it was called the “Deal of the Year” by Bond Buyer.

Mr. Shields’ outlook is rather straight forward and simple. Stay up to date on current events that are not only relevant to your client’s needs but to the world around you as well. Also, have realistic goals for you and your client. He arrives early at his office to go over each client’s file and comes up with new strategies or goes over their current plans and goals. One thing he cannot stress enough is the mutual and complete trust that is needed between the client and the financial advisor. A good book that he recommends people going into this type of industry read is “Liar’s Poker” by Michael Lewis. It is about the financial markets in the 70-80s, the author’s personal experience working with the Salomon Brothers firm and Wall Street.