Back in 2010, there was a Supreme Court decision that literally rocked the foundation of the financial components of political campaigning. Thorough article, “End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” talks about this decision in great depth. You see, the decision for Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission was a landmark decision that has implications ranking on the same level as many other important decisions such as Roe V. Wade and Brown V Board of Education. It seems that in 2008, an ultraconservative group called Citizens United sought to air a 90-minute video centered around Hillary Clinton. The video turned out to be nothing more than an attack ad with political inclinations. The Federal Election Commission found that this was unlawful, demanding that Citizens United remove the ad. The organization was clearly funded by an outside source, more appropriately a corporation.

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With the landmark Supreme Court decision, corporate campaign contributions were allowed to be distributed anonymously and without limit. This would immediately increase the competitive edge that Republicans had over the Democratic Party because most of the big corporations centered in America were Republican. This created a lot of concern for individuals like Tiffany Muller, current president and executive director for End Citizens United. Her foundation was started with the sole intent of repealing this decision through whatever means necessary in the court process.

The first thing that End Citizens United set out to do was negate some of the implications of the decision to allow corporations to contribute with almost no regulation. End Citizens United went forth and started gathering the funding for campaign candidates who refuse to take “big money” from these corporations. Because they refuse to take their funding, this put them at an enormous disadvantage. Corporations would use this level of funding to help control the political outcome and make it go into their favor. End Citizens United was not going to let that happen and continue to fight to prevent it. In fact for many cycles now they have successfully raised more money for their candidates who have sworn off “big money” than other candidates. They have proudly announced that they have secured more than $35 million for the current cycle and will continue to diligently work to help rectify this grave mistake when it comes to the court systems. The political process should be truly democratic, but unfortunately, it seems as though it is anything but.

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