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ClassDojo Is Launching Its Newest Program Designed To Help Teachers And Students Across The Country

Mindfulness is a term that is being talked about a whole lot these days. Perhaps this is due to the fact that today’s modern world that is full of the distractions of smartphones and social media has created a case where the practice of mindfulness can be more beneficial than ever. There is a lot of evidence that shows that simply sitting in a quiet space for a period of time and focussing on factors such as your breathing can have some big benefits for well-being. It is for this reason that ClassDojo has recently launched a new program geared to teach elementary school children how to effectively incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine as a way to ease their levels of stress and calm their minds a bit. This May, the team at ClassDojo is working to get elementary teachers across the country to engage in a moment of mindfulness with their students. ClassDojo is also providing a video that will help teachers to accomplish this goal.

The ClassDojo app tracks behavior and makes it possible for classroom teachers to formulate a daily schedule of activities that can then be shared easily with the parents of the students. This virtual classroom has made quite an impact on education in the short time that it has been available and program offerings such as the new mindfulness initiative are a big part of the reason for this.

Article Title: The RealReal to Gain the Unicorn Status after Selling of Shares Sells Out

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The RealReal embarked on a path to sell up to $70 million in new shares. In case you’re not familiar with The RealReal, is a leading online retailer for authenticated luxury consignment. If the San Francisco-based Company manages to rise the entire amount, its valuation will climb up to $1.06 billion earning the status of the newest e-commerce unicorn. However, the filing brought to light by the Prime Unicorn Index does not give any guarantees on whether the company will sell the full amount of authorized shares or not. Furthermore, there has been no clarification on the same from The RealReal.

With Julie Wainwright as Founder and CEO, the company has made tremendous progress in raising capital. She successfully closed $288 million from private equity and venture capital backers including Sandbridge Capital, Great Hill Partners, Industry Ventures and more. In 2018, The RealReal successful closed a Series G financing of $115 million making the company’s valuation to go up to $745 million.

The RealReal has continued to open new physical spaces to increase its presence. It opened additional e-commerce fulfillment centers to meet the ever-increasing demand for the supply of second-hand luxury items. The company controls and owns eight luxury consignment offices where customers get free valuations of their items.

According to Julie Wainwright, the company is pondering on the decision of going public and it has an intention of going public at some point. It reveals its intention of going public at a time the company’s competitors including ThredUp and Poshmark are making incredible progress toward gaining a competitive edge in the space.

The RealReal is on the verge to gain the unicorn status making it the latest female-founded companies to gain the status. On the other hand, Glossier increased its valuation to about $1.2 billion after closing a $100 million round and other capitals. The RealReal focuses on high-end resale items for men, women, as well as the home. With the new wave of opening physical stores, the company is looking to increase its presence extensively. According to Julie Wainwright, the success they have been able to achieve was as a result of focusing on the high-end market, and building trust by selling inspected as well as authenticated products.

Jason Hope cooperating with SENS Research Foundation

Jason Hope is supporting anti-aging research that is meant to come up with a drug that will solve the issues surrounding the aging process in humans. Today, the aging process is seen as a natural process that cannot be resolved. It has existed as long as human history exists and not a single generation that has ever managed to overcome it. There have been attempts in the past, but none has succeeded. The anti-aging research is now ongoing in the 21st century, but this time, the chances of getting good outcome are almost becoming a reality.

SENS Research Foundation is leading anti-aging research. For the past decade, this organization has invested in activities that will lead to the creation of an anti-aging drug that will be successful for the first time. This organization has learned from the mistakes of other organizations, and they are ready to use the right methods of creating a drug that will work and solve the issue of old age diseases. In old age, many people tend to develop conditions that end up affecting their ability to live a normal life. Some common old age diseases include cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

SENS Research Foundation is now one of the leading organizations in the world that has shown the potential of inventing the first anti-aging drug. Under the leadership of Aubrey de Grey and the support of philanthropists such as Jason Hope, SENS is expected to accomplish its mission very soon. Jason Hope has been a great supporter of the anti-aging research for the past decade because he believes in the potential it is likely to bring in the world.

To show the commitment that he has in this research, Jason Hope has donated over half a million dollars to SENS Research Foundation. He has pledged to keep supporting SENS until such a time when a solution will be developed. Jason Hope is known to many as a person who has an exceptional love for technology that changes the value of human life for the better. If the aging process can be defeated, it will mean that humans will now be living for a long time with their bodies still in great shape.

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Brian Torchin: a bridge builder in healthcare

Brian Torchin is the owner and president of HCRC staffing, an agency that helps medical workplaces hire and retain medical professional and operational staff.

He graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He also studied at the New York Chiropractic College and went on to start a private practice. He has over 12 years of experience as a chiropractor.

Brian Torchin is also an author and an active blogger who uses the power of social media to not only connect employers to quality medical Professionals but also to inform and educate employers on best practices with regards to recruiting in the health industry. He is active on Facebook and Twitter, and you can find a profile of him, as well as a summary of his business on his LinkedIn page. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

During his time as a chiropractor, Brian Torchin realized that it could be difficult for medical professionals to find jobs because healthcare employers usually did not list positions publicly. So he decided to create a platform where medical professionals and hospitals could connect, a service that would facilitate employer-employee interactions, and a system where information was free-flowing and insightful for medical practitioners. And in 2007, he founded HCRC Staffing.

His system uses an advertisement strategy that targets potential candidates, identifies where these potential candidates can be found, screens their resumes by taking a quick look at their geographical locations and how relevant their previous job is to the new position, and finally scheduling a phone interview before inviting them to the office.

Over the years, HCRC Staffing has opened and managed several medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. In 2018, over 200 clients across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia use HCRC staffing to find employees in the healthcare and legal sector.

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Article Title: Agera Energy: A Company Leading The Way

Agera Energy welcomed a new Chief Executive Officer in the year 2018. This man is Geoffrey Duda. Before starting his position as CEO at Agera Energy, he held management positions at Direct Energy and Liberty Energy, each for an extended length of time. His leadership has been phenomenal and he has gone above and beyond the call of duty for each company he has led and the customers he has served. It is because of him that Agera Energy Company continues to take the world by storm.

The company works hard to provide quality, affordable electricity options to an ever-widening customer base every day. They are constantly researching new options such as wind power and ways to reduce the cost of energy to their consumers. Agera Energy is a leader in efficiency and is the first company to give back to the consumers instead of just reaching in their pockets. It is my prediction that because of this, Agera Energy will continue to lead the way in providing energy for years to come.

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Isabel dos Santos Transforming Africa Through Education and Women Empowerment


Isabel dos Santos is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman born in Luanda, Angola. She is regarded as Africa’s richest woman. The first-born daughter to Jose Edward dos Santos, Isabel is worth well over 2 Billion in USD.


Isabel dos Santos attended an all-girls boarding school in Kent, Cobham. Her father encouraged her to take on electrical engineering at King’s College in London, which she did. Educated well, Isabel dos Santos believes that education, not resources, is the surest way and truest lever to bring change in Africa. She insists that if a sizeable population of Africans is given proper education, they will spearhead the transformation of Africa from an underdog to a global leader in social and economic activities.


Isabel dos Santos manages a diverse portfolio of businesses ranging from oil, banking, and finance to telecommunication. She was the chairwoman of Sonangol, Angola’s oil firm. She also owns shares in the Portuguese telecom and cable TV firm, Nos SGPS (Ukuncut).

Having garnered successes in entrepreneurship, Isabel dos Santos attributes her success to good education, relevant skills, passion, commitment, proper research, and sacrifice. She is proud to have financed business moguls in Angola who were once lowly but had the passion and relevant attributes for success in their businesses.


Isabel dos Santos is a great advocate for equality and economic empowerment for women. She thus contributes to women empowerment by giving talks in schools, and universities, such as Yale University.

Isabel dos Santos claims that her philanthropic activities are driven by the need for economic empowerment, children and healthcare. The efforts of her philanthropic organization are thus concentrated in activities like funding the campaign against malaria, huge donations to a pediatric hospital for children and charities for clean water in Angola. Due to her huge involvement in philanthropy, she is fondly nicknamed as “princess’’ in her country.

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Perry Mandera: An Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

Perry Mandera finished high school in 1975 and later joined marine. While in navy, he served in logistics that equipped him with skills on operating heavy machinery and transportation. Perry is CEO of The Custom Companies Inc. Moreover, it’s the leading firm in transportation services in Chicago. He obtained essential skills in operation of vehicles and transportation services that equipped him with the knowledge and skills to operate any large scale firm. After he returned from the military service, the entrepreneur worked for four years and earned the Republican award in Chicago as the youngest person ever in office.

He is renowned leader by his experience, which he obtained from both military and public office. Perry Mandera played a significant role by bringing forth the interest of the customers’ needs as the CEO of the company (WordPress). He has varied and vast experience in the field of logistics. He currently boasts more than forty years of experience servicing the needs of his customers and the country at large.

Perry Mandera Achievements

Perry Mandera has received several distinctions awards. According to The Illinois Trucking Association, he was among the top 100 American transportation executives. Upon his recognition by the association, he was awarded the Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year award. Also, he received honor from the Italian American Executives of Transportation. The Custom Company Inc. which he serves as the CEO received the Pat Summer all Award. The company is among the 270 businesses that have ISO certification to run its operations.

Perry Mandera role as a philanthropist

He serves as the head of the board of directors in the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. He believes in helping the needy families and children in the community. The foundation participates in many events that contribute to fundraising events, holiday giving programs, and other activities. He donates money in institution such as University of Chicago Medical Center, Catholic Charities USA, and Lynn Sage Foundation. During Christmas, he offers gifts, money, and other goods to the needy families around Chicago. By donating money, he reflects towards his values and goals through helping the needy and children.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong, Experience Towards Succees

The entrepreneurial genius whose name is Richard Liu Qiangdong has taken the world by storm due to his proclivities towards what he is capable of as far as computers are concerned. The business that he created known as JD was actually a business that he and his girlfriend and now wife made at the time. The J and D are named after the initials from both their names and could even be seen as a symbolic reference to the commitment they have for one another.

Aside from the name the business is doing great and historically it has brought in about twelve billion dollars in total earned cash all in Richard Liu Qiangdong‘s name. His success was not just hapenstance and his endeavors towards the good life did not just appear out of nowhere. Ever since his birth in China his parental figures would always encourage him in the direction of excellence by exemplifying hard work ethic and education into the family unit.

Richard Liu Qiangdong in responses to these repeated messages went on the school where he achieved his bachelors degree and it was around that unit of time when he realized that his future depended on his ability to stretch his mind toward other valuable pursuits besides just a college degree. He needed a skill, something he could use that constituted something that resembled the future.

With careful planning he acquired skills in the field of computer programming and coding through teaching himself the trade. When he did project himself into the real world he got a job at Japan Life where he applied his knowledge of computers to prove himself useful at the company. This earned him a job as Director Of Computers at Japan Life and he did not stop there because then he fired his boss and started JD which as we all know did pretty good.

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How to Make Use Of Press Release in Structure & Handling Your Track record

It’s not easy for every brand to handle its online reputation with the introduction of the web. Every second, an adverse testimonial or feedback can be created versus you.

It can take place in spite of your initiative to provide the best customer support, services or products and also excellent connections with journalism and even your consumers. Undeniably, PR distribution services work tools to construct and handle your track record online. It helps develop your authority by getting media coverage, spreading the word concerning your services and products and offering the audiences the factor to read more regarding your organization.

Right here is how a news release can help you in building and managing your track record:


  • Supplies instantaneous direct exposure.

“Material is king, as well as distribution, is queen.” Every type of material like launches, when distributed utilizing the appropriate media, can lead to a brand name’s immediate direct exposure. If you created a great release and reached out to targeted media, you’re most likely to gain attention.

This promotion is complimentary, which supplies a terrific method for you to advertise your products to a wide range of target markets. It provides you a possibility to let them understand what your organization depends on like your brand just obtained a prestigious award, or you’re increasing your shop branches.


  • It allows you to be referred to as an expert in your sector.

You can write a release concerning your knowledge in your field. You can air your side regarding an open to question problem and write a release concerning it.

There are a lot of reasons to make it a component of your web content advertising mix. If you have vital and also relevant news to reveal, it is the very best marketing device to let individuals learn about it. Any pertinent information regarding your company deserves sharing.

When done on a regular basis, the media would acknowledge you as a trusted entity in the business around. If they need coverage on their beat that your service can contribute, they may likely call you because they recognize that you’re trustworthy.

Individuals searching for product and services online would take into consideration purchasing from you. It is since creating releases can construct your track record. They rely on brand names with credibility as well as authority.


  • It provides you an opportunity to handle your reputation after a situation.


Public connections dilemmas occur when something unanticipated takes place that might harm your reputation. Each brand must prepare to respond quickly and successfully as feasible to alleviate the crisis and fix the issue.

Not reacting promptly can wind up to customers as well as financiers shed of the trust fund. This is larger in the original photo because dropping essential people in your service can quickly end your company.

The best means to handle dilemmas is to act instantly, taking duty and responding to concerns as well as concerns thrown to you. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you do not have to react without thinking about your actions.

Write a press release to broadcast your side, recognize the problem as well as respond. Distribute it on social media channels as well as distribution websites to let people understand your action the soonest time possible.

Issuing a launch is the very best method to let your advocates and movie critics understand that you are significant concerning the problem. It’s likewise a means to allow them to know that you are doing whatever to recognize your consumer’s issues.

For instance, if your company was involved in a product recall because of the existence of microorganisms in your items that caused numerous customers being hospitalized, issuing a launch can be your initial step to resolve the issue. Resting quietly can harm your track record because individuals would certainly think that you’re an irresponsible company that does not care about their clients.

Issuing a release signals other people not to eat or buy your items in the location impacted. This accountable act can result in mitigating the current scenario as well as securing your consumers from danger.

Instead of shedding your reputation as a result of an unpredicted event, your action of providing a release can preserve the people’s depend on with your brand name. It’s just how a company can best make use of a release when encountering a dilemma.

Always be straightforward and also clear in issuing releases, particularly when facing a situation. Do not let your online reputation be shed even if you didn’t act just how your clients expect you to be.

As a rule, be positive, transparent and also answerable. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t acknowledge the occurrence if it is your mistake. You can’t deceive individuals, so be clear and ask forgiveness if your business has an error.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada on the many Challenges of R.A.W

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been for the better part of two years tirelessly working to bring R.A.W to consumers all over the world. R.A.W has been a passion project by Dan Bethelmy-Rada to bring to consumers an authentic, all-natural product. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is one of the most revered global brand managers in the beauty industry. He’s not only one of the youngest managers appointed to one of the largest brands in the world, but also said to be an innovative figure as well. We recently sat down with Dan Bethelmy-Rada to go over the making of R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada comments on how the average consumer today is no longer satisfied with simply buying a product that is naturally inspired. Not only that, but consumers also seek products that make little to no impact on the environment while the product itself also being 100% natural and sustainable. Although Matrix spearheaded the project, L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty would also take significant interest in it and therefore offered to back it as well.

Making sure that we never compromised ingredients for convenience, says Dan Bethelmy-Rada. One of the biggest hurdles to the completion of R.A.W was the bold ambitions of the team. This also meant testing every ingredient, including packaging contents in order to make sure that we were meeting the high standards of the L’Oréal company. Another issue seen during the production was the time factor of shipping certain ingredients. Although this meant pushing the release date, Dan Bethelmy-Rada states that it was in the best interest of the company and the product in order to keep those natural ingredients.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada believes that one of the other challenges was in choosing how to promote R.A.W. he didn’t want to come off as if he were lecturing people on how to live, therefore, #LiveRaw was formulated and used to teach professionals such as hairdresser the best ways to have an environmentally friendly business. In addition, #LiveRaw would also be introduced to social media platforms where challenges like taking 5 minute cold showers would help bring awareness to the product and the importance of living an environmentally friendly life.