Jeremy Goldstein Values The Relationships He Builds In His Profession

As a partner at his boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, Jeremy Goldstein has learned just how important developing strong relationships with both colleagues and your clients is. It is these close relationships that the attorney gives credit for the success that he and his law firm have had since he started his career in corporate law. He started his education in college at Cornell University where he graduated with distinction and a Bachelor’s degree before getting his Master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Finally, he finished his education with a Juris Doctorate from New York University. While all of this education and experience is important, the open communication that good relationships with his clients allow him to come up with personalized advice that is specific for their current situation.


While Jeremy Goldstein was working for a large law firm a decade ago in New York, he decided that it was time to start his own firm and he knew that he wanted to distinguish himself from other law firms in that area of practice. He had been doing a lot of work in executive compensation with his former law firm and realized that he had the area to break off with a specialty in this area of practice. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein and his firm do a lot of work in mergers and acquisitions as well.


Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has learned how important it is to choose to work with the right clients. It’s important to remember that a bad choice can attract other clients that may garner negative publicity for your legal practice. In addition, he makes sure that he is not overburdened by a large caseload so he has time to focus on the individual needs of his clients. This helps him to manage his time in a more effective way that is beneficial to his clients as their situations are able to get the attention that they require and deserve. In addition to managing his time with clients, Jeremy Goldstein still manages to find time for other opportunities such as speaking engagements.


With everything that he has achieved during his career, he enjoys being able to give back. In fact, being able to help in his community is one of the most satisfying things that Jeremy Goldstein does in his life. One of the non-profit organizations that he has been most passionate about being a part of during his career is known as the Fountain House. This organization focuses on helping those that are living with a variety of different mental illnesses live better lives. He says that the experience has been satisfying and it has helped in his professional life as well.


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