Genius Behind EUSA Pharm

Carson’s Thiel journey to his well-deserved position as President of major pharmaceutical company, EUSA Pharm, began in Berlin, Germany. An exceptional student from youth, Carson Thiel studied Chemistry in Marburg, before he decided he wanted a more Anglo-Saxxon education. Leaving his hometown, Carson Thiel moved to the University of Bristol, where he pursued organic chemistry and later specialized in Biochemistry, a subsidiary of the life sciences that focuses on a diverse range of biochemical and metabolic process of the body. After recieving his Bachelors of Science, Thiel completed his stunning formal education at the Max Planck Institute of Bio Physical Chemistry, and emerged with a PhD. in Molecular Biology.

Despite being out of school, Carsten Thiel still had a lot of learning to do. He began his long and prosperous career at Hoffman La Roche, a leading biotechnology firm, as Communications and Product Manager.

His tenacity and diligence soon landed him position leading the development of a diet supplement – a weight loss product called Xenical. Given the nature and the controversy surrounding such products, Thiel realized that they would need to drastically change the approach to its development. Thus, he began to pursue a patient oriented launch that would truly benefit the people.

The method of his launch allowed physicians and pharmacists to provide innovative care to their patients. Reintroducing empathy and compassion to the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals is crucial as it reminds us of the purpose of healthcare in the first place – bettering the lives of our fellow man.

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