Academy of Art University Has More Than Just A Studio To Offer Its Students

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. There are almost 14,000 students from various countries attending the college. Students attending the college have the ability to choose from several areas of study as well as the ability to earn a variety of degrees from an Associates of Art to a Master of Architecture.

The University recently attracted attention when one of its film students made a video in regards to his daily life at the Academy. He started his day around 9AM and filmed throughout the entirety of his day. This student allowed other students as well as prospective students the chance to look into the daily life of a college student. He also allowed others the chance to view the Commodore Dormitory, which was originally built in 1928 to offer merchant seaman a chance to sleep or relax. However, this is merely one of 15 facilities that the University offers for student housing.

His film allowed prospective students to see just how the public transport system in downtown San Francisco works. With just the flash of his student identification, he was free to travel to any of the campus locations at no cost. He also shared his love for the University as well as the excitement the city has to offer. He made his film in hopes that other students would have the chance to choose a school that is right for them before deciding on a final choice. According to the student who made the video, he is completely satisfied with his choice of school, and he truly appreciates the uniqueness that the school has to offer.

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Brown Modeling Agency: Central Texas’ Crown Jewel

The state of Texas is known for many fine features such as having a relaxed sense of style and having a picturesque landscape. Some of the most affluent cities in America can be found here like Dallas and Houston. What do you know about the city of Austin, Texas? Well, Austin is the state capital, and it’s the home to one of the modeling industry’s top modeling agencies. Brown Modeling Agency is its name and providing top-of-the-line talent is its game. This full-service agency is a conglomerate of Heyman Talent South and Wilhelmina Austin. Yes, this is correct and Brown Modeling Agency is loaded with top-tier talent.


Founded by Justin Brown in 2010, this agency has dramatically shot to the top of its class. Thanks to its growth in talent, Brown Agency can now compete with much larger agencies in the bigger cities of Los Angeles, New York and Paris. Having standards is one thing, but having big market standards is another. Brown Modeling Agency has broken the mold in a sense because it’s not located in one of the larger metropolitan areas. On the other hand, it dominates the mid-level modeling industry. “We are only as good as our talent,” said Justin Brown. This phenomenal guy has used his experience as a model and has parlayed it into a full-fledged business. The Reno-native grew-up mostly in California, but once he moved to Central Texas, he fell in love with its wonderful vibe.


As of today, Justin is running a successful modeling agency. He has a full-time staff that provides a wide range of services. Justin used to work as a model years ago, and he earned a pretty good living from doing so. He did so well at modeling to where it he used his earnings for funding his college tuition. After his stint in college, he returned to the industry by working from behind the cameras. By working in the placement/development department, Justin got a chance to train the models. To this very day, Brown has used his education and has used his modeling experience to operate Brown Modeling Agency. Only time will tell just how far this company will go in the years to come. You can check out their instagram account for more info.



Brown Modeling Agency: Pursuit To Greatness

Whenever you think of professional modeling agencies, which cities tend to come to mind? You probably thought of the major cities such as New York, Paris, Milan or Los Angeles. Did you know that Austin, Texas, is home to one of the most popular up-and-coming agencies? That’s right! This agency just so happens to be known as Brown Modeling Agency, and it has created a nice buzz for itself in recent years. Brown Modeling Agency is an actual conglomerate of two major modeling agencies. This conglomerate is made-up of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent South. As of today, there are well-over 400 talented individuals that call this place home.


Brown Modeling Agency has been on fire lately. Many members of this exclusive agency has graced the prominent stages at New York Fashion Week, at Miami Swim Week and at Austin Fashion Week. Thanks to its ability to conduct good business, the agency has made other business connections to the city of L.A. Networking is a crucial component in most fields of work. By creating relationships with other companies/people, it can help to open the door for much more business in the future. Founder Justin Brown has done an amazing job with this company. He has helped to combine Heyman Talent South with Wilhelmina Austin. These two talent agencies already possessed a rather large fan-base. As of today, the two companies have manifested into Brown Modeling Agency, and it has plenty of full-service appeal. Brown Modeling Agency is a combination of models and talented individuals. By having such a brilliant mix of people to work with, many new doors have been opened.


This agency is very progressive in its actions, and its very progressive in its thinking. Louis Vuitton, Landshark Beer, TNT, Bing, Bright House, Dell, L’Oréal, Dodge and other brands have all worked closely with this exclusive talent-base. What more can you ever ask for? Justin Brown has taken this agency straight to the top of the ranks and in the shortest period of time. All in all, Brown Modeling Agency is leading by example, and it’s changing the status quo in the world of professional modeling. You can check out their website