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EOS Lip Balm Review – Good for the Environment and Your Lips

Having chapped, dry lips is something that most people experience occasionally, especially during those harsh winter months. Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has created a lip balm that will help to alleviate these bothersome and sometimes painful conditions. These balms come in small, unique plastic spheres that come in various bright colors. You can choose from yellow, blue, yellow or aqua. They now also have them in a bit fancier packing including sheer pink, opal aura tint, and dazzling ruby tint. Besides being colorful, they are small enough to easily fit in your pocket.

Try Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm

The lip balms are 100% natural and 95% organic. They include natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. The antidoxidant-rich vitamin E provides SPF protection against harmful sun rays. Along with beeswax and sunflower seed oil, the vitamin E also works as a moisturizer and lock in moisture. Aloe and chamomile can provide cooling and healing properties. The balms are chemical and paraben-free including petroleum. They have a pleasant scent and taste and they come in seven different flavors. Some of these include lemon drop, sweet mint, and summer fruit. They are a must if you care about the feel and appearance of your lips. At their reasonable price, you can keep several around, trying all of their varied flavors.

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EOS Lip Balm Review: Strawberry Sorbet

EOS lip balm is the brand of choice when it comes to lip balms. This particular brand has taken over the top spot for the world’s leader in lip balm products. Flavor after flavor can be found from this brand, and its strawberry sorbet flavor is no exception to the rule. This extraordinary flavor is a fan-favorite thanks to its lightly scented smell. On the other hand, strawberry sorbet provides your lips with a full-dose of goodness gracious. This means that your lips will be enveloped with a myriad of moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients will do a phenomenal job of healing sore, chapped lips.

Of course, EOS lip balm utilizes distinct packaging to market its products. The product itself comes in an egg-like shape, which is completely different from anything else that’s on the market. All it takes is a twist of the top, and you’re all set. EOS’s Strawberry Sorbet lip balm is at least 95 percent organic. Some of the actual ingredients that can be found here includes jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E and antioxidants. What more could you ever ask for in a lip balm? In addition to that, EOS lip balm just so happens to be paraben-free as well as sulfate-free.

2016 Female Entrepreneur Of The Year Empowers Her Users

Doe Deere, is proud to give her customers a great cosmetic line that offers intricate colors and dares her wearers to be brave. Deere is a marketing specialist and technology expert with a unconventional way of thinking about colors. Her customers have been able to use a cruelty-free product that is safe for all skin types. In fact, her Lime Crime products are LEAP Bunny approved and offer her customers a one of a kind super-foil base that is also waterproof. Deere insists that her customers be completely unapologetic about their color options with shades that are unmatched by their competitors.


Deere admits that she has had a significant amount of naysayer’s and strives to get a certification to be able to successfully perfect her craft. She later joined designed school in New York and received her certification. Shortly after, Lime Crime was born. She encourages girls and guys around the world to find out what they’re good at and perfect their talent to become successful and be a source of empowerment for someone else. She offers bold colors that are unique to the Lime Crime brand including Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. Her cosmetics have been very popular among young adults, entertainers, and celebrities. LC helps you stand out in all of your selfies.


Deere has also extended her color trend to a brand of hair dye and lipstick shades. You have the option of becoming a part of the significant Scandal lipstick line that offers an amazing purple and violet hue that is very popular among her 2.4 million Instagram colors. You get a unique color that is complimentary to any hairstyle, outfit, or mood. Her Unicorn hair dye collection has over thirteen colors to choose from with the option of one full application or two retouches. They offer their customers bleach free ammonia free products that come in a 700 ml full jar.


Learn how to mix and match their products from their YouTube channel. Their are thousands of women around the world that give their testimonials through their free access tutorials. They give you remarkable ways to wear their intricate colors and more. You can also purchase products from her sister company Dolls Kill, for great clothing items, accessories, and shoes. Doe Deere offers her users great makeup options that allow you to make a bold statement with your cosmetics.

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Doe Deere – article recap

Young entrepreneurs look for a role model to study, hoping that the role model selected will reveal their secret to success. Generally, it was through the traditional methods of education, internship, and ultimately starting their own career. However, Doe Deere revealed that her key to success was a bit different than the conventional way. The Russian born CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics reveals that she was simply presented with the opportunity to pursue her dreams. Doe Deere thinks that just about anyone reading her story will gain the confidence that they might require to pursue their own dreams.


The Beginning

Many Doe Deere fans would like to know more about the successful CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere believes that it is time for her to reveal a little bit more about her background and unconventional road to success in America. It all began with a little girl from Russia that had big dreams. She wanted to come to America and play music in a rock band. Fortunately, Doe Deere followed that dream and pursued that dream in New York City. She lived in New York for several years and met her husband during that period. Today, her husband is also her business partner and they manage Lime Crime together.


On Success

Doe Deere revealed that the advice that she would like to share with young women is to believe in yourself and your dreams. She sincerely believes that every person in the world has a very unique quality that they should share with the world. Obviously, it is important to be aware of that unique quality. Often, it takes time to really understand that unique quality and find a way to share it with the world. Doe Deere also reveals that she always felt like she was alone and different in the way that she looked at the world. She learned that there were other people that felt exactly the same way. That was the reason that Lime Crime gained such quick success.


Lime Crime Freedom

Doe Deere equates Lime Crime with the freedom to be yourself. She strongly believes that women are attracted to the bold colors because it gives them freedom of expression. In fact, women express themselves in the way they dress, in the way they style their hair, and in the way that they wear makeup. Lime Crime is here to stay and Deere is busy creating more expressive colors for her little unicorn followers.


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Makeup Visionary, Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a beautiful and talented makeup artist that is well known by her Instagram followers for her bright hair and immaculate makeup. This Russian-born young woman made the move to New York at the tender age of 17. There she thrived in the world of fashion at FIT where she majored in fashion design. She has maintained the idea that the clothes and makeup we wear, along with the way we color or style our hair, is the way we express ourselves. It is no surprise that she is now not only a successful makeup artist, but also founder of her own makeup line, Lime Crime.

From a young age, Doe Deere was a trendsetter and entrepreneur. At 13 she started her first gig; selling temporary tattoos. This significant part of her life taught her that even though temporary tattoos weren’t popular, and people weren’t as understanding or accepting of them, she liked them, so there was no reason for her not to wear them. When she started Lime Crime, in 2008, it was hard to find makeup companies that sold bright and unusual colors like the ones she loved to show off. The trend at the time was light, natural colors. But that didn’t stop Doe Deere from making her own hues and selling them. Her makeup line was successful BECAUSE it wasn’t a trend. YET!

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While living in New York, between 1998-2012, she was a member of a band. Along with meeting her husband in that band, she also admits that during this time is when she learned about collaboration and branding a product or service. Learning how to collaborate as a group has been essential. She now is actively involved in the lab, developing and designing new products as well as having meetings with her Creative Director, among many more that are part of team Lime Crime.

What does Doe Deere say to the next generation entrepreneurs? “…the best advice that I can give is to follow your heart because I believe that every person has something special about them – some kind of unique skill or quality that only they have in the world.” Go out and make your mark. Never stop doing what you love just because others don’t understand it. What’s important is being happy in your body, and expressing yourself through it.

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