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Self-Made Millionare Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is a self-made millionaire from India who gives back to the people in his country. He attended the Indian Institutes of Technology where he studied agricultural engineering and then he went on to get his Master’s degree in business and agricultural engineering. In 1972, Vinod Gupta founded American Business Association which became a source for businesses that wanted to expand their reach.

The company had a value of $500 million just 20 years later. The company became known as InfoGroup and was worth $680 million in 2010. Vinod Gupta is very successful and chooses to give back to the community of his hometown. He has facilitated many educational advances by building schools in poor areas of India, and funding courses at the university he once attended. He created a $500,000 scholarship fund to aid students that wanted to study science and engineering programs.

Gupta considers himself very fortunate that he has the ability to help others who are less fortunate. In addition to funding his university, he donated $1 million to fund Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. It is a women’s polytechnic school that helps women to earn postgraduate degrees within 24 months. Within the institution, women can study computer applications, information technology, web design, and textile design. Not only has Gupta provided education for these women but also transportation and materials to study.

He has provided buses as well as textbooks to ensure that the women can just focus on their studies and do not have to worry about anything else. Opening this institution, left a mark in history because women were not treated equally to men in India and this gave them a chance to show that they were special. This was a big step in allowing gender equality to take place. Gupta cites his physician father as the reason he holds education at such a high value and why he believes others should too.

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Dick DeVos Saves the Decade in Grand Rapids

For many years, Grand Rapids suffered economic setbacks in the 1990s. At this time, many of the factories were leaving the state, and it was causing a depression across Michigan. However, western Michigan was supported by the DeVos family, who worked with businesses in the area to build up the city instead of letting it fall.


While Detroit continued to suffer economic problems, Grand Rapids was rising out of the muck thanks to Dick DeVos. As the son of the Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, Dick had always been legendary when it came to business, and he worked hard to help business leaders in the area throughout the 1990s. He even joined a group called Grand Action to help make the city better.


With funding from DeVos, many new buildings were constructed in the downtown area to promote commerce and traffic. This would include the DeVos Performance Hall, DeVos Place Convention Center, and Andel Arean. While the thinking was that these buildings would bring in new business, it wasn’t set in stone that this would actually happen. DeVos only knew that he had a plan to bring in more traffic to the city.


The next phase involved the nearby airport. Western Michigan had always had a small executive airport since the early 1900s, but DeVos wanted to do something more with the airport. He wanted to turn it into a business traveler’s paradise and upgrade its technology. He wanted to see it expand and gain more ticket sales than any other nearby airport.


So how was he going to do that?


The answer and strategy have made Dick DeVos a legend. He called up the CEO of AirTran Airways on the phone and simply asked if he would add more flights to the airline’s terminals at the small Grand Rapids airport. It was slow at first to build, but the ticket sales grew once those flights were added. The airport was finally doing business, and it wasn’t going to go bankrupt now.


The airport would continue to expand and even received $45 million in funding for new technology and a business center. These actions would also get DeVos appointed to the FAA’s new Management Advisory Council, where he would work with the FAA on new policies, budget planning, regulations, and other ideas for growth. His appointment was praised by those in the aviation industry simply because of what he did in Grand Rapids.


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How Neurocore Can Help Children And Adults With ADHD

Neurocore is a privately held Michigan-based firm which was founded in 2004. They have locations in Michigan and Florida which offers people a way to concentrate better, have more effective sleep, and manage their stress. This company has grown to be recognized as one of the nation’s authorities when it comes to using biofeedback and applied neuroscience to improve people’s lives.

The two conventional strategies for helping people with mental or behavioral challenges is talk therapy combined with medicine. This not only doesn’t work for everyone but nearly 40 percent of people don’t find these help them at all. What Neurocore offers is a third way of managing these issues. Their customers come to one of their locations a few times a week for about three months in order to receive their treatments which don’t include talking or taking any medicine.

Their main treatment is Neurotherapy. This is a type of therapy that uses EEG to see how a person’s brain is operating. Clients have sensors placed on their skulls that track the activity of their brains. These clients watch a movie while the sensor tracks their brain activity. If the brain become under or over stimulated than the movie is paused so the brain can get back to a normal reading. Over time, this trains the brain to stay in the range of normal readings.

Neurofeedback is used in the modern era to treat kids and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD). In the past, this order was poorly understood by those in the medical community and the general public. Many medical professionals aren’t knowledgeable about neurofeedback and how it has been helping people for years like at Neurocore. It is also considered to be an alternative treatment by many so people need to do their own research.

There are three main types of ADHD. These are hyperactive-impulsive type ADHD, inattentive ADHD, and combined ADHD. All three of these can be treated with therapy at a Neurocore location. These usually crop up in children but even adults can have ADHD which often leads to substance abuse, divorce, and other difficulties in life.

Mr. Ted Bauman And His Economic Knowledge

Mr. Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C. and has has helped connect many individuals with powerful methods that help provide people to live freer and more happier lives financially. It was Mr. Ted Bauman who had eventually resettled in South America at a young age and he eventually graduated from the beatiful university known as the Univeristy of Cape Town where he had concentrations in the areas of both economics and history. For well over twenty years, Mr. Ted Bauman kept a large number of jobs, which have served multiple groups of people who have to have financial assistance. Ted used to be a fund manager for a specific impoverished housing project and is affiliated with a organization known as Slum Dwellers International. In 2008, Mr. Bauman had returned to South America and soon became the official Director of International Programs and he had soon put his focus on quality effectiveness and sustainability. Ted Bauman has received training and economic knowledge in financial freedom. Eventually in 2013, Mr. Bauman became a editor while being a part of the Banyon Hill Publishing company. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

It was the newsletter known as “The Bauman Letter” that had offered powerful and intelligent advice on securing wealth. Ted provides smart investment help and tips with creative strategies that are meant to help subscribers. It was Mr. Ted Bauman who had created “Smart Money” that became a weekly stock trading service. Paying close attention and listening to Ted Bauman’s professional business perspectives and ideas may help others who become interested in this area of study. Ted has made a lot of money in the type of career and business he has pursued and his knowledge and expertise is growing as he works in this business more. One can see that Ted really knows his work and truly maintains economic wisdom.

Website:’s Effort to Improve the State of the World

Something many people take for granted in this day and age is the availability of online retailing. However, they were not always as prevalent as they are today. The reason for the emergence of popularity in the market can be drawn down to, quite simply, the best service available for online retailing: has proven that they can change the standards for retailers in China at large. They saw an opportunity to improve the market when they first formed, and now that they have cemented themselves into the industry, they will likely not stop until they have made all the improvements to online retailing that they possibly can. This, however, begs to question whether there even is a conceivable limit for the amount of amazing feats has accomplished; nothing in their past would suggest anything but excellence, so why would anyone expect anything less for the future? is something that many people have trouble characterizing with words. Their impact is simply so serene, loving, and generous. They have no allegiance to anyone but the human race, and watching them operate as something of saints within the business of online retailing is a joy to all who are familiar with the business. has grown into an extremely powerful company over the course of its existence, but they have kept from getting arrogant about it. Instead, they keep to themselves, mind their own business, and do the best they can to improve the current state of the world.

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About Richard Liu, Founder

Richard Liu was named CEO of, when the website was first founded in 2004. Liu, also known as Qlangdong Liu, is a key driving force behind’s explosive growth. Liu’s primary goal was to develop a successful e-commerce business that offered consumers a wide variety of quality products, delivered to them in an efficient manner.

The company’s fast delivery times – items are often delivered on the same day or the day after – as well as its strict policy towards ensuring no counterfeit or fake products make their way into the marketplace – has allowed to become a trusted source, including becoming the first internet company of Chinese origin to be named to the Fortune 500 list.

Mr. Liu studied in Beijing at the Renmin University where he received bachelor’s degree in sociology. He was named as of the “World’s Greatest Leaders” by Fortune Magazine.

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