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Nutrition Treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Carolyn Lammersfeld, the National Director of Nutrition at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, says that nutrition therapy helps patients undergoing treatment for cancer. Nutrition therapy is the science of diet and nutrition used to manage disease. Watch this video about CTCA on Youtube.

At Cancer Treatment Centers of American they access the patient’s nutritional status to determine the best diet for the patient. Often therapy involves taking supplements, eating specific foods, and sometimes tube feeding. Good nutrition heals the body, maintain muscles mass, energy, and overall well being.

They use nutrition therapy to manage the side effect of cancer treatments. Cancer treatments sometimes affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients properly. Over, 20 to 40 percent of patients with cancer suffer from malnutrition.

Every patient at Cancer Treatment Centers of America can meet with a registered dietitian. They will give them a nutritional assessment to determine daily calories, and protein needed. Many of the foods they recommend help the patients with the side effects of cancer treatment. Food help with digestion, nausea, constipation, and diarrrhea. View CTCA’s profile on Yelp.

Carolyn says they recommend 20 to 30 grams of protein at each meal. This is lean fish, meats, poultry, eggs, beans, and dairy products. Omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts, flax seed, tuna and salmon help patients with digestion and gaining weight.

Nutrition therapy is an important part of treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. All patients should take advantage of it said Carolyn Lammersfeld.


Vinod Gupta, Everest CEO on success.

“Take many risks, but be conservative in spending funding. That’s the advice that I would not only give to myself, but to today’s budding entrepreneurs.” Vinod Gupta.

Vinod Gupta is an exemplary success story. Born in India in 1946 he turned a $100 bank loan into a 680 million dollar company. Seeing a void in the B2B information space Gupta founded the list-compiling company InfoUSA.

In his role as the CEO of InfoUSA, which morphed into InfoGROUP, Gupta acquired other companies and created a juggernaut in the industry. Currently, Gupta’s investment firm Everest Group, provides venture capital to struggling entities and database startups using technology to maximize efficiency.

Ten keys to Gupta’s success:
1. Spend more time on planning and company longevity than day to day operations.
2. Market testing is critical. Any idea needs an audience.
3. On emerging technology:
The growth of AI and it’s use for managing databases will redefining data mining.
4. One habit for successful entrepreneurs?
Find ways to solve problems and leverage the productivity and longevity of
solutions already extant.
5. Always be doing cost-benefit analysis to keep track of investments.

6. Take advantage of new and existing technology.

7. Everybody makes mistakes, be sure to learn from yours.

8. One idea for a new business?
Automobile or driving simulators? Imagine the savings on instruction and
improvements in testing.
8. Read newspapers, stay informed.

9. Read “Managing” by Ed Geneen.

10. Favorite quote: ( from book above )
“take focus on the business, and if you are a businessman, don’t try to be a social activist”.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez impressive career life

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a professional who commands respect in the society. Venezuela born executive believes in innovation and adaptation, and he is always looking for excellent ways of improving lives. The famous professional is a graduate of the prestigious Massachusetts University. Alejandro studied business administration and economics, two subjects that help him in his business journey. His great grandfather served as the president of Venezuela for a short time, giving the family a lot of fame. When he started working in the corporate section, the wealthy professional chose to specialize in the oil industry. In a short time, the tycoon began to advance in his career.

Alejandro discovered the use of technology to expand the oil industry and earn more profits. The energy department is popular because of its profits. The entrepreneur knew that he was going to make things better by making the right technology advancements. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez did so well in energy, and this is why he began his journey to diversification. Today, the serial entrepreneur has invested so much in finance and retail. His organization has done so well, and it gives employment opportunities to many people. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez success comes because of the unique approach he uses in almost all his investments. The businessman loves to try out new business models. Innovation, according to the guru, is the best way of attaining success in the competitive market. Alejandro is among the few professionals who use technology in most of their business operations.

With many businesses all over the world, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez realized that it was impossible to get the right profits without a good business plan. Even in the developing world, the finance professional has set up investments that are using the latest technology, earning him billions in profits. Communication remains a vital tool in the career of the business leader. The people working in junior positions can communicate effectively with the top management about any challenges faced at work. Having the right communication platforms has helped the global entrepreneur to lead a successful career life. Despite the challenges in the market, the entrepreneur is among the best in the world.

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Peter Harris: A Pioneer in the Insurance Industry

In 2017, CBL sold 20 million shares valued at $65 million. The shares represent 8.5% of the company’s issued capital. The sell was made to boost share market liquidity. The shares were sold for AU$3.00 per share. This is an 11% discount from the previous price of AU$3.35. CBL’s managing director at the time, Peter Harris, sold five million shares; the senior management sold 9.6 million, and deputy chairman Alistair Hutchinson sold 5.5 million shares. The shares were sold to a variety of Australian and New Zealand investors. CBL was founded in 2012 and specializes in reinsurance services. The companies services include brokerage services, property deposits, underwriting, rental guarantee bonds, and income protection. CBL provides its services to customers across the globe. The company had its headquarters in New Zealand and had approximately 550 employees.                          ;

Peter Harris received his master’s degree from the University of Auckland Business School. He started with CBL in 2007. Peter was instrumental in the success of CBL. He is also a board member of 25 other companies, The New Zealand Institute of Management, and the Australian Graduate School of Management. Prior to joining CBL, Mr. Harris served as a director for a number of companies to include Special Risks Insurance Brokers Ltd., Sunshine Nominees Ltd., South British Nominees Ltd., Dominion 114 Ltd., Alliance Investments Ltd., Eurasia Investments Ltd., South British Capital Ltd., General Capital and Commerce Ltd., Boston Marks International Ltd., Deposit Power Ltd., PFP Singapore Pte Ltd., Altares Ltd., and Claims Administration Bureau Ltd.

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Toyo Setal: Maintaining Reliable Sustainability

Toyo Setal is a highly advanced Brazilian company which specializes in the vast world of construction services. They effectively deploy industrial enterprises to engage in complex projects throughout the world. These tasks can encompass infrastructure and energy, fertilizers, steelworks, mining, chemistry and many more. Toyo Setal has distinguished itself in the business world by being on the front lines of environmental sustainability. Maintaining the social responsibility to take these environmental factors into account is one of their main goals even before they start a project. They are engaging their communities with genuine care and are nurturing the businesses served with fantastic results.

Having a consistent model of sustainability is paramount to their success as a whole, but there are many tools they implement to help them along the way. One of the main aspects of Toyo Setal is their distinguished cutting edge software which is constantly updated to suit the needs of the modern world. This technology gives them accurate data on how to further enhance the customer experience and overall project integrity. When it comes down to meeting deadlines in their sustainability model, Toyo Setal takes pride in always meeting expectations and beyond.

You will always know exactly when the project will be completed with a guarantee that the quality will be consistent over time. This is one of the great secrets to reliable sustainability. Toyo Setal does good work on a daily basis, and they don’t cut corners when implementing their business plans. Every detail is handled at the top ranks and collaborative teamwork is utilized to ensure that the experience is optimal for all situations. They understand that no given project is the same and people have very different needs.

High-performance results on a consistent basis are what keeps customers coming back for more thereby enhancing the already healthy sustainable model. Putting good in means getting good out of whatever they choose to accomplish. Safety is also a main concern for them which enhances their capacity for undertaking more difficult projects. They are highly concerned about the health and well-being of all when doing particularly dangerous tasks.

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Getting Back Your Routine After an Eventful Summer Break With Prevagen

 Prevagen is a Dietary supplement that is made for enhancing the part of your brain function that is made for remembering. There is an active ingredient called Apoaequorin which is safe and helps slight memory lost due to age. This supplement is available in many stores and upon use you will see a difference within the first ninety days.

This product became available in 2007 and has gained its popularity due to the effectiveness within its users. There are many helpful tips that are associated with making a better routine after the summer ends. Prevagen wants to help others understand exactly what it takes to take proper care of brain functions in order to live an easy life full of memories.

When looking to get back into a good routine after the summer it is best to make a schedule. It is important to make sure that you are able to get a full night’s sleep.

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Sleeping 7-8 hours a night ensures that you will get a full nights sleep and wake up refreshed.

If you have used the summer to wake sleep and wake later than usual make sure to move your bedtime and wake time up so that you are able to function the whole day. Do not rush the process and move slowly with the process in order for the schedule to work effectively.

Another thing is to get a good fitness routine going. If you have let your fitness routine go it is best to pick it back up and stick to it. It is perfectly fine to start with a brisk walk and add to your routine once you get comfortable. This will help to boost your brain health and help you with your energy level while you get back into routine.

Before the week begins, you should think of all the things that will need to be done for the upcoming week. You should make goals and mark dates on all important appointments in order to put together a good schedule for the week.

This will help you to stay organized and not forget any set goals or appointments. Do not overwork yourself in the first few weeks of getting back on track.

Keep your schedule simple and make sure to set aside free time so that you are not overworked as you become adjusted to your new routine.

Lastly, It is very important for you to relax whenever you can. Do not overwork yourself and gradually increase your activities. Being too stressed will cause routine failure and will make you discouraged in continuing your routine. If you find yourself getting off of schedule, it is best to make sure to stay calm and relaxed.

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Do not be too hard on yourself and understand that you can start again. If you find yourself overworked you should re-evaluate your schedule and lessen your load so that it is easier to keep track of your goals and help to keep track of your daily and weekly routine.

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Moving Forward With Darien Dash

Darien Dash has accomplished a lot of things throughout his career. Looking back now there is nothing that he would really change, but he does have some advice for himself at a younger age. His advice is stay grounded. Even if your business is growing and you can see the sky it is important to know that you always have to go back to the place that you started from and that place is the ground.

As an entrepreneur Darien Dash has learned a lot of different things. He has gone through such a learning experience that now he hopes he can help others who are wanting to follow in his footsteps. He wants those getting into the entrepreneur field to know that the most important thing that you can do when growing your business is pay strong attention to where your money is coming from and where it is going to. Never lose sight of your finances. To know more about Darien visit

Another important lesson that Dash has learned as he has gone through his journey of becoming an entrepreneur is that you should always put the customer first. No matter what you do during the day your business is not going to be successful unless your customers are happy so always put them first and know that the customer is always right.

Going through the entrepreneur process has been such a great learning experience for Darien Dash. It has been exciting, fun, frustrating, and so many other emotions rolled into one. Now that he has gone through all of the steps and became successful at his job as entrepreneur he hopes that he can give back to others and help them learn to be successful in the job of an entrepreneur as well. He has a long career left ahead of him in his life and he cannot wait to see just how far he will go.

OSI Food Solutions Buys Another Big Factory

OSI Food Solutions Buys Another Big Factory

OSI Food Solutions, one of the largest privately held food production companies in the world, recently purchased an old Tyson Foods plant. The plant was still operational at the time of the sale, and employees were still working there when OSI took over.

According to a Tyson Foods spokesperson, 250 people were still working at the factory on the last day of production. When Tyson announced it would be closing that factory, 480 people worked there. OSI could not confirm or deny how people were still working there, as it is company policy not to disclose sensitive information about its products or its customers. View Brunner to see the OSI Food Solutions projects.

While the sensitive details of the factory are still mysterious, how much OSI purchased the building for is not. According to records, OSI Food Solutions spent $7.4 million on the factory, suggesting the company has plans for the Chicago-based facility.

Tyson executives announced the closing of the factory in November, explaining that the factory would be closing by the end of the next year. They explained that the factory had reached its limit for meeting consumer demands. The company had two more Chicago facilities that would remain in operation, so letting the least productive seemed only right.

To everyone’s surprise, OSI Food Solutions decided to purchase the closing factory before it officially closed. While OSI refused to say how many employees remained that last day, Tyson Foods spokesperson Caroline Ahn says many of them received offers to work with OSI Food Solutions after the transition.

OSI has always been cryptic when it comes to plans for the future, but a spokesperson did confirm that the company purchased the former Tyson Foods facility because it’s near other OSI facilities. OSI is a global brand which is always looking for ways to expand and grow.

Owning multiple production facilities near the head offices in Aurora, IL allows OSI to adapt and act quickly as customer needs evolve. This new facility will go along way to broadening OSI manufacturing network. Source:

Bhanu Choudhrie On Keeping Your Mind Fresh

Bhanu Choudhrie is the type of person who is extremely talented when it comes to reading others. This is a talent he is proud of, but he is also aware that it is one that needs to be honed and controlled over the course of his life. This power is one that he realizes could easily be taken advantage of if it were to fall in the wrong hands, and quite frankly, Bhanu Choudhrie believes this is the primary reason corrupt individuals are able to get their positions in the first place.

Corruption is the type of thing he wants to avoid at all costs, and although he will never be able to stay out of its way entirely, he knows that he is capable of perfect his own character and the way he interacts with the world. It is this inspiration that allows him to move forward on a daily basis, and this inspiration empowers him to put his best work into investment deals that are coming up.

Looking forward to the future is, to him, one of the key components of successfully maintaining a business. If you are not the type of person who sees opportunities everywhere you go, Bhanu Choudhrie does not believe that the business industry is right for you. His beliefs are simply centered around his experiences; those who are unacquainted with the desires of the public and how best to utilize them would likely find a better home elsewhere. Personally, he has found that the community behind investment is one that is capable of lifting people up from the lowest points in their lives.

He has experienced numerous individuals turn their hardships around through their devotion to the investment industry, and Bhanu Choudhrie considers himself lucky that he is able to work in a feel that fills him with so much passion. At the end of the day, he knows that the level of passion you have remaining for your career will carry on to the next, and he wants to make sure that his own resolve does not shrink in the slightest even as he approaches his older years.

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How Chia Seeds Can Fit Into Your Diet

On its blog, USHEALTH Group explored the health benefits of chia seeds. Currently, there is a whole aisle of nuts and seeds located inside most health food stores. These are stored in self-serve bins with a scoop and bags attached. There are many health benefits to nuts and seeds.

Chia seeds can be eaten in several ways. They can be sprinkled on yogurt or smoothies, made into a chia pudding recipe, or baked into muffins and bread. While they are tiny seeds, they back a powerful nutritional profile. There are a few caveats to take into consideration, though.

Chia seeds have been eaten by people in Central and South America for thousands of years, including by the Mayan and Aztec people. They come from a plant that grows in the desert, Salvia Hispanica. They were eaten because they give people energy. They were used in many recipes and, as such, are considered to be one of the ancient people’s staples. Learn More about UShealth Group at

They didn’t receive much attention in the United States until the 1990s when Chia Pets were introduced. Chia seeds are soaked in water which results in a thick gel. You smear this gel on a terracotta figure and a thick green growth of chia results which looks like hair.

Chia seeds have a high amount of protein. While they contain many vitamins and minerals, what stands out is how antioxidant-rich they are. This property keeps chia seeds from going bad and also gets rid of free radicals from the body. They are hardy seeds which means they are great for taking on the go.

Studies have been conducted to determine if chia seeds are heart-healthy. The results have been inconclusive but there is evidence that shows they can have a positive effect on blood pressure. They might also reduce triglycerides and help with cardiovascular health.

Another health benefit is that they help people stay full which is especially beneficial for people trying to lose weight. They have more fiber than carbs and, since they become a gel when exposed to water, fill up the stomach which helps people stay full longer.

That they turn into a gel is the one thing to be concerned about when eating chia seeds. When you eat dry chia seeds, if you then drink a glass of water any of the seeds in your throat will absorb the water and expand. This can result in choking and possibly a need to call 911.

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