Gino Pozzo Creates Excitement For Supporters of Watford FC

One reason that Gino Pozzo has been able to make such a strong organizational impact within European football is his dedication to the transformative developing of previously unsuccessful football clubs. One such entity is Watford Football Club. The mission that Gino is currently pursuing with this English team is one that he is strongly prepared for, and Watford FC fans can be sure their club is well handled.

Harvard University saw Gino earn his Master’s degree, and his Italian background is influential on his football commitment. Gianpaolo Pozzo, who also fathered Gino, is also involved quite successfully in developing and investing in football clubs. His first was Udinese in 1986. Woodworking was the Pozzo’s previous field of operation, but they sold off that entity during 2008 in order to pursue wholly their passion for developing underperforming football groups.

With regards to the family’s impressive scouting model, it is Gino Pozzo who has the honor of orchestrating it, and there is no denying the efficiency of his moves. Granada F.C. once was a lowly ranked Third Division competitor, but in the decade since the Pozzo’s have been working with that team, it has risen up to Primera Liga.

Watford’s journey with the Pozzo developments began in 2012, and although it came to the family with some debt and an unremarkable Fourth Division position, the Premier League has now allowed Watford F.C entrance. With regards to Granada F.C., it has turned around so spectacularly under the Pozzo reign that Link International Sports’ Jian Lizhang offered eight figures to Gino Pozzo for his shares of that club during 2016.

There are few families operating in the business of European football clubs whose successes can compare to those of Gino Pozzo and Gianpaolo Pozzo. For those who support Watford F.C., future seasons offer much excitement.