Philanthropy Magazine’s Personal Interview With Betsy DeVos

For decades now, Betsy DeVos has had a front leading role in educational reform. Born in Michigan, she comes from a prominent and wealthy family. After graduating from Calvin College, Betsy threw herself into the educational reform movement. While studying in college, she led multiple political campaigns, action committees and party organizations. While attending school, she also met her husband, Dick DeVos.


Philanthropy magazine got the opportunity to speak with Betsy about her love of education and school choice programs. One question they asked her was what she considered to be her biggest successes in life. Mrs. DeVos promptly replied that Florida was one of her best successes because of its scholarship program that is paid for through tax credits.


Florida can also boast the longest time period of successful educational choice programs. Indiana and Louisiana are also top choices and Betsy is proud of them because they have seen major advances in educational choice programs as well.


Aside from increasing educational choice programs, Betsy DeVos also stated that she wants to reform other educational strategies. A priority of hers is trying to change people’s mindset which assigns students to schools based on where they live. Mrs. DeVos feels it is important to allow students and their families to be able to choose where they get their education and not be limited to schools in their area.


Generous Philanthropy Efforts


Recently, Dick and Betsy DeVos came clean on how much they have given away to charities and political campaigns. Most who follow the couple know they have always been extra generous with their political donations. However, the amount they have given to the Republican party pales in comparison to the amount recently released the family has given to other charities. In total, more than $139 has been donated to various organizations.


Dick and Betsy come from high-profile families that have been major GOP donors. The family is led by Dick’s father, the co-founder of Amway. In 2015, the family gave more than $12 million in contributions to charities alone.


Betsy Meets With Professional Rapper


April of 2017 was an interesting month for Betsy DeVos. She was visiting charter schools in Florida and happened to get set up in a meeting with Pitbull. Also known as Armando Christian Perez, Pitbull is a popular rapper known for misogynistic and profanity-filled songs. He has opened many charter schools in the Miami, Florida area.


His schools are part of the SLAM group that was opened by the Mater Academy. It is also a nonprofit organization managed by the academy along with other local charter schools involved in the network. The trips Mrs. DeVos makes to charter schools around the country are part of her duties as the Secretary of Education under the Trump administration.


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