Fagali’i Airport is a small airport that serves people in Samoa. It is located in the city of Apia which has a population of around 1,700 people. It’s a popular tourist attraction because of the beautiful scenery and beaches as well as the year around fantastic weather. It is also an affordable destination as the hotels and attractions are relatively inexpensive. The Fagali’i Airport has daily flights Pago Pago, American Samoa. Its airport code is FGI.

The Fagali’i Airport is owned and operated by Polynesian Airlines. The flight from Fagali’i Airport to Pago Pago takes just 35 minutes. Fagali’i Airport is an airport that only small planes can land at while at Pago Pago large international planes have room to land. The runway at Fagali’i Airport is 2,198 feet in length and is surfaced with asphalt. Up until 2002 it had just been a grass-only airstrip.

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There are several hotels near the Fagali’i Airport According to dohop.com. A very nice one is the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel which can be booked for just $118 a night. Another nice hotel is the Taumeasina Island Resort which is $164 a night. There are also really inexpensive hotels near the Fagali’i Airport. The Insel Fehmarn Hotel, for example, is just $53 a night. There’s even a Dave Parker Eco Lodge which runs $23 a night.

There are several attractions near the Fagali’i Airport for tourists on the island to do as well. One of the most popular is attending Fiafi Night which is a concert that includes dinner as well. According to books.google.com for cultural events there’s also the Samoa Cultural Village which gives people a very good insight into traditional Samoan culture.

For those who want more adventure there is a fantastic opportunity to dive and snorkel near the Fagali’i Airport. Samoa Dive & Snorkel is just 1.8 miles from the island and you will see exotic fish and other underwater sites. For those looking to show there’s a retail store called Old Apia Market just 2.5 miles from Fagali’i Airport. This places features traditional Samoan clothing and accessories.

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