Meet Luke Lazarus, a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

The advanced world is quite a tricky sector to invest in. Many businesses are being established every day but there are so many things that are affecting their success. Research has been done and it’s said that the majority of startups never live to see their fifth birthday. Only 10 percent can overcome these challenges.

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The majority of these are even destroyed by Hurricanes and other environmental effects. In economies where there is a delay in job growth, startups never live for many decades. One of the major reasons is the poor economy and low unemployment rates.

For those who are focused on growth, it is prudent to note that there are still super entrepreneurs who are not scared by these things. They can even afford to open two startups at the same time. The result is growth and they eventually sell these businesses at a very good price.

They are able;e to get a lot of profits after selling these businesses. These types of people are called serial entrepreneurs. This is a very tiny percentage and can only be attributed to the skills they possess.

They are not driven by luck, there are other hidden secrets including perseverance and having a working marketing department that is there to sell the companyโ€™s products to the outside world. These figures can accumulate their wealth within a short period. Others decide to retire at a young age while others decided to become consultants.

Luke Lazarus is one of these rare birds who have very strong business knowledge. He was brought up in Melbourne, Australia.

Luke started his first business while h was only8. His proven academic performance is one of the reasons that many people believe that he would be a very successful student in the future. He managed to score a straight A in his education. He was also a proven sportsman with a vast range of experience in the industry.

While Luke Lazarus was in high school, many universities wanted to admit him for undergraduate studies. He even received invitations for full scholarships from American based colleges. They had a lot of hopes in him while he was at school and knew him as a rare gem.

Luke did not follow what the world wanted him to do. He joined Melbourne State University for his university education. He graduated with a master’s in Business Administration and immediately left to start a new career.

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Luke Lazarus established four startups during the first ten years after college. As a serial entrepreneur, he sold them and was able to get huge profits. At only 35 years of age, he had already accumulated a lot of wealth which was suitable for his career.

He continued with his business but there came a time when he no longer needed money. That is when an idea came into his mind. Instead of him going for an early retirement, he would establish a consulting firm and start helping people manage heir startups and improve their going concern.

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