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USHEALTH Advisors Link Physical and Mental Health

It may surprise the popular majority, but the average person does a great deal of research regarding their overall physical and mental health before they make any decisions. From checking out various diets to reviewing all manner of exercise routines, lifestyle is the new hot topic.

Recently, USHEALTH Advisors has joined in several important conversations. One of the most popular talks they have engaged in is healthy eating choices. Taking a hard look at some of the food choices that derail the best diets. Not to mention asking hard questions such as the use of cheat meals or just combining a clean diet with exercise. Moreover, USHEALTH Advisors have discovered surprising facts about how an improved lifestyle also affects the brain. Learn more about USHealth Advisors at Better Business Bureau

One of the prime examples is about how getting the family together during meal preparation is good for the brain. Not only does this provide a way to encourage the family in creating healthier meals, but it provides stimulating social interactions that the brain craves. In addition to great conversation, younger family members can contribute by showing off what they learned during health class.

USHEALTH Advisors have also discovered a correlation between physical activity and mental health. There are several types of activities that can do wonders to keep the mind sharp. Regular exercise will not only increase physical health, but it can also keep the synapses in the brain sharp making it easier to retain cognitive function.

The relationship between physical and mental health can hardly be surprising. A healthier lifestyle which includes routine social interactions, physical exercise, and better food choices can lead to a fuller and happier life. While, trying to jump and make all the changes at once is not to be encouraged, taking it one step at a time can lead to benefits that last a lifetime.


Organo Gold and Reveling in Coffee

Coffee is one of the most celebrated beverages on the planet. The staff members at Organo Gold comprehend that reality all too well. That’s why they work for Organo Gold. Organo Gold has been a favorite in the coffee division since its creation in 2008. It’s been a favorite in the tea division since that year as well. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua is the unstoppable Chief Executive Officer who makes things come to fruition daily for Organo Gold. The business’ representatives regularly dazzle people with amazing coffee “recipes” of sorts. They have the ability to identify all kinds of pleasing coffee flavors.



Vijay Eswaran Secrets of Success

In 1997, Vijay Eswaran started his career in business. Asia, however, was experiencing a financial crisis, and things were tough. Most businesses in the market were struggling to survive this crisis. Vijay Eswaran wanted to try his luck and see how he could change the situation. There were thousands of professionals without jobs in the market. The Asian economy was not doing well. Many businesses and lives changed, and many families had no hope in life. His dream of being in charge of a globally recognized business was bigger than these challenges. Decades later, the executive is proud of standing with the decision he made. His business has helped the global economy to grow in many ways. Although successful regions such as America took more than a decade to recover from their financial crisis, Vijay Eswaran grew and expanded his business. The entrepreneur knows that life is very fragile. Some of the comforts people enjoy daily might disappear in a minute. Taking advantage of the situation and ignoring negative comments from family and friends helped Eswaran to establish QI Group.

While climbing the success ladder, Vijay Eswaran watched other individuals built very successful investments because of hard work and being resilient. The executive urges people to not to delay in making business decisions. According to him, it is important to risk everything you have so that you can pursue your dreams. Successful entrepreneurs do not have any form of fear. These people will risk and start investments, even in uncertain situations. These individuals are capable of carrying out their business plans when everyone around them opposes them. Family and friends are an important part of your life, but they should never dictate the path you take when chasing your career dreams. Go with your gut feeling, and you will never make mistakes. Do not, however, be overconfident.

ViSalus Is A Phenomenal Company To Promote


What Is ViSalus?

ViSalus strives to be the perfect philanthropy based company that supports empowerment and improvement in all areas of life! It functions as a powerhouse that creates opportunity and resources for those who are in need and willing.

This company has helped many entrepreneurs and driven leaders to enhance their lifestyles and financial circumstances to promote a nourishing diet. Promoters and partners of ViSalus can expect to see and witness positive results for themselves, clients, and coworkers who are dedicated and committed. Please keep reading to learn more about ViSalus and its impressive business platform.


ViSalus Products

ViSalus has a nice product selection that enables customers to learn and experience what it takes to be fit and hunger free! There are products that everyone can choose from like meals, drinks, snacks, and even supplements! There are also kits for customers who want to stay equipped with a bigger variety of Vi products that makes sticking to their diets simpler and more effective. Refer to This Page to learn more about their products and offers.

Their packages and kits incorporate products like their meals and shake mixes that taste like cake mix. Their products really rise above their competition because they contain impressive amounts of nutrients and vitamins. They contain protein, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Their products are developed to help customers reach their goals and improve energy levels.


ViSalus Community Contributions

ViSalus also functions to make a positive impact on the community. They use campaigns like their 90 days challenge to allow hard workers to accomplish goals and set a good example for others. Their overall aim is to help develop a culture were life, health, and property can meet and improve everything! They are heavily involved with organizations like the girls and boys club, and others that engage in providing healthy foods to less fortunate families and educating others about nutritional value and its importance.

Visit This Page to view their YouTube channel.


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The Many Faces of Jason Colodne

Jason Colodne could earn the title “Man of many talents”. He is known for his role as a film producer, but these days he hands his hands in finance as well. Today, Jason Colodne is also a managing partner with Colbeck Capital. He has been involved with his love of finance for many years, having worked with other investment companies.

One of the areas of interest that attracted him to Colbeck Capital was the offering for investing for distressed companies. As one of the founders, Jason Colodne is also a senior transaction partner. His ability to oversee and manage the operations is still doable despite his role as a film producer.

He currently makes it a point to oversee every detail in regards to transactions with investments. He remains focused and diligent, including watching over portfolio management and ensuring that the documentation is properly filed and finalized. Jason Colodne is without a doubt well-versed in the area of finance when it comes to distressed accounts, as well as accounts that are challenging.

His reputation became so strong that he was eventually hired on by Morgan Stanley to handle the strategic lending arm of the company. Additionally, he was trusted to manage the internal processes for investing, as well as the procedures that were involved in the lending process.

The other portion of the life of Jason Colodne is that as a film producer, he is noted amongst celebrities for his role as a film producer. He is commonly seen around town with those he has worked with in the film industry, as well as those whom he asks to stop and take a picture.

With a high net worth of more than $1 million dollars, it’s not surprising that he is involved with investment companies as well. His relationship with Bethenny Frankel was yet another opportunity for him to put into the spotlight. Upon a brief appearance on the TV show, Jason Colodne received a termination letter from the finance company that he was working with at that time. The firm felt that his appearance on the show wasn’t good for the business and reputation of the firm.

Working with Colbeck Capital has been a turnaround for Jason in his career in finance, and the firm has done exceptionally well. Together, he and the other asset managers have continued to prosper the firm in tremendous ways, making opportunities available to the middle market that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

There are many films produced by Jason Colodne that are highly regarded including “Act of Valor”, “Safe Haven”, “Out of the Furnace”, “Paranoia”, “Love the Coopers” and many more. His creativity as a film producer has lent him the stunning ability to manage finance in much the same way, “producing” financing for those who seek the alternative.

Jason Colodne is both Canadian and American, and he has spent most of his time living in New York, and traveling to areas where he is filming a movie at the time.

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Neurofeedback Therapy, Neurocore’s Alternative to Medication


Mental conditions are usually combatted with the recommended combination of therapy and medication; in some instances, individuals only take prescribed pills. Though medications can lessen the symptoms of a psychological issue, they don’t really erase the problem, and more so, unpleasant side effects are likely to come about for some after use.

Neurocore, a clinic specializing in Neurofeedback therapy, offers services to people with a wide array of mental ailments, from depression, to anxiety and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They’re also available for those who suffer from migraines, insomnia and stress. Tiffany Pojeski, the mother of an eight year old sought the help of Neurocore.

Her child had problems focusing, issues with sleep and threw tantrums. He seemed to exhibit symptoms of ADHD, though he had never been officially diagnosed. After receiving forty sessions of neurofeedback therapy, Pojeski stated her son changed for the better, becoming a happier child with less frequent bouts of frustration. Refer to This Article for more information.

The treatment is a sort of brain training where the brain’s activity is monitored while the patient does an activity; at Neurocore clinics, individuals watch a movie while hooked up to electrodes to chart brain waves, the heart rate and breathing. When the patient’s reading shows that their brain activity is unbalanced, the movie pauses. “It’s a reward system for the brain” according to Rochelle Fintelman, who is a clinical specialist at the Grandville, Michigan location.

When the movie pauses, the brain realizes it’s not in the right state and adjusts, returning to the proper balance. Denise Kookier, whose son, Landon, was a patient two years ago, said that after taking the recommended sessions, he stopped his bad habit of nail biting. The company boasts statistics that show that seventy-five percent of their cases have lowered or had totally lost the need for medication. View More Information Here.

Neurocore was founded in 2004 by former neuropsychologist Dr. Tim Royer and Helen DeVos. They have locations in Boca Raton, Florida and Livonia, Michigan. Neurocore has helped many people including professional athletes such as NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins and professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau, as well as several other athletes from the NBA and NHL.


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Dick DeVos’ Life Reveals Successes

Have you ever seen Dick DeVos on the news? He’s recently joined the FAA’s new Management Advisory Council. This new civilian council was formed to help the FAA in an advisory position only. This means that the members provide advice through experience. Members include former transportation officials and former executives of airlines. However, Dick DeVos was also nominated to the council in 2017.


For the past two years, DeVos has been working with the FAA on new plans for airport technology in the US. In his early election speeches, Trump criticized America’s airports for falling behind foreign markets. One of the main points was that technology and security had fallen behind, and many of the same conveniences at other airports were not available in America. What happened? America was the birthplace of aviation.


DeVos is a passionate aviator, and he has co-founded pilot training schools to help teach others about aviation. In addition, his background in business has merged together with airports and airlines to form a great business opportunity that helps airports expand. He used this strategy with the airport in Grand Rapids.


In the 1990s, Grand Rapids was having issues with poor economy and businesses leaving the downtown area to go to other bigger cities. However, all of Michigan at the time was in an upheaval over manufacturing plants leaving the state. DeVos began to work with business leaders in Michigan hoping to make changes to Grand Rapids and grow it into a bigger metropolis that could help itself.


DeVos started by founding a convention center, performance hall, and a sports arena in downtown near the old business district. Business leaders found that they were able to get more business after DeVos began to bring people to the area through these new attractions, especially business travelers attending conferences and conventions.


In the early 2000s, DeVos progressed this plan by talking to the CEO of the nearby Grand Rapids airport. The new airport would be called the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and it would have more destinations. This was all thanks to Dick DeVos, who worked closely with the AirTran Airways airline in the early 2000s. The airline agreed to open up new destinations to major cities where business travelers were headed to, such as Las Vegas, Orlando, St. Louis, and Denver.


DeVos is now using his knowledge of how the airline and airport industries can work together to increase ticket sales and help fund expansions into new technologies. Currently the Grand Rapids airport has millions of passengers compared to their stagnant growth throughout the 1990s.


With new plans for a GSO Tower, DeVos has advised the FAA on how to raise money just like he did for the Grand Rapids airport with the Gateway Transformation Project.


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Academy of Art University Helps Students Resume Their Art Education

Recently, there have been many students who have had their education put on hold. The United States Department of Education cut funding for an entire system of colleges in February of 2019. This was done due to the owners of a college system Dream Center Education Holdings, failed to reorganize when requesting receivership. When the college system closed down, there were 22 college campuses of art institutions that ceased to exist beginning in March of 2019. Since these colleges failed to convert to a non profit entity, they were automatically shut down. The Academy of Art University has offered to help the students complete their degree program. With their assistance, all students who are looking to get their degree will be able to resume their education as long as they provide records of their college credits.

Academy of Art University is a private educational arts institution located in San Francisco, California. The school offers a wide range of degree programs in the art, technology and creative fields. With these programs, students are able to complete a degree that will prepare them for a rewarding career in these fields of study. Students can complete a degree in fields such as web design, art, photography, fashion design and interior architecture.

At the Academy of Art University, students are able to experience life on a campus that is comparable to most universities. They are able to eat meals at dining halls as well as live in on campus housing. Students are also able to participate in a number of activities such as student organizations and intramural sports. With a wide range of activities and quality lodging, students are able to live a very enjoyable lifestyle when attending the university.

Whenever students attend the Academy of Art University, they will be able to complete courses in a traditional classroom setting or on the internet. With this flexibility, they will be in position to complete courses in a way that best meets their lifestyle needs. Students who attend the Academy of Art University are also able to take courses from instructors who have experience in the fields that they teach as well.

The Marketing Finds of Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard notes that digital and social mediums are drastically revolutionizing the way the world of world marketing. However, he warns that marketers should not ignore the dangers inherent in these admittedly very productive avenues. As long as we do not ignore these and address them head-on, yes, these options work extremely well. He says there are a couple of fundamentals that should always apply to our marketing: 1) Keeping it simple to make it memorable. Simplifying and shaving off all unnecessary fat is a lot harder than adding a lot of stuff to beef it up.

Two famous companies who have found tremendous success via simplifying their products is Disney, Apple, Peleton. Apple has mastered the art of keeping it simple in all of their marketing, while at the same time that marketing finds new ways to encourage customers to upgrade. Peleton simplified its marketing with the simple promise of bringing the “private indoor cycling studio” right into your home. 2) Lesnard says that successful marketers have the ability to bring their products to life to make them real to the lives of each customer.

He says he found the most effective ways to do this are via videos and consumer testimonies. In ways such as this, Yeti effectively established themselves as the ambassadors of outside lifestyle water coolers. Lesnard says the key to keeping your marketing real is the same as simplifying it: That is, making it memorable. To do this well, the marketer must first determine those aspects the consumer most needs to remember about the product. Steve Lesnard definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to marketing, having worked very successfully in the world of sports marketing for decades. He formed the values that have led to his great success in the earliest years of his career.

Genucel Helps Fight Against The Aging Of The Skin

Genucel is all about keeping the skin healthy and youthful-looking, and those who are aging can use the products from this brand to feel better about their skin. And, there are other ways that they can care for their skin as they age, as well. Everyone needs to think about the amount of time they are spending outside in the sunshine and how to best protect their skin when they are out there. Even if they are not older, they still need to take measures to protect their skin from the sun.

According to, many people complain about the wrinkles that they get as they age and how their skin loses the elasticity that it used to have. And, Genucel uses ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to help bring life back to the skin. Genucel by Chamonix suggests to everyone to not only use its products but also to care for their skin by drinking enough water and staying hydrating. It also suggests for people to wash their face not just once a day, but to do it twice so that they will remove all of the pollution’s from it.

Genucel by Chamonix tells people how important it is to apply SPF at the beginning of the day before their skin sees the sun. And, for those who already have sun damage on their skin or who have damage from age or anything else, the company offers great products that use plant stem cells to provide life to the skin. Genucel uses green tea leaf extract and algae extract in its products. These ingredients are antioxidants that help the skin thrive. And, a few other ingredients used by the brand include goji berry extract and vitamin E. The products are known for helping improve the look of the eyelids and more. To see more about Genucel visit,25_KE26,45.htm?jl=3295536934&sbPid=625956