Patty Rocklage is a licensed and experienced psychotherapist whose office is based in Massachusetts. She has an innate ability to connect with every client who seeks her counseling services genuinely. She has helped hundreds of couples mend or understand their relationships and marriages.

Patty also works with individual clients with any trouble and dissects their emotional and mental issues with them in a real, understandable and procedural process that always leaves them better than they arrived. Patients who begin working with her have an easy time settling into the healing process due to her soft demeanor and her keenness to body language that helps her tailor the best way to address each person.

Patty not only delivers impeccable advice, her intuition and maternal nature play a key role in keeping her marriage and family solid. Patty is married to the science expert, Scott Rocklage, and their unbreakable bond is evident in their public involvements within their community. Patty and Scott own a home in Massachusetts which they have groomed beautifully with the input of professional home designers.

Patty and her husband approached the Sudbury companies initially to renovate their kitchen which seemed disconnected to their two living rooms. What started out small became an amazing home renovation project that addressed more than the kitchen area. The Sudbury team led by Ed shifted the front door’s location to make it more visible to visitors who would often miss it and circle to the back side or the porch.

They also redid the kitchen, baths and a number of rooms, leaving the Rocklages with a luxurious modern home. Patty and Scott commented that the Sudbury team was the best bargain for anyone looking for home design services.

Patty is actively involved in the community’s farewell and has several active philanthropic acts within and without Massachusetts. She runs a sponsorship program that helps girls from Africa, particularly in Sudan, to earn US citizenship, pursue quality education and settle into decent jobs.

She visited her husband’s alumni university where they both gave out a generous amount to help in finalizing construction of the laboratories. Patty is a holistic woman who plays a major part on holding her community and family together in unimaginable ways.

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