A Fast Paced World: Glenn Schlossberg

Glenn Schlossberg is a man who knows the meaning of the term a fast-paced world. He is the CEO and founder of a widely popular company called Jump Designs. He knows that fashion trends can change in an instant and Glenn must be able to keep pace. The words fast-paced do not just refer to Glenn Schlossberg in the board room. This term also applies to him when it comes to his passion for cars. He says that he has loved cars since he was a child and now gets to play with some of the fastest cars on the planet.

Glenn  says he loves to see how cars work and had the drive to get the best cars that he can. He is a man who likes to go fast around the track and it is not a surprise to his friends that he wants to be the best. His affliction for speed came when he was young. He used to take part in motor cross races and absolutely loved it. He uses speed as on the turning points in his business as well.

Based on rocketreach.co, when it comes to a business like Jump Design he says that fast turnaround time is key to success. Glenn Schlossberg wants to make sure to deliver high-quality products at a fast rate without cutting corners. Being able to get the consumer what they want in a timely manner is everything in the fashion business.

Glenn Schlossberg says that driving fast around the track helps keep him grounded and focused. He is able to have time for himself and keep the business world in check. He goes from meetings with the board to his sales staff. He is a man constantly on the go. Racing helps him decompress especially after really busy days. This is why he loves it.

Glenn Schlossberg is a man who knows how to keep things in balance. He gives everything he has for his company but can also take time for himself. He wouldn’t have it any other way on or off the track. That is the way he likes it. for more info about Glenn visit wingsjournal.com