Combating Winter Dryness With Genucel

Everyone knows that winter weather can really take a toll on your skin. A lot of this comes from the lessoned amount of water that we take into our bodies during the winter, but this is not the only reason. Our skin takes a toll during the winter because the environment is colder and the humidity has dropped. All of this leads to us cranking the heat up inside our houses, offices, and anywhere else that we are. Increasing the temperature leads to moisture evaporating and leaving your skin.

So as winter weather comes so does cracked and dry skin. This also leads to an increase in wrinkles and a decrease in your skin’s glow and vitality. Genucel want your skin to continue to look good in the winter then you have to increase your skin care regimen. You need to add more moisturizers, drink more water, and do some other things that you will read through all this article that will help your skin.

During winter you need to make sure that you are increasing your water intake. Genucel can also run a humidifier while you are relaxing in your house or while you are sleeping. A humidifier can help not only your skin but your lungs as you combat against the dryness of the winter season. Try not to use so many acne treatments throughout the winter as they can dry your skin out as well. Instead you want to use types of cleaners that are more gentle and have more moisturizers in them.

Another thing that will help your skin is treating it like it’s aging even if it isn’t aging. Using treatments for aging such as Genucel’s well-known stem cell therapies, jawline treatments, deep firming serums, eyelid treatment, and more. Genucel knows a lot about aging and they want to help us get through the aging process as painless as possible. They have all the products on the market that we need to keep our skin looking youthful.