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Overview of educational platform ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an application that was created by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011. Their mission is to help teachers connect with students and their parents through the software. ClassDojo allows students to learn more skills and uses a reward system where points are awarded for good behavior. The platform can be launched on laptops, cellular phones, tablets, or computers.

A fact from a Forbes profile states that one of the founders even dropped out of acquiring his PhD in computer science to work for full-time in the company. ClassDojo is based out of San Francisco, California, and they are available in over 180 countries as 95% of pre-K schools in the US use the application, according to an article from PR Newswire. In other news, the article from February of 2019 lists that they were able to acquire $35 million in funding, which accumulated to $65 million total. ClassDojo set out with the mission to improve the education system and make learning fun for young children.

One of the co-founders, and the CEO describes how education is an experience rather than an item like a Tesla or iPhone. Sam Chaudhary shares how they took in feedback from teachers, parents, and families to improve their system. Since then, the application has now been used all around the world at schools. Some teachers have described that ClassDojo has made their life much easier and made learning entertaining. Liam Don, one of the other founders of ClassDojo, stated how their plan is to create the best education platform for students, teachers, and families.

ClassDojo Helps Prepare Students, Teachers, and Parents for the New School Year

Ashley Lightspeed Building Family Tradition

Very few facts are available concerning the early years of Ashley Lightspeed; she is known to be a middle-aged woman who grew up in the San Francisco, California area. Publicly, her date of birth remains private. As to family, her father worked professionally in architecture, and observing him in his workspace planted the interest within Ashley Lightspeed to follow similarly in principle though not profession. She recalls observing her father creating a prototype at the drafting table, and uses this similar strategy in her own work with marketing digitized media. She claims it reveals those areas that are ineffective allowing for correction.

Ashley Lightspeed holds an undergraduate degree in Communication and Visual Arts Media from Duke University. She was active in projects undertaken by the visual media arts club, and the program overall has a highly respected reputation. She later received her MBA from Stanford University. She is recognized as an authority on communications media and marketing within those industries.

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Digitized media is generally understood as computerized media or input media. It is transmitted, i.e., passed on or communicated over computerized network services. Examples of digitized media include graphics, text and audio communication.

Since 2018, Lightspeed has been a partner with Lightspeed Venture Capital, which is an investment firm aiding new start-ups. The company was created in 2000. LSVP foresees a bright future in assisting start-up companies venturing into digital media. Money is accrued in one of four ways within this sector: traditional advertising, selling experiences, shopping and subscriber-oriented. Each of these areas to LSVP requires building an ongoing service audience.

Prior to being hired by LSVP, Lightspeed was introduced to venture capital marketing at her former role with Thumbtack, which sold event services. She aided that company in creating numerous sub-specialties. She has been active throughout her academic life gaining and building experiences within the communications and marketing industries, respectively.

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Impossible Foods Signs OSI Group to Produce Its Burgers

News coming from San Francisco on July 31st 2019 indicated that Impossible Foods, a startup company had signed a major meat supplier to assist it with the production of its plant-based burgers. The meat supplier being referred to in the news reports was none other than the OSI Group.

OSI Group is a global company known for its role in the production of meat patties used by renowned fast-food chains. Impossible Foods recruited the meat supplier in its bid to make sure that it did not fall behind on its deliveries due to increased demand for its products from restaurants such as Burger King and even regular consumers.

Burger King was among the major fast-food chains in the world to offer the burger in April 2019. It started by stocking it in its fifty-nine stores located in and around St. Louis. At the time, Impossible Foods was yet to launch on a national scale which meant that it would have placed the plant-based burger in more than seven thousand Burger Kings in the country. Read this article at

This partnership between OSI Group—a leading meat supplier—and Impossible Foods—a vegan burger maker—has come at a very interesting time. It has come at a moment in time when more and more eco-conscious consumers are choosing to feast on plant-based sausages and patties as opposed to the regular burgers.

A senior vice president for Impossible Foods, Mr. Shah stated that the company found itself in unfamiliar territory when it was faced with an imbalance between supply and demand. He went on to note that the company had not anticipated that clients would react in the manner that they did.

Beyond Meat Inc., a rival to Impossible Foods has seen its shares rise by more than 700percent since it officially went public a few months ago. By the end of July, it had forecasted that it expected its revenue would rise by as much as 170% by the end of 2019. OSI Group, which is a privately held company has facilities in 17 countries and has been supplying McDonald’s Corp for more than sixty years.

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JD and Philips Update Retail with AI

JD is always interested in tracking market developments with the use of new technology, which is why they’ve announced their partnership with tech company Philips. Together they will be looking at how Philip’s flagship store performs on JD, assess the state of the market, and change plans of engagement as needed. They went public with the partnership in late August during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai.

Artificial intelligence will be the cornerstone of this partnership. While Philips can handle the bulk of structured data, simple enough to search through, the goal is to make more sense of unstructured data like video and audio, social media posts, reviews, customer service messages, meta data, and even various forms of ads. Machine Learning will also be useful in grouping users appropriately to mark consumer trends and forecast their potential futures.

One way AI will factor into this partnership is through computer vision technology. It can look at brand images and figuring how how much they appeal to consumers and pair that with data about their backgrounds. Natural language processing, on the other hand, looks into the changes that took place before a user committed to buy an item then deciphers what factors lead to the purchase. Knowing all this data about commerce lets Philips and JD know what they can do to better the shopping experience, make marketing more effective, and if need be change branding and design of products for sale.

Jingdong has been relying on AI technology for quite some time, creating overarching solutions to retail, look at user behavior in order to develop motivation strategies, and develop portrait profiles of their users. That’s data Philips can use to make new decisions like how to design, figure out how to better market products, engage potential shoppers, and how to make the most of in support for their flagship store.

A statement from Bowen Zhou, Vice President of and President of JD AI, addressed the application of AI in support of their partners. Those AI applications work to make retail better for everyone involved by making sure users are presented what they want, when they want it. AI then comes to the aid of JD’s partners like Philips so they can do more at a lower cost to their business.

Using AI to help out retail partners like Philips isn’t a deviation from how JD uses technology for business, but the retailer is looking to bigger things. JD’s AI participated in the “WikiHop” back in April and beat humans in reading comprehension for the first time. Analytical prowess like that leaves JD confident that their AI solutions have a place outside retail in the near future.

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Riot Games and Addictive Gameplay

In the article with LATimes, it went over Riot Games popular video games of the likes of “League of Legends.” In China, the game company Tencent and the government is going to great lengths to shorten young teens playtime on these games. Riot Games made their games to stay playable as well as addictive in some aspects. That is how they rose to such popularity with the replayability for everyone who participates. Tencent and the Chinese government goes through stopping long playtimes of their young players by monitoring their IDs. They set up a curfew for the teens and kids to play these games. Unfortunately, even though it is implemented, this rule contradicts the American rules and standard for privacy. As of right now, the rules for limiting minor’s online gameplay is still there. Over time there may be a tracking system for the citizens of the country despite outside forces concerns.

In the other article, on Dexerto, it goes over more on the privacy and surveillance that the Chinese government is requesting. The government is putting pressure on the region Riot Games and parent Company Tencent. Tencent has pushed the branch of the company in China to develop surveillance update. This update would have pop-ups and notifications alerting players to get off the game soon. The company is adding additional time-based incentives for the player community to concede with the new update. So far, it is only the region of China that has this update. Riot GamesCulture and Tencent may or may not push the update on other regions of the world. It is all on the matter of addictive gameplay, eyesight decline, and problems that seem to come from playing videogames far o long.

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Twitter Among Many Online Sources for Information Relating to Agera Energy

A search of “Agera Energy Twitter” on Google leads to a first page of online results, all with linkage to information on the company. Seven of the page one results are links provided by Twitter. Read more about Agera Energy on

The first Twitter source,, takes online researchers to Agera Energy’s Twitter profile page. The page reveals that the company has more than 2000 followers. 331 platform users are followed by the company. On the referenced page it is found that their most recent tweet was from July 24th, and it highlighted the company’s customer chat feature. It notes 2014 as the year the company created a Twitter handle.


The second source from Twitter can be found at It reveals a tweet the company made to commemorate Labor Day. The red, white and blue graphic wished online viewers a “Happy Labor Day.” The tweet gained one like, but no re-tweets. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Achievements and investments of Toyo Setal

 Toyo Setal is a Brazilian Based Companies. However, the company is currently providing its services globally. The main objective of the company is to secure reinforcements to engineering projects for industrial development. Toyo Setal is pillared by experts who have sufficient knowledge in dealing with natural energy derived products. The company also has interests in mineral products. Their primary sources of natural energy are oil, gas, and petrochemicals. The company handles the operation of its facilities with extreme care to ensure the investment is environmentally friendly. They focus a lot on the quality of services to their customers to maintain a large customer base for marketing.

The results of the dedication of the company made it consider a partnership, which would double its investments. Due to the public demand for more of their services, Toyo Setal Empreendimentos and Estaleiros do Brasil establishment began. The company intends to serve the communities locally and internationally with respect and sustainable services. Toyo Setal realized the significance of incorporating advanced technology into its system. They managed to create software known as EPC, which enables them to gather, analyze, and manipulate information about their projects ventures. The use of technology is proving to be useful since it reduces errors and also minimizes the workload. Hence, it increases the quality of the output. More Business News at Abemi.

Most of the programs in the company are currently run by computers which are making even their environmental programs successful. Toyo Setal is receiving awards every year for their strategies in project management. The company won the AVEVA WORLD summit annual award ceremony in 2014. The partnership between Toyo and Setal Oil and Gas was the gateway for the birth of other oil refinery companies in South America. It improved the economy of the country since the world realized how conservative natural energy could be. As a result, the establishment of other branches began in other parts of South America.

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Philanthropy Magazine’s Personal Interview With Betsy DeVos

For decades now, Betsy DeVos has had a front leading role in educational reform. Born in Michigan, she comes from a prominent and wealthy family. After graduating from Calvin College, Betsy threw herself into the educational reform movement. While studying in college, she led multiple political campaigns, action committees and party organizations. While attending school, she also met her husband, Dick DeVos.


Philanthropy magazine got the opportunity to speak with Betsy about her love of education and school choice programs. One question they asked her was what she considered to be her biggest successes in life. Mrs. DeVos promptly replied that Florida was one of her best successes because of its scholarship program that is paid for through tax credits.


Florida can also boast the longest time period of successful educational choice programs. Indiana and Louisiana are also top choices and Betsy is proud of them because they have seen major advances in educational choice programs as well.


Aside from increasing educational choice programs, Betsy DeVos also stated that she wants to reform other educational strategies. A priority of hers is trying to change people’s mindset which assigns students to schools based on where they live. Mrs. DeVos feels it is important to allow students and their families to be able to choose where they get their education and not be limited to schools in their area.


Generous Philanthropy Efforts


Recently, Dick and Betsy DeVos came clean on how much they have given away to charities and political campaigns. Most who follow the couple know they have always been extra generous with their political donations. However, the amount they have given to the Republican party pales in comparison to the amount recently released the family has given to other charities. In total, more than $139 has been donated to various organizations.


Dick and Betsy come from high-profile families that have been major GOP donors. The family is led by Dick’s father, the co-founder of Amway. In 2015, the family gave more than $12 million in contributions to charities alone.


Betsy Meets With Professional Rapper


April of 2017 was an interesting month for Betsy DeVos. She was visiting charter schools in Florida and happened to get set up in a meeting with Pitbull. Also known as Armando Christian Perez, Pitbull is a popular rapper known for misogynistic and profanity-filled songs. He has opened many charter schools in the Miami, Florida area.


His schools are part of the SLAM group that was opened by the Mater Academy. It is also a nonprofit organization managed by the academy along with other local charter schools involved in the network. The trips Mrs. DeVos makes to charter schools around the country are part of her duties as the Secretary of Education under the Trump administration.


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Business of Equities First Holdings

An overview of Equities First Holdings

More and more people today seem to be in desperate need of a loan. Whether it to be for personal needs or to help start up their own business. While banks tend to be a useful options, there are other convenient options to take. Equities First Holdings is a lending organization that with help those of all credit score with business or personal needs.

Sudhir Choudhrie a an Award Winning Seasoned Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Sudhir Choudhrie is a high profile prominent Indian born serial entrepreneur with interests in various cross border investments in industries such as healthcare, aviation, hospitality and real estate among others. Choudhrie was born and raised in New Delhi India, and it is in India where his entrepreneurship journey began. Choudhrie has an excellent academic background and holds a Bachelors of Economics Degree from the prestigious University of Delhi. After earning his university degree,

Sudhir Choudhrie began his entrepreneurship journey by first working in his grandfather Delhi based real estate business. Choudhrie would later venture into an electronic business where he dealt with the importation of TV equipment business. His business over the years successfully developed to be a leading import and export business in the whole of India and among many consumer goods supplied farm machinery across India. Choudhrie in the year 1975 established Magnum International trading Company and export business that steered him to greater success in business not only in India but internationally.

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Sudhir Choudhrie in 1995 expanded his business into the hospitality industry and as a result, established a joint venture with Taj Hotels Resorts. The hotel business was also a success and ended up expanding to include Taj Kerala and a portfolio of four other beautiful local resorts. Choudhrie the same year in 1995 partnered with Adidas AG and founded Addidas Indian Trading that opened up a network of 180 stores that supplied Addidas product to the whole of India. Sudhir Choudhrie in the year 2003 ventured into the aviation industry and invested in Air Deccan a local Indian first budget airline that at the time of the purchase had only one plane. The airline in less than five years had grown to become a powerhouse airline providing clients with over 200 flights in a day and transported more than 7 million passengers annually.

Sudhir Choudhrie currently resides in the UK together with his wife and two children. Choudhrie in 2010 formally became a British citizen and has over the years helped to bolster good relations between India and the UK. Choudhrie for his tremendous successes in international business and boosting good relations between India and the UK was in 2013 awarded the Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Award by the former British Prime Minister Theresa May. He, together with his family, is largely involved in philanthropic activities in the UK, India and the US, among other countries. Visit: