Highland Capital

Mark Okada is the known Highland Capital Management’s, Chief Investment Officer. There is a lot that he has done to make the company gains its goals in the market. The primary role that he is laying in the company is giving the advice and overseeing other matters that are taking place in the firm. The factor that has put Mark Okada at the better position of handling the challenges that are associated with the leadership in the company is the long-time experience on the issues of credit. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Mark has experience of approximately 25 years. Mark was the one who was responsible in the structuring of the first arbitrage of the industry. Additionally, Okada has also contributed a lot. He was the person who played the major role in the Highland bank loan development. There are many great ideas that Okada has set in place at the Highland Capital Management. The skills that he has in the field of leadership has made him elected as the NexBank Director and also the chairman in the board of the Common Grace Ministries. Mark graduated from the University of California Los Angeles where he studied Psychology and Economics. The field that he studied at the university has also made him handle the challenges on matters of economics with ease. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

Currently, Highland Capital Management is based in the city of Dallas and has the assets of approximately $21 billion. Highland has been termed as one of the largest global on the matters of the credit and management of the equity. The company has maintained its consistency for the last 20 in the provision of the solutions on the issues of the investment. Mark has been honored as the leader who has put the company at the better position in the sense that he has applied different skills to make the firm propelled to the top spot.
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