Oren Frank and Mental Health Optimization

Remember that mental health is important in the workplace. Oren Frank would be a strong proponent of mental health in the workplace and would realize that this is something that would contribute to overall employee retention and growth. Oren Frank would know so because he is in the mental health startup sector.

As someone who is in this sector, he would know the various impact points present within the sector.

Here a few ways to think about mental health in addition to thinking about Talkspace, Oren Frank and his service for mental health relief.

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Listen To Your Employees

If an employee doesn’t have anything but negative things to say about the company it might not be pleasant to hear,but perhaps it needs to be said. Try to keep an open mind when talking to employees and not get offended or take things personally.

Even if you sense that an employee is saying something to be hurtful figure out how to take the criticism and make something good of it.

Show Them That You Care About Them

Show that you care about your employees by remembering things about past conversations. If an employee mentions being in the market to buy a house then the next time you see him or her ask her how the house search is going. Showing that you care and that you actually do listen to what an employee has to say is important.

Understand Their Goals

See what ideas and goals employees have and discuss ways of helping them achieve those goals.

This not only helps the employees grow, but also can lead to exciting new ideas.

Remember, that there are just a few of the factors that contribute to a great work environment and mental health in the workplace.