Carsten Thiel Wants To Impact Lives Through New Medicines And Advanced Biotechnology

Carsten Thiel is widely considered a visionary in the biotechnology industry today, and he has played significant roles at various biotech companies over the years, including EUSA Pharma and Alexion Pharmaceuticals. His expertise and leadership at said companies have helped bring several major medical products to the public as well, such as Vectibix, Neulasta, Prolia, and Strensiq.

While growing up in Berlin, Carsten Thiel was especially in tune with his academics and always put his studies first. He quickly went to college after his primary education and earned a degree in chemistry in Marburg, followed by organic chemistry from the University of Bristol. His major focus was on biochemistry, and after graduation from Bristol, Carstel Thiel went on to earn his Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from the prestigious Max Planck Institute.

Coming into his professional career, Carsten found a place at Hoffman La-Roche, one of the worlds leading biotech firms. Carsten was quickly appointed to a management position for communication and product development. His advanced degrees in biochemistry took him far as well, earning him many promotions within the company. Before long, Carsten Thiel took up a leadership position at Hoffman, which started the executive course of his career. At this point, Carsten’s reputation was huge in the biotech industry and many companies were looking for his expertise.

Carsten Thiel was able to get into product development at his first company, where he was given the ability to spearhead the launch of a new weight loss product known as Xenical. Carsten’s strategic release and expert marketing turned Xenical into one of the company’s most successful selling products to date.

One of the primary reasons for Carsten’s involvement in the biotech industry is to create a better medical environment for professionals and patients. Carsten is highly concerned with medical ethics, which he believes is the only way to bring in steady new growth and long lasting results for the improvement of the industry on behalf of patients, employees, and employers.

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