Prevagen – Improving Your Brain Health

As you age you might feel like your memory is aging as well. How many times have you heard the phrase, “my age is catching up to me” or “I’m starting to feel my age?”

The list can go on and on. Improving your brain health might be easier than you think. Exercising, socializing, brain training, and especially supplements like Prevagen, all play a role in helping to improve your memory which leads to better cognitive function.

Prevagen is an over the counter dietary supplement that has been shown to improve mild memory loss due to aging. It was developed in 2007 by a biotechnology company called Quincy Bioscience. The main ingredient found in Prevagen is Apoaequorin, which was originally found in Jellyfish.

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Quincy Bioscience has patented this ingredient as it relates to products that support cognitive function. Safety tests have also been done that prove the safety of Apoaequorin.

There have been multiple tests done that prove that mild memory loss was improved by using Prevagen. After using Prevagen for 90 days, cognitive function was shown to have improved. Prevagen is available in two different doses- 10 mg and 20 mg. This supplement is recommended by many pharmacists. When adding Prevagen to your daily regimen of other activities, and coupled with a healthy lifestyle, aspects of your brain health can be improved.

Increasing your physical activity is a great way to support healthy brain function. Whether it’s taking a short walk a few days a week or attending a dance class, keeping the blood flowing is key to healthy brain function. Keeping your brain active by exercising may help to build new cells in your brain. Socializing while participating in physical activity can benefit you as well. So next time you go for a walk, invite a friend. Socializing with others can help you reduce stress.

Exercising your brain can be referred to as brain training. This can be done by playing puzzles, games, and word searches. Any kind of activity that makes you think and put your brain to good use has been shown to slow memory loss. There have been multiple studies done that all proved staying mentally active is beneficial to your overall brain health.

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There are various ways to improve your brain health. Taking Prevagen once a day for at least 90 days is one of the best ways to get results quickly. In addition to dietary supplements, staying active is not only beneficial to your brain health, but your overall health.

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