Agera Energy Focuses on Efficiency through Plan Offerings, Facebook, and Green Energy

Agera Energy has risen through the ranks of alternative energy suppliers since its formation in 2014. The company operates in states with deregulated energy markets and offers lower rates and more options to residents. Read more about Agera Energy at

Agera Energy also focuses heavily on efficiency. In fact, Agera sees power provision and efficiency as the same mandate. Its direct sellers not only set up plans but work with consumers to transform their offices and homes into energy efficient spaces.


Agera’s contractors will switch out bulbs for LEDs, hook up electronics to power strips, and even set up spaces to run off of alternative energy sources. The company offers tips, tricks, and education through its Facebook page. It does everything to make consumers aware of the energy they waste and the way they can stop it. The alternative sources the company offers are solar and wind power. Agera can replace 50 to 100% of a space’s energy using local wind farms. Visit to know more.