Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda’s Tips On Making An Impression With Your Boss and Other Marketing Investors

There is a lot of truth to “you never get a second chance to make first impression.” Now, sometimes the boss might give you a second chance if he feels you deserve it, but that does not normally happen. That is why you have to be on your game, according to Edwin Miranda.

1) You have to show a genuine interest in the people you are meeting, according to Edwin Miranda. You cannot simply say “I am doing this to pay the rent.” That is not going to fly. You need to have some kind of emotional investment in company and brand, according to Edwin Miranda. Do you feel comfortable with the person? That should make things easier for you, according to Edwin Miranda. In other words, you cannot be stiff and monotone. Investors respond to everything, both good and bad.

2) The idea is to be genuine. You cannot act like you have their best interests at heart. You have to show your investors that you have their best interests at heart. Investors see right through the facade. No investor is going to commit money or time to your marketing campaign if they feel you are putting on a show.

Go to acting school if you want to put on a show. The business world does not have time for wannabe actors.

3) Sometimes you do have to entice the person with your pitch. That will require you pouring on the charm. I know that contradicts what I just said, but you do need an element of both.

An old Saying:

“Sometimes you have to pour on a little southern charm, or else, eat a little Yankee crow.”
Blanche, The Golden Girls

Do you really want to eat crow? Well, then, you need to charm the socks right off of them.

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