Alex Kennedy is a true veteran in the gaming industry. He founded his own gaming studio known as Failbetter Games in 2010, released a few story-driven games such as Fallen London, then created another studio under the name of Weather Factory with his business partner Lottie Bevan. They didn’t have enough money to fund the type of game they wanted to, so they started a Kickstarter campaign to raise £30,000 and ended up raising over £82,000. This was a huge surprise to the pair and they used the money raised to create their card-based simulation game titled Cultist Simulator which released in May 2018 for PC and April 2019 for Mobile.

Kennedy always had a passion for gaming, but never pursued his dreams of being an indie game developer. He claims that one day, he took a six-month unpaid leave of absence from his job as a software consultant to finally pursue his dreams before his first child was born. He states that it was his last chance to not be stuck as a software consultant for the rest of his life.

Their game, Cultist Simulator, is about being a student of the occult and slowly uncovering the secrets of the world you’re in. They made the game difficult on purpose, making sure to leave out a tutorial so the players have to figure out how the game works on their own. This might cause some people to become frustrated with the game, but the people who figure it out end up falling in love with it. One of the main priorities at Weather Factory is to make sure that having fun is more important than making money. As long as their making a decent living and can take care of their families, they don’t feel the need to push for more profits.