Anyone who has more than one device in their house knows the problem of a bundle of cords making your house look that much worse. Most homes that have two smartphones or tablets or laptops have quite a bit more than that.

The more devices, the more crowded our outlets are and that means that everything is looking that much worse. The problem is that we need to make sure that everything is charged up nicely as we go about our day because these devices are usually how we get everything done.

Wireless chargers have made some real headway in making sure that we’re able to charge our devices without need a dozen cords. The really good wireless chargers are the ones that don’t come with their own cords to cause problems. This is what makes the MAGFAST family of wireless chargers so attractive, or will be when they finally arrive on the market.

MAGFAST was a crowdfunded device started up by Seymour Segnit. Segnit had come up with how his product worked because as he’s said in several interviews, he wanted a solution that his own family could use.

The home charger from this line is one that can plug directly into the wall. This gets rid of one cord. Then, you are supposed to be able to place more than one device on the magnetic platform and charge your phone or tablet quickly.

If that’s not good enough, you might fall in love with the MAGFAST Life Extreme. This is a very portable device that will allow for you to carry it with you and charge anything you want (that allows wireless charging) on the go. This one apparently has the power to jump start a car, so you know your phone will get all the way charged up.