Luke Lazarus Brings Well-Known Success Principles to Australian Entrepreneurial Startups

 Being Prominent

Being a prominent business person leads to many good things. A shortlist of positive consequences of being a sought after consultant and business leader is given below. Despite those great advantages each advantage come with a responsibility to the larger social structure and business community.

One significant advantage of being a business leader who is known far and wide is people listen to you are an expert and are often referred to in publications, newspaper articles, and become the object of journalism article for op-ed pieces and the like. Luke Lazarus has become noteworthy primarily because of his consultancy work with business startups mainly since 2011.

Today, Luke Lazarus travels across Australia, delivering his positive message of weighing the odds for his working startups. His ability to turn the tide towards the startup business world has begun to make his consultancy the object of many invites to work with new and struggling startups. Luke Lazarus earned his status as a sought after consultant by carrying out his business profession for over 20 years.

Business Prominence Leads to Resposibility

  • Being treated as notweorthy
  • A fabulous track record of success
  • Recognized accomplishments
  • Publishing and speaking angagements
  • Quoted in Recognized Journals in their Field
  • Becoming Board Members or on Corporate Committees
  • Leaders and Models of Charitable Giving
  • Peer-Leader References
  • Many opportunities are available

From Perth to Consultant

Luke Lazarus began his early business career in Perth, where he was born and raised. While he was doing things, all kids do, playing games and having fun with their friends. Luke Lazarus also had a preoccupation with business ideas. He used to think up thoughts for businesses and enter them with diagrams in his notebook. Those diagrams and sketches are called business plans.

No one has to reiterate how difficult it is to start a business today, but here a boy who is only eight years old started his own small business to the amazement of his friends, who first didn’t take him seriously. Time has a way of dividing the wheat from the chaff. You can also follow him on Instagram to learn more.

Luke Lazarus continued his journey with his ideas thru grade school and high school. Luke Lazarus even turned down some Ivy league scholarships to stay in his native Australia to study at Melbourne Business School for his MBA.

Success in the Making

Luke Lazarus hit his second-wind after graduating from Melbourne Business School. Within eight years of receiving his MBA diploma, he was hanging business licenses on four of his recent designed and executed business plans. Luke Lazarus sold those businesses to move forward in his new company Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia, in 2011.

Luke Lazarus has been crossing the continent helping all kinds of companies that could use his knowledge, expert advice, and experience to further their business dreams and goals. People who have worked in the room with Luke Lazarus refer to his busy schedule encompassing an array of activities from business plan analysis to market research and perfecting the mission statement.

Luke Lazarus understands how difficult it is to succeed without a serious investment from an Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist, so he always stresses a hands-on practicum to help startup teams to drill down a perfect pitch for investors that includes all the selling points of their business story. Having an investment from a prominent endorser or investor is a sure foundation for future success, according to Luke Lazarus.

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