A search of “Agera Energy Twitter” on Google leads to a first page of online results, all with linkage to information on the company. Seven of the page one results are links provided by Twitter. Read more about Agera Energy on medium.com.

The first Twitter source, https://twitter.com/ageraenergy?lang=en, takes online researchers to Agera Energy’s Twitter profile page. The page reveals that the company has more than 2000 followers. 331 platform users are followed by the company. On the referenced page it is found that their most recent tweet was from July 24th, and it highlighted the company’s customer chat feature. It notes 2014 as the year the company created a Twitter handle.

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The second source from Twitter can be found at https://twitter.com/AgeraEnergy/status/1036586424110383104. It reveals a tweet the company made to commemorate Labor Day. The red, white and blue graphic wished online viewers a “Happy Labor Day.” The tweet gained one like, but no re-tweets. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.