Aaron Lupuloff is Recognized For Outstanding Volunteer Work

During the early 90’s and through out many years , students with diverse backgrounds have been subject to the standardized testing system. As a result many students received low scores due to the test’s inability to nurture creativity, positive learning or other alternative strategies to help students toward graduation. In recent years Aaron Lupuloff has recognized that a standardized test does not apply for all students. Finding alternate solutions to the way students learn will help many students succeed. Aaron Lupuloff also knows that it takes a community to support a child.

For many years standardized testing has been the United States education strategy to help many students receive a good education. But not all students gained an education that was satisfactory to the education program. Many people today are seeking creative methods to help students with diverse backgrounds achieve academic success. In 2001, Aaron was the founding member of The Norcross High School Foundation. The school was located in the middle of two zip codes that were economically diverse.

In one area code lived an upper-class community and the other community was nearly 29 percent lower-class residents. Although wage disparity, ethnic diversity and other social issues were the breaking point of the school community. It was also the motivating factor to the high school students for graduation. Aaron Lupuloff encouraged and supported positive learning strategies to help the students succeed. In 2011, Aaron Lupuloff was inducted in to the Norcross High School Hall Of Fame for his outstanding support and his volunteer work in the community.

Based on business.com, since 2015 Aaron Lupuloff has been a new member of the Gwinnett county public schools. He is the Senior Executive Director of the very diverse school. He also supports The Camp Twin Lakes Organization. The organization provides summer camp activities to children with disabilities. The camp program also allows low-income children to attend. Scholarships are available for the after school program. The scholarships help fund 70 percent of the camps program fees.

Aaron Lupuloff Has an extensive background and insightful experience in financial management. earlier in his career Aaron Lupuloff has had 20 years working as a Senior Managing director of JP Morgan and Bear Stearns. Aaron Lupuloff still continues to make an impact through creative learning supporting many organizations and being involved with his local community. To see more about Mr. Arron visit youngupstarts.com.