Gino Pozzo Has Big Plans for Watford FC

It has been several decades since the Watford Football Club has been a serious contender in the English Premier League. Owner Gino Pozzo wants to change all that. Many owners talk about making a team into a contender when they first buy it. However, this is just public relations in many cases. The owner just wants to get on the good side of the fans. That is not the case with Gino Pozzo. He means every word that he says. He also has a truly great track record when it comes to turning less than stellar teams into consistent winners.

Gino Pozzo had owned two teams before he decided to get involved in British football. He was living in the city of Barcelona, Spain. He had raised his family there. However, he knew that the English Premier League was the grandest stage in the world of football. There was a lot of money to be made if a team is a winner in England. Pozzo saw a chance to buy Watford FC. He swooped in and made the purchase. He is taking the ownership of the team so seriously that he has moved to London and is now living there full-time.

Gino Pozzo is taking a much more active role with Watford FC than most owners are usually interested in doing. He is not satisfied with being the guy who only writes the checks. He wants to be actively involved in the scouting of the players that the team signs. He feels that he has a good enough grasp of the sport where he should have a say in the selection of players. He is not willing to simply hire people to make those big decisions for him like most owners do. It remains to be seen if his player choices will pay off.