Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong Is Entrusted With Helming A Growing Company

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All CEOs Know that Growth Matters

Investors expect their investment to yield returns. Investors usually invest in company because they are expecting growth from a company on a regular basis. Investors expect the company to grow in specific ways. These companies may invest in their infrastructure and matter later to consumers or grow their verticals and find more success with that.

It is up to proper management executives like Richard Liu Qiangdong to understand what they have to do today while they understand how the world is changing and how it will affect the future.

Executives such as Richard Liu Qiangdong have to make certain that they don’t go the way of dinosaurs or companies such as Blockbuster who went extinct because of the lack of attention. Richard Liu Qiangdong knows that Blockbuster and other companies similar to it went extinct because companies such as Netflix came into the picture and offered customers better way to conduct consumption of the particular goo.d Interestingly, the consumption of the good didn’t change in a negative manner, it changed in a positive manner over time.

Netflix then continued to innovate and tapped into technologies that would allow consumers to consume the good in an even better fashion. They went from delivering DVD’s in the mail to allowing individuals to stream content on their laptops and on their TV’s. Netflix slowly grew their base and witnessed more investor interest as they grew their overall consumer base.

People like Richard Liu Qiangdong understand that the world is in a constant state of flux and that companies can either adapt and change for the better or they can stay the same and begin their descent into the abyss. Furthermore, this is also present in a converse manner with examples such as Facebook. When Snapchat rolled out a feature, Instagram would replicate it. When Facebook saw different features on Twitter, it would copy it and implement it into their system as well. In this manner, Facebook would demonstrate growth to investors and to users.

Richard Liu Qiangdong and his executives realize this and have moved at a consistent pace over time which has allowed them to provide their consumers with better forms of consumption over time.

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