The shipbuilding market is receiving global economic growth as consumers and military agencies demand for Eco-friendly ships and vessels. A major reason is the rising cost and consumption of energy. Privinvest, a leader in the shipbuilding industry for nearly 30 years continues to create ships, naval & commercial vessels, and yachts. From high-end to the latest technology, the international shipbuilding group is now working on new builds, refits, and security systems.

Since 1990, Privinvest built over 2,000 vessels and 40 navies in Lebanon, Germany, Middle East Mediterranean, France, and United Kingdom. Founders, Iskandar Safa and Akrain Safa started the company offering shipbuilding, repair, and maintenance services. They are environmental advocates and involved in protecting the environment including the air, sea, and ocean. The company’s research and development team contribute using marine renewable energies, such as turbine and hydrokinetic.

The Privinvest team have expertise in ship rights, project management, advanced workshops, and military tooling. There are seven facilities in Greece, UK, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and France. Last month, the State Secretary in Ministry of Economic Affairs, Dr. Thilo Rohlfs visited the German Naval Shipyard. He elaborated on the importance of surface shipyards to create jobs to help build the country’s economy. The German shipyards and ships contribute to providing safety of both Europe and Germany.

Privinvest specializes in custom and construction of vessels, ships, and yachts including the most recent, Sailing Yacht A. The company works for authorities, private customers, and navies providing maintenance, repairs, training, facility management, logistic support, and combat systems. All facilities are open seven days a week and 24 hours a day to provide guidance, support, and advice on malfunctions of vessels. Under the leadership of the Safa brothers, the company continues to strive for excellence in serving NATO, navies, super-yacht owners, and the public.