End Citizens United recently announced that they will be supporting Democratic candidate Doug Jones as he runs for the US Senate. Jones is running in the Alabama special election against Ray Moore. The ECU sees Moore as a flawed candidate, arguing that his racist motives will keep a corrupt system in Washington as status quo. The ECU feels that Moore would only be interested in serving special interest groups instead of the citizens.

The President of End Citizens United, Tiffany Mueller, believes that Moore’s values are different from America’s. A former US attorney, Jones is excited to work with End Citizens United. ECU feels that Jones has the ability to change the broken government system that places a higher emphasis on the wealthiest members of society.

ECU believes that Moore’s campaign is being endorsed by hate groups and other prejudice based organizations. Moore will use his senate seat to give these hate groups the power to make changes. ECU has alleged that Moore strives to repeal the Johnson Amendment and the right for same sex couples to get married. ECU is convinced that Jones will support the interest of the citizens whose opinions have been neglected. Jones and Moore are running in a special election to fill the vacated seat of Jeff Sessions, who was hired as the new US Attorney General.

About ECU

End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee that strives to fight against the effects of Citizens United. Citizens United helped establish that corporations are people and they have the ability to influence elections through their large incomes. End Citizens United is a symbol of the grassroots communities fighting back against billionaires who will try to basically buy elections. End Citizens United wants dialogue about the current political system, and will try to influence change by partnering with campaign finance reform candidates. EDU primarily supports democrats, as they are leading the fight against Citizens United. You can learn more about End Citizens United through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Featured Endorsed Candidates

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has consistently advocated for full transparency. Warren has also proposed laws that require public corporations to reveal their political spending habits. Warren has used her career to protect people from big bank fraud.

Elijah Cummings

Cummings is a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Cummings has publicity supported financial regulatory reform.

Sherrod Brown

Brown has led the fight against Wall Street during the housing and health care crisis. Brown is a co-sponsor of the Democracy is strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Election.