Matthew Fleeger Reviews His Business Career

When Matthew Fleeger was a young child, he had many dreams but becoming the CEO of one of the most respected oil and gas companies in the region, Gulf Coast Western, was probably one of the least expected. Growing up in Texas and attending college was surely a given for a bright student like him. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, he set out on his own to become an entrepreneur. He successfully turned a small tanning salon chain into one of the largest in the nation.

Gulf Coast WesternIt didn’t stop there. Fleeger continued to move to other industries, learning the business from the ground up by taking on entry-level positions and rising through the ranks quickly. It isn’t just the rise to the top that consumes his time. Aside from being a CEO, Fleeger is also involved in charitable activities like the Sadie Keller Foundation and the Fleeger Family Kitchen.

Indeed, family is a core priority for the husband and father of a new generation of businessmen. When Fleeger turned around MedSolutions and sold it for a profitable multi-million dollar deal, he was riding on a crest of success. Any company looking for experienced leadership in their business looked to Fleeger, who had his pick of options. However, it was time for him to come home.

Matthew FleegerThen the family business, Gulf Coast Western, looked to him for new leadership. Matthew Fleeger has been the CEO of Dallas-based Gulf Coast Western. Established in the 1970s, is has been a pioneer in the oil and gas industry.

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