Getting to Know Investment Expert Michael Nierenberg

Bear Stearns was one of the most well-known investment companies around. Head of its investment and financial team was Michael Nierenberg. Visit to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

Since leaving Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg has been with New Residential Investment Corp. This particular company is based out of New York, but works with clients all across the country. Michael Nierenberg has made it his goal to build the company and improve the type of work that is does for its many clients.


When Michael Nierenberg isn’t working on the job or making plans with clients, he can be found enjoying sports and quality time with loved ones. You can even find him on many different social media outlets where he is open about the different projects that he has going on right now. You will enjoy the fact that he is regularly looking for ways to improve the type of work he does as well as the companies he is involved with at the current moment. You can contact him through his main site and check out his many portfolios. Read more at Reuters about Michael Nierenebrg.