Aaron Lupuloff Was Proud To Be A Part Of A Recent Awards Ceremony

Aaron Lupuloff is the Executive Director at Gwinnett County Public Schools and has a long and successful history in the area of management. His past experience includes serving as a senior management team member with Bear Stearns as well as the serving as a Managing Director with the Raymond James organization. Aaron Lupuloff has also worked for Fifth Third Street Bank Securities. He is the holder of a Business Administration degree that he obtained from his course of studies at the University of Alabama. Since 1982, Aaron Lupuloff has been involved in the financial services sector. Aaron Lupuloff is also heavily involved in a number of community service organizations and has a commitment to giving back to his community. Providing assistance to those who suffer from disabilities is one of the passions of Aaron Lupuloff. Within this area, he provides access to three different scholarship programs that support the Disability Resource Center at the University of Georgia.

In regard to his commitment to helping disabled individuals and giving back to the community, Lupuloff recently was involved in the awards ceremony for the Gwinnett County Public Schools’s Hall of Fame. This year’s ceremony included famed college football coach Nick Saban as the event’s keynote speaker. Among the honorees inducted at this event was David Saville. David as the condition of Down Syndrome, but he has never let this hold him back he has recently graduated from Clemson University. He is also the equipment manager for the Clemson University football team.

Aaron Lupuloff is well acquainted with David Saville and he has commented on the fact that David is a guy that has always worked hard to be able to accomplish the goals he has in his life. Over the years, the two have become close friends and Aaron Lupuloff considers David to be a truly inspirational story. Aaron was truly proud of seeing his friend inducted into the Hall of Fame at Gwinnett County and considers him to be a person that is truly worthy of the recognition.