Barbara Stokes: A Disaster Relief Contractor

Green Structured Homes is based out of Huntsville, Alabama. It is a woman owned small business which deals with disaster relief. The modular homes they construct are built of high quality material which are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Barbara Stokes is the chief executive officer of Green Structured Homes of Alabama. Read this article at

Both Barbara Stokes and Green Structured Homes of Alabama enjoy donating material as often as they are able to. They have donated high quality materials to Habitat for Humanity many times. Habitat for Humanity does excellent work helping people and communities. The mission of Habitat is why Barbara Stokes and Green Structured Homes are proud to support them in any way possible. By helping Habitat, Green Structured Homes and Barbara Stokes both hope it inspires others to volunteer and give their generosity whenever they are able to the community they live in.


Barbara Stokes realized the need for homes after a disaster. In 2008 she established the Green Structured Homes contracting business with her husband Scott. They secured contracts, both government and private ones, and had an excellent reputation in the contracting business world. Their company became a disaster relief construction contractor in 2012. They knew people needed a place to live after a disaster. Read this article at