Securus Technologies Gives Public Great Information

One of the most, well known companies that deal with the public’s safety is Securus Technologies. They are sought after by many correction facilities to assist them in solving and preventing crimes. The company does utilize everything that they have at hand to assist, even with inmates committing crimes against each other.


They published an article so that the public can know what they do, and how important it is to these facilities. There are comments listed in the article. The comments are from officials that work in the correction facilities that deal with Securus Technologies. The public can read what they think of the work that Securus Technologies produces. In the article, Securus Technologies also invites all people, as well as investors to come see in person what they do. They are offering a presentation at their headquarters. This is located in TX, and they can see the techniques that they are using to prevent and solve crimes.


Securus Technologies is a company that knows a lot about public safety and technology. The government contracts with them all the time in order to keep their correction facilities safe. Securus Technologies deals with over 1 million prisoners on a regular basis. They are housed all over the nation. When Securus Technologies utilizes the various techniques that they have at hand like, incident reports, investigations and videos, they can keep the people safe. They are always inventing new ways to make the world a safer place to live, and they take great in what they do.



Securus Video Visits Save Money and Time

The great thing about having a company like Securus is that this company is able to completely change the way that people look at the concept of prison visits. There are a lot of inmates in the prison system. There are a lot of people like myself that have no interest in going to a prison for any type of visitation. I don’t have to even consider this though. I have an app that was developed by Securus that has allowed me to start up some visitation without ever leaving the comfort of my home.

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I have considered myself lucky to live in a day and age when I do not have to go to a prison if I want to visit with a family member. I have had family members that had to put a lot of time into driving to prisons. This was something that they did because they simply did not have any other options. Things have changed quite a bit now. People can use the collect call method if they choose, but I don’t like this overprice method of communication. For me everything has been about the video visitation. This has been the most convenient way for me to communicate, and I would not change this at all.
I know that there are tons of people that have become interested in cutting collect call phone bills. This is a good thing because it gives you the chance to get a number that people can call that is not an 800 number. That is much more convenient and it is a lot less taxing on my monthly budget. I have been able to see the difference in savings because I have one cousin that calls all the time. I used to have a very high phone bill that was mostly because of collect calls. With Securus I am able to save more thanks to the video visits and the 800 number. There is even a jail voice mail option for people that just want to see a message without engaging in a full conversation. Securus makes communication much easier for people that want to stay in touch.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Technologies’ Convenient Video Visitation Service

Securus Technologies is a widely known prison technology firm. Its main location is in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies has been a part of the prison technology universe for three full decades now. It has numerous regional branches in cities such as Atlanta, Georgia, Carrollton, Texas and Allen, Texas. One of the main goals at Securus Technologies is to streamline communications matters between incarcerated people and their friends, family members and significant others. That’s why the firm has set up “video visitation.” Video visitation is an exciting concept that gives inmates the ability to easily interact with the people they care about in their lives. It doesn’t involve any time-consuming travel requirements, either. If a proud father who lives in prison wants to be able to see his youngsters’ adorable faces every night before they turn in to go to sleep, video visitation gives him that luxury. Video visitation gives incarcerated persons the ability to see the people they love face-to-face. It’s not too different from meeting in person. It’s just in many cases a lot quicker and more convenient.

Securus Technologies wants inmates to be there for the people they love. The firm wants fathers in prison to be able to see their beloved young children during birthday celebrations. It wants mothers in prison to be able to talk to their children right after busy and active days at school. Video visitation is a service that opens inmates up to a whole new world of communication opportunities.
Securus Technologies is about more than just video visitation. The company provides correctional centers and inmates with a host of convenient and reliable services and products. These include email services, jail voicemail, video services and telephone services. The company works with more than 2,200 centers all around North America. These are in Canada and the United States alike.

The company wants to take the frustration and nerves out of jail visitation. That’s why up-and-coming technological practices are so important for the Securus Technologies team. Securus Technologies wants to help inmates who wish to communicate with ease and confidence. The company’s staff strives on a daily basis to make inmate communications as fast, organized and dependable as possible.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.