James Dondero: He Is Into Giving As Much As He Is Into Success

Read a little about James Dondero and you will have no question that he has proven to be highly successful in nearly everything that he does. The biggest accomplishment that James Dondero is known for is Highland Capital Management. This is the venture capital fund that he co-founded in the Dallas area. The fund has grown to become one of the largest in America in terms of capital under management at more than $17 billion dollars. It has offices in San Paulo, Singapore, and even New York.

That is what makes James Dondero shine brighter than almost anything else that he has done, but it is not the only impressive thing about this man. He is also known for being a very charitable person and giving away a significant portion of his personal wealth to causes that he believes in.

A lot of non-profits in the Dallas area can rightfully say that they might not be around were it not for the help that they receive from Highland Capital Management. This includes the Dallas Zoo, the SMU Bush Center, and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. All of these entities receive at least some financial support from Highland Capital. Some of those entities attribute a large portion of their entire budget to the gift from Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero believes in what he does, and he believes in giving back to others. He clearly loves the city that he resides in, and they love him back for all that he has done to help them. The next time you are in Dallas you should take a look around at the influence that Highland Capital has had on the entire area. You are sure to be impressed by all that they have brought to the city. Dallas would not be all that it is today if not for Dondero.