Luke Lazarus Is A Startup Consultant In An Experience Economy

Sometimes, startups can experience difficulties or need help getting off the ground. This is where Luke Lazarus, a startup consultant based in Australia is able to help. He has been working with companies for the last 2 decades helping them make decisions and come up with solid business plans that will guide their companies into growth.

It can sometimes be difficult to decide on what the next steps for a company will be and the perspective from Luke Lazarus can help to make some of these decisions easier to make. If his expertise shows that the plan is not viable, he is able to help these businesses and CEOs come up with other options that can be done.

Luke Lazarus started his career young after finishing his MBA from Melbourne Business School at only 24. He decided that he was going to use the opportunity to get a jump start in his career and gain the experience of selling 4 businesses by the time that he had turned 33.

With less than a decade to achieve this goal, things weren’t always easy, but Luke Lazarus stayed steadfast in his endeavor. He is able to quickly identify the different strengths and weaknesses of startups while giving them options on how to address them. While it’s important to help the company meet their growth expectations, it’s just as important to inform them of their limits including financial and otherwise. If these limits are ignored, it can potentially lead to disaster. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

The days that Luke Lazarus spends working are always busy and long. In order to get them started the right way, he spends the first part of his mornings meditating for a few minutes. With the amount of multi-tasking that he is required to do during the day, it’s important to be able to clear his head beforehand.

In addition, he also makes sure to spend his mornings catching up with emails, enjoying coffee, and walking his dog. Maintaining his physical fitness is another way that he ensures that he is up to the tasks that he is responsible for and he makes the effort to go to the gym every day of the week.

There are a lot of emerging markets in our current economy, but many of them can be related to ones that already exist. Luke Lazarus is excited about the experience economy as people are looking to purchase more than a product, they are looking to have a connection with the businesses that they buy from.

Brands are creating experiences for their customers to create and maintain this connection while focusing on quality. While it has always been important to keep a company’s story as part of their brand, it’s more important than ever now.

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