Jingdong Customers Excited About New Salmon Offerings

There is no denying that there are a lot of health benefits associated with salmon and it just makes sense that it has become so popular in recent years. Consumers in China and throughout the rest of the world are becoming more concerned with their health and the food that they are putting in their bodies. This is one of the things that has inspired Jingdong to form a partnership with Mowi China in order to provide salmon that is processed in mainland China. Using their advanced logistics systems that spans many parts of the globe, the retail giant Jingdong is able to deliver fresh food and other products faster than almost any other retailer in the world. Logistics has always been an important of any online shopping experience and JD.com works to go above and beyond expectations.

The fresh salmon that is packaged in mainland China by Mowi and will soon be sold by JD.com is imported from overseas from countries such as Scotland, Norway, Chile, Canada, and Foroe Island. The salmon that is harvested from these countries makes its way to China within just 72 hours to be processed by Mowi China in their factory in Shanghai. Jigdong customers expect to get a high level of cquality and freshness with the food that they order from the company and their logistics system makes this possible. They see the market in mainland China for these salmon products to be big and expect customers to be excited about the 4 new products that they will be offering through Mowi China.

Convenience is important to customers in mainland China who busy living their lives. This is why 3 of the 4 products being designed with the convenience of customers in mind. These incude frozen salmon cubes that were designed to be without any skin or bones and safe for the children of parents who want them to eat healthy even if they are in the middle of a busy day. In addition, they are also offering 2 products that come paired with either spicy or lemon butter sauce.

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