Ashley Lightspeed has achieved a lot a very young age. Business prototyping had played a significant role in the success of her career. Ashley has used business prototyping throughout her career. As a young girl, Ashley was interested in creating new concepts and designs. She spent most of her time with her dad watching him sketch buildings and come up with new plans for constructions. Ashley always wanted to become an architect when she grew up, but her interests later changed to business. Ashley, therefore, decided to pursue acting as a career. Ashley is at the head of making business advancements for the future. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at

Ashley Lightspeed has worked with a variety of companies over the years. Ashley kick-started her career with a job at Bain and Company. She had just graduated from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree. Ashely’s role at Bain and Company helped gain more experience in business and understand the business world better. Ashley learnt that despite skills and expertise been essential in business development, financial modelling is also vital. Ashley also worked as a category manager at Thumbtack before deciding to further her studies.

Thumbtack is currently an important online event planner institution all thanks to Ashley.Ashley graduated from Stanford Business School and joined Lightspeed. Ashley’s principal role at the institution is to assist upcoming companies in their development strategy and help them get through significant setbacks in business. Ashley Lightspeed is among the board members of Lightspeed Venture. Her position allows her to develop business concepts and create standard and quality goods for the firm.

Through Ashley, the firm is currently the most ethnic ventures capital. Ashley has advocated for the employment of more female employees since she believes they can be beneficial in the finance sector. Ashley has used prototyping for quite some time and believes that the future of business can be advanced through the concept.

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