Ashley Lightspeed Building Family Tradition

Very few facts are available concerning the early years of Ashley Lightspeed; she is known to be a middle-aged woman who grew up in the San Francisco, California area. Publicly, her date of birth remains private. As to family, her father worked professionally in architecture, and observing him in his workspace planted the interest within Ashley Lightspeed to follow similarly in principle though not profession. She recalls observing her father creating a prototype at the drafting table, and uses this similar strategy in her own work with marketing digitized media. She claims it reveals those areas that are ineffective allowing for correction.

Ashley Lightspeed holds an undergraduate degree in Communication and Visual Arts Media from Duke University. She was active in projects undertaken by the visual media arts club, and the program overall has a highly respected reputation. She later received her MBA from Stanford University. She is recognized as an authority on communications media and marketing within those industries.

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Digitized media is generally understood as computerized media or input media. It is transmitted, i.e., passed on or communicated over computerized network services. Examples of digitized media include graphics, text and audio communication.

Since 2018, Lightspeed has been a partner with Lightspeed Venture Capital, which is an investment firm aiding new start-ups. The company was created in 2000. LSVP foresees a bright future in assisting start-up companies venturing into digital media. Money is accrued in one of four ways within this sector: traditional advertising, selling experiences, shopping and subscriber-oriented. Each of these areas to LSVP requires building an ongoing service audience.

Prior to being hired by LSVP, Lightspeed was introduced to venture capital marketing at her former role with Thumbtack, which sold event services. She aided that company in creating numerous sub-specialties. She has been active throughout her academic life gaining and building experiences within the communications and marketing industries, respectively.

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