Academy of Art University Helps Students Resume Their Art Education

Recently, there have been many students who have had their education put on hold. The United States Department of Education cut funding for an entire system of colleges in February of 2019. This was done due to the owners of a college system Dream Center Education Holdings, failed to reorganize when requesting receivership. When the college system closed down, there were 22 college campuses of art institutions that ceased to exist beginning in March of 2019. Since these colleges failed to convert to a non profit entity, they were automatically shut down. The Academy of Art University has offered to help the students complete their degree program. With their assistance, all students who are looking to get their degree will be able to resume their education as long as they provide records of their college credits.

Academy of Art University is a private educational arts institution located in San Francisco, California. The school offers a wide range of degree programs in the art, technology and creative fields. With these programs, students are able to complete a degree that will prepare them for a rewarding career in these fields of study. Students can complete a degree in fields such as web design, art, photography, fashion design and interior architecture.

At the Academy of Art University, students are able to experience life on a campus that is comparable to most universities. They are able to eat meals at dining halls as well as live in on campus housing. Students are also able to participate in a number of activities such as student organizations and intramural sports. With a wide range of activities and quality lodging, students are able to live a very enjoyable lifestyle when attending the university.

Whenever students attend the Academy of Art University, they will be able to complete courses in a traditional classroom setting or on the internet. With this flexibility, they will be in position to complete courses in a way that best meets their lifestyle needs. Students who attend the Academy of Art University are also able to take courses from instructors who have experience in the fields that they teach as well.