Perry Mandera finished high school in 1975 and later joined marine. While in navy, he served in logistics that equipped him with skills on operating heavy machinery and transportation. Perry is CEO of The Custom Companies Inc. Moreover, it’s the leading firm in transportation services in Chicago. He obtained essential skills in operation of vehicles and transportation services that equipped him with the knowledge and skills to operate any large scale firm. After he returned from the military service, the entrepreneur worked for four years and earned the Republican award in Chicago as the youngest person ever in office.

He is renowned leader by his experience, which he obtained from both military and public office. Perry Mandera played a significant role by bringing forth the interest of the customers’ needs as the CEO of the company (WordPress). He has varied and vast experience in the field of logistics. He currently boasts more than forty years of experience servicing the needs of his customers and the country at large.

Perry Mandera Achievements

Perry Mandera has received several distinctions awards. According to The Illinois Trucking Association, he was among the top 100 American transportation executives. Upon his recognition by the association, he was awarded the Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year award. Also, he received honor from the Italian American Executives of Transportation. The Custom Company Inc. which he serves as the CEO received the Pat Summer all Award. The company is among the 270 businesses that have ISO certification to run its operations.

Perry Mandera role as a philanthropist

He serves as the head of the board of directors in the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. He believes in helping the needy families and children in the community. The foundation participates in many events that contribute to fundraising events, holiday giving programs, and other activities. He donates money in institution such as University of Chicago Medical Center, Catholic Charities USA, and Lynn Sage Foundation. During Christmas, he offers gifts, money, and other goods to the needy families around Chicago. By donating money, he reflects towards his values and goals through helping the needy and children.

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