Ryan Seacrest is an American born in December 1974. He is currently among the hardworking men in America with topmost paying job. He is one of the most beloved celebrities in all America. He performs diverse roles such as: hosting media shows, running a cloth line, a skin care brand and is also a leader in charity organizations. Ryan is also an investor in a number of companies. He is currently operating in almost ten jobs.

Managing all the different tasks

Having to do many things in the same space, Ryan Seacrest work swiftly and proficiently. Consolidating things has helped him in managing all the tasks. He could for instance be holding a show but still go to the TV studio. He also acknowledges his team since they play a great role in managing day-to-day activities. He chooses an expert in every field who keeps him updated. At the end of each day, he receives an email from each department to know what happened (Twitter).

Productive day

Typically, Ryan Seacrest wakes up at five in the morning. He gets ready and takes his breakfast before coming out of the house. He has to be in studio around fifteen minutes before he gets on air. He ensures to give priority to his schedule and treat each activity as a crucial one. He makes sue working out is in his schedule.

Seacrest’s Biggest Break

One of the biggest achievements that Ryan Seacrest made is being on radio as a small kid. At the age of 16, he had already garnered some experience. It was an exciting moment for him as he could get on microphone and feel some exposure. He however believes that his actual break was to be “American Idol”. Since the beginning, it was extraordinary and exclusive. it was one of the best opportunities for him to do more and to advance his business.


Impatience is one of the reasons why he manages to get all projects done all the time. He does all his things quickly. Ryan Seacrest have for a long time not held a lunch meeting. He do not stop for lunch or waste his time to travel to a lunch meeting. Ryan Seacrest have his lunch at his office desk, at times in the car or even while standing. He would never drive to a place to go and have lunch. This way he is able to keep all his tasks on track without wasting time.

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